Fantasy Football League: Championship Finals All Green Bay Packers All the Time Fantasy Football LeagueHere it is, the moment of truth. After a long season of ups and downs, victories and tribulations, the Championship matchup has arrived. The fourth seed Lambeau’s Legends will take on the third seed TouchedByTedThompson. Both teams fought their way from the quarterfinals, past the top two seeds, and into the grand finale.

Lambeau’s Legends fought some close matches in this final stretch. After beating St. Cecilia’s HS by less than three points, they eked out a victory over Finley Named My Kids. With a margin of victory of only 1.52 points, this team seemed to find a way to win when it mattered most.

The question is whether TouchedByTedThompson can find the big games this week with their players. Had these two teams gone head-to-head in each week of the finals, TouchedByTedThompson would have lost both matches. They’ll need some solid play – and maybe a little bit of luck – if they want to be crowned the 2012 Fantasy Football League Champions.

Final Regular Season Standings:

Writers Division

  1. Rockwood Lodge, Marques Eversoll (9-4-0)
  2. St. Cecilia’s HS, “Jersey” Al Bracco (7-6-0)
  3. The Gilbert Browns, Adam Czech (7-6-0)
  4. Jordy’s Stiff Arm, Chad Toporski (6-7-0)
  5. Calvinball, Thomas Hobbes (5-8-0)
  6. Salute Your Jorts, Kris Burke (4-9-0)

Readers Division

  1. Finley Named My Kids, Sam (11-2-0)
  2. TouchedByTedThompson, Ian (8-5-0)
  3. Lambeau’s Legends, Henry (7-6-0)
  4. SuperBowl or Bust, Earl (5-8-0)
  5. Milwaukee Packers, gbmb34 (5-8-0)
  6. Cheeseheads, Matt (4-9-0)

Quarterfinal Results:

  • BYE: Finley Named My Kids (1), Rockwood Lodge (2)
  • Lambeau’s Legends (4) – [111.70]
    over St. Cecilia’s HS (5) – [108.94]
  • TouchedByTedThompson (3) – [94.60]
    over The Gilbert Browns (6) – [83.96]

Semifinal Results:

  • Lambeau’s Legends (4) – [118.66]
    over Finley Named My Kids (1) – [117.14]
  • TouchedByTedThompson (3) – [114.36]
    over Rockwood Lodge (2) – [81.24]

Championship Final Matchup:

  • Lambeau’s Legends (4) vs. TouchedByTedThompson (3)

Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski


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