Packers 2013 NFL Draft – 10 Last-Minute Predictions, Opinions and Whispers All Green Bay Packers All the Time

As the 2013 NFL Draft is about to begin, here are some things that have been whispered into my ear as well as some of my own opinions and predictions.


  1. Whisper: If there is one player the Packers would consider trading up for, it’s Sheldon Richardson. 49ers talking to Jets about the same thing…
  2. Prediction: The Packers will draft a running back and/or wide receiver between Rounds two and four.
  3. Opinion: If a trading partner can be found (49ers? Pats?) Packers should trade back a bit and pick up another third rounder.
  4. Whisper: Top running back on the Packers’ board is Johnathan Franklin, UCLA.
  5. Whisper: I was told to “expect a surprise” in the first round by the Packers. No more details than that, unfortunately. Trade up? Kevin Minter (who they love)? Robert Woods? Tank Carradine?
  6. Prediction: There is no way the Packers come out of this draft without taking a running back.
  7. Opinion: Two mid-round safeties the Packers should be going after are JJ Wilcox of Georgia Southern and Duke Williams of Nevada.
  8. Whisper: Packers have done “a ton of research” on Kevin Minter, Stedman Bailey, Johnathan Franklin, Le’Veon Bell, JJ Wilcox, Dwayne Gratz, AJ Klein, Ryan Griffin.
  9. Prediction: Johnathan Franklin or Le’Veon Bell will be a Green Bay Packer.
  10. Opinion: Seriously hoping Ted trades down and amasses 4 picks in the top 100…

Overall, I have much less confidence in my thoughts above than in previous years. I think that’s fairly emblematic of this entire draft – there is so much uncertainty throughout the league – very tough to predict this year.


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11 thoughts on “Packers 2013 NFL Draft – 10 Last-Minute Predictions, Opinions and Whispers

  1. 1. Glad to see Johnathan Franklin is tops on the RB list. Could be a really good fit.

    2. In addition to those safeties, what about Don Jones out of Ark St?

    3. I really hope we trade down and get another 3rd rounder. Honestly, if Jags take Joeckel at 2 with Fisher headed to KC and if Geno drops. I’m curious if they wouldn’t be interested in trading up to 26 for 33 and 64.

    4. Good stuff Al. Can’t wait for the draft tonight!

  2. Kevin Minter? I haven’t bothered looking at him because i thought he was an early 2nd inside linebacker. Can someone give me a glimpse of him? Would he be taken to be inside or outside? What makes you say the packers are interested? This is the first I’ve heard of him for the pack.

    1. Looks like AJ Hawk 2.o. Not a 3 down ILB at a position of relative strength. Saw a lot of the plays he made the tackle after a 1st down.

      Sorry Al. I didn’t see anything like Singletary in that video. Decent ILB for 2 downs but gives up too much ground and makes tackles too late. He was surrounded by the best college defensive talent during his college career. Easy to look good when that’s the case.

      Certainly not a game changer or 3 down ILB.

      1. I’m not that impressed, but the Singletary comment was made by head NFL scout, not me. And he’s right A LOT… And BTW, he says your guy Alec Ogletree is the next Rolando McClain! LOL

  3. Have to agree about this years draft, its extremely unpredictable. I’ve been able to identify the Packers 1st rd pick every year since Raji and a few others in mid late rounds, namely House, Lawrence Guy and Manning last year. This year I just can’t figure it out.

    I’m thinking Sly Williams at #26, Reid or Cyprien at #55 and Schwenke or Lemonier in the 3rd.

    Possible late round guys Khalid Holmes, and my favorite sleeper in the 5th – 7th rds, Nick Williams DT/DE Samford.

      1. I saw Reid went in the 1st. Vacarro was my #1, Reid #2 and was never big fan of Cyprien. I don’t expect either to be at 55 either, but we can hope to get Cyprien yet.

  4. “Prediction: Johnathan Franklin or Le’Veon Bell will be a Green Bay Packer.”

    I’m surprised to write this, but I’m actually pulling for Bell in this case. I’m not sure why.

  5. “Opinion: Seriously hoping Ted trades down and amasses 4 picks in the top 100…”

    Amen to that.

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