Puttin’ on the Pads: Packers Training Camp 2013 Day 3 Roundup

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Today was the day Packers fans and players alike have been waiting for – the first full padded practice of the 2013 training camp. Since we both couldn’t be there, I’ve culled through the hundreds of tweets by Packers beat writers (so you don’t have to) to bring you what I consider the most important happenings and observations of the day: Enjoy!
















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15 thoughts on “Puttin’ on the Pads: Packers Training Camp 2013 Day 3 Roundup

  1. Franklin is getting a lot of positive mentions in these first three days.. Nice to hear him get one with the pads on.

    Can’t put much stock into Greene being excited. He’s always getting excited about one of his boys making a play, and it usually isn’t an indicator of things to come. Greene is just easily excitable. Hope Mulumba and these other guys like Palmer pan out.

    Good to see Datone get a nod today. Would like to hear specifics.

    Spoon and Demovsky get all my attention and respect- But I’m still very reserved in regards to Dunne (he’s still learning the team and getting his feet wet, IMO), and who the heck is Wes? Is he a gazette guy?

    1. I think Dunne is easily one of the best beat writers for the Packers there is, other than maybe Demovsky. Read everything I can find from him at ESPNWisconsin.

      1. My mistake… Mixed Dunne up w/ Wilde. That said I like the interviews Dunne gets talking Packer football w/ a natl writer. I think he’s spot on.

    2. Wes Hodkiewicz is a beat writer for the GB Press-Gazette, yes.

      Tyler Dunne has been covering the Packers for the Journtinel for over two years now, hardly think he’s still “getting his feet wet.” He took over the blog when Greg Bedard left and has done an admirable job, I think.

  2. IF -and that’s literally a big if, Starks can remain healthy and he finally figures out the protection schemes, I could see the Packers keeping him over Kuhn. That’s also assuming they keep 5 total runners. I’ve always thought that when Starks did play he ran hard and created a lot of after-contact yards. He actually is pretty chiseled, like a mini-AP.

    I know Crosby has a big contract but after reading McGinn’s column today I didn’t realize he ranked 25th or lower in field-goal percentage during his first five seasons. And don’t say it’s because of the weather. Gould from the Bears produces in much the same conditions. A strong leg is important for a kicker but it’s what’s above the neck that’s important and that’s where I see something wrong with Crosby. The shanks last year were the result of technique problems and I like a golfer getting the yips on the green I don’t know if he’ll ever get his swing back. His contract extension was a head-scratcher to me.

    Would love to see Franklin take over the punt and kick-off duties from Cobb. Then if they give Ross a roster spot, it’s because of his abilities as a WR and not solely as a returner. It would also keep Franklin more involved, instead of being just a third-down back if they go with Lacy and Harris as the primary backs.

    1. Oops, make that 4 out of 5 years at 25th or below for Crosby. Anyway, he sucks. Too many knuckleballs, even on his makes. And he isn’t that great on kick-offs either. Don’t know if he’s instructed to do so, but I’ve noticed he often fails to get his kick-offs to the goal-line, while other supposedly weaker kicker booms it out of the end zone.

      But enough about Crosby. I don’t see how anyone can’t be excited about Franklin. He’s going to be a player as long as he doesn’t fumble like he did early in his college career. The Packers have a little of everything at RB this year.

    2. Lambeau is easily the most difficult place in the NFL to kick. That’s been established. In an adjusted ranking where they took into account weather, field conditions, etc. Crosby showed to be an under-rated kicker. He isn’t top end but a lot better than the uninformed give him credit for. Last was a terrible year for him, but the Packers didn’t make a change cuz they recognize how difficult it is to kick at Lambeau. He’ll do much better again this year IMO.

      1. Agree with you Stroh that Lambeau is a difficult place to kick. But last year we had unusually mild weather, and I don’t think he had poor kicking conditions in any game whether on the road or at home. He finished dead-last in FG%. He was shanking them all over the NFL all year long. Anyway, IMO, his problem is above the neck and until he gets that fixed(and gets rid of the knuckleball kicks) he’s going to struggle.

        1. Yeah I wasn’t giving him a pass for last year. In fact I did say he was terrible last year. Whatever his issue is he’ll have to work it out to continue to be the Packers K this year.

      2. Not buyin’ it. Crosby has had plenty of misses in domes and in good weather. And last year his percentage improved at the end of the year, when the weather was worst.

        1. The ranking I read was done prior to last year. Obviously, last year Crosby was terrible and I’m not disputing that. But nonetheless, for all the flack Crosby gets, he does kick in the most difficult venue in the NFL and that was reflective in his ranking, where IIRC, he was just outside the top 10 after all variables. They included, temp, wind conditions, field conditions, the number of kicks beyond 40 yds, number of kicks beyond 50 yds (which Crosby had many more than any other kicker).

          Sorry I can’t provide a link. I wouldn’t even know how to start searching for it.

  3. “I’ve culled Since we both couldn’t be there, I’ve culled through the hundreds of tweets by Packers through the hundreds of tweets by Packers beat writers (so you don’t have to)”

    Appreciate it, Al!

    I’ve been on the franklin wagon since the draft, I expect to hear many more positive things about him in the coming days.

    Barrington, go get em, I like it… Just don’t hurt em!

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