Packers News: Team keeps eight practice squad players

Packers OT Andrew Datko
Packers OT Andrew Datko
Packers OT Andrew Datko

The Green Bay Packers have signed eight practice squad players to future contracts, according to the team’s official website.

Tight end Brandon Bostick, quarterback B.J. Coleman, tackle Andrew Datko, center Garth Gerhart, guard Joe Gibbs, linebacker Micah Johnson, cornerback James Nixon and safety Chaz Powell have all been signed by the team. This according to Packers general manager Ted Thompson.

Bostick was a pleasant surprise in training camp and remained on the Packers’ practice squad for the entire season. With the uncertainty surrounding Jermichael Finley’s future in Green Bay, Bostick could potentially challenge for a roster spot next season.

Coleman was selected by the Packers in the seventh round of the 2012 NFL Draft. He showed impressive arm strength in training camp but was never activated on game day. He continues to be a backup quarterback-in-training for the Packers.

Datko was a seventh-round pick of the Packers last season. He was inconsistent throughout training camp and never found the field this season. With Bryan Bulaga and Derek Sherrod returning next season, the Packers will be in much better shape at the tackle position.

Gerhart, an undrafted rookie free agent from Arizona State, and Gibbs, a first-year player out of Tennessee-Martin were both recent adds to the practice squad.

Johnson was added to the practice squad Dec. 31 after entering the league as an undrafted free agent in 2010. Johnson spent time with the New York Giants, Miami Dolphins, Kansas City Chiefs and Cincinnati Bengals before arriving in Green Bay. He was first-team All-Southeastern Conference as a junior at Kentucky.

Nixon has been a member of the practice squad since Sept. 20. Before transferring to California (Pa.), Nixon spent his first three collegiate seasons at Temple, where he played on both sides of the ball and returned kickoffs. His best chance to crack the roster would be as a return man. Nixon averaged 25.8 yards per kick return in college.

Powell, an undrafted rookie from Penn State, was signed to the practice squad Dec. 5. Much like Nixon, Powell played cornerback, wide receiver and returned kickoffs in college.


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11 thoughts on “Packers News: Team keeps eight practice squad players

  1. hey TT, we should be set now. Don’t go drafting any decent players or heaven forbid you going to free agency for anyone. Superbowl ready right now.(as soon as we all get healthy) Don’t worry there will be injuries early on because we don’t need any extra conditioning or strength. But they will be back in time for the playoffs and they won’t be rusty at all, it will be just like they didn’t miss a beat. Just like the Giants game last year and the 49ers this year, our guys were full of piss and vinegar and ready to play and change game plans if necessary. Every team fears playing the Packers, so much so that we may not even make the playoffs next season. When you have a flat tire you don’t keep driving on it, you fix it stupid. Our rims are almost worn out. Now you not only have to buy new tires, but rims as well and everyone knows rims can get expensive…

    1. And how many teams feared us when we won the Superbowl?
      With the parity in the NFL, a healthy fear of every team is essential. I think what you’re referring to is being an intimidating team that beats the opponent even before they take the field.

  2. Just heard MM’s Presser on WSSP. He referred to AR meeting with Mc Kenzie to discuss a couple of isses. When pressed later he did reffer to a knee issue and if you(the press) nedd more talk to AR.

    Very interesting! Maybe AR wasn’t looking right for a reason. I wonder how far back the “issues” go?

    Capers – no decision on any one until the season review is completed with everyone. Sound to me like the problem is not Capers but personnel.

    Finley – very proud of Finley and how he played since the bye week. The young man really impressed.

    1. I agree Ron,we don’t have the right personnel and perhaps the adjustments were implemented but….
      one can read a cookbook,doesn’t mean you can pull it off.

      1. Yep – Going to catch up with Rocky and Bullwinkle in order to keep up Taryn, you’re awesome.

    2. I agree that Finley played better since the bye week, BUT I am not convinced that he is worth the huge salary that he is being paid. He has not performed at that high level overall, and I am afraid that it is just a matter of time before his mouth gets him in trouble again. Further, it is not like we don’t have talent at the tight end position without Finley. I mean – come on. We have Crabtree, Williams, Taylor, Quarless, and Bostick. Jermichael still needs to prove that he is worth the money, at least to me anyway.

  3. Wish we could have gone further, but I am really happy with the team this year and really thrilled with next years potential roster. TT and MM are really great and they continously put good teams on the field.

    They work to be a better team next year. I am excited to see what they do and then try to understand why.

  4. When you think of everyone that is coming back from IR next year and another great draft class, next years roster should be amazing. We just need a year where we catch a break with the injury bug and then the Super Bowl Championship will be the Packers again.

  5. Is it possible that Dom Capers realized that he just didn’t have the personnel to execute hie defensive scheme’s, adjustments and just went through the motions of being a DC. When the Packers blew an 18 point lead against the Colts and were blown out buy the Giants.Did Dom Capers know that the season was a lost cause. Just a thought!

  6. After a year and a half of rehab, let’s hope Datko can be that brilliant pick we’d hoped for. Add to that almost two years of rehab for Sherrod and Bulaga coming back, the Oline might be back on the right track. With the addition of a Center that is. It ain’t EDS, he’s nothing more than a career backup at best.

    1. Ron, as you probably know, I was very skeptical of EDS as the center of the future..

      But I gotta say, he did a fine job for the most part. He’s no Scott Wells, but then, Wells was pretty damn good.

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