Packers-Bears: Brandon Marshall adds fuel to the fire

Bears WR Brandon Marshall
Bears WR Brandon Marshall
Bears WR Brandon Marshall

The Packers-Bears rivalry has been going on for 91 years. The Bears have won 92 of those games, the Packers have won 87, and they’ve played to six ties since the rivalry began in 1921.

When the Bears named Lovie Smith head coach in 2004, he clearly stated that his team’s No.1 goal would be to beat Green Bay.

But recently, the Packers have owned the rivalry. Green Bay has won seven of the past eight matchups, including a victory in the NFC Championship at Soldier Field in the 2010 season.

The most recent chapter of the longstanding rivalry was week two this year when the Packers dominated the Bears 23-10 at Lambeau Field. The offense was crisp, and the defense was stellar.

The Green Bay defense was tough against the run and the secondary silenced the Bears’ top receiver–Brandon Marshall.

Marshall caught just two passes for 24 yards in the first meeting. And after the game, Tramon Williams and Charles Woodson were vocal in their assessment of the Bears’ offense, and mainly, quarterback Jay Cutler.

“It’s the same old Jay,” Woodson said after the game. “We don’t need luck, Jay will throw us the ball. Proof is in the pudding.”

Cutler, of course, publicly wished the Packers’ secondary “good luck” before the two teams met at Lambeau Field. It seems Cutler’s well wishes turned out well for the Packers, as cornerback Tramon Williams caught as many passes from Cutler as Marshall did–two.

And on Wednesday morning, it was clear that there was no love lost between Marshall and the Packers. Tyler Dunne, of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentiel, got the scoop from Marshall’s time at the podium.

To that comment, one might ask this question–who really cares who Marshall wants to give the credit to? Dom Capers dialed up the scheme, and the players made it happen. Williams shadowed Marshall for most of the night, and Capers opted to have safety help over the top with either Charles Woodson or Morgan Burnett.

Marshall is the Bears’ only true game-breaker on the perimeter, so what else is Capers supposed to do? From coaching to execution, the Packers did their job. Period.

Oh yeah, and Marshall dropped a wide open touchdown in the game as well. But anyways. What’s next?

Sounds good, Brandon. As mentioned before, these teams have played each other since 1921. It’s the longest-standing rivalry in the NFL. I highly doubt Greg Jennings has a Brian Urlacher poster in his bedroom, and I don’t think Charles Tillman will be sending Jordy Nelson any Christmas cards.

So, a special thanks goes out to Marshall for breaking this news–the Bears and Packers don’t like each other.

But as far as shaking hands, Rodgers and Urlacher have been very open about their respect for one another. Sure, they are competitors on the field, but there’s always a postgame handshake between these two.

It’s one thing to say you respect your opponent. It’s another thing to, you know, actually do it.

If any player on the Packers deserves respect, it’s Charles Woodson. The guy won the Heisman trophy in college, he’s a seven-time Pro Bowler, he was the NFL Defensive Player of the Year in 2009, and he’s a Super Bowl champion.

Now, Woodson certainly voiced his opinion on Cutler after the Packers’ week two win. But that was following Cutler’s verbal “good luck” jab in the week leading up to the game. Before Marshall rushes to the aid of his quarterback and gives us his best Terrell Owens impression, let’s remember that Cutler kicked Woodson after the Packers’ defensive back nearly sacked the quarterback.

Trash-talking ensued, and Woodson was still visibly rattled after the game. ESPN’s Rachel Nichols asked Woodson what exactly went on between he and Cutler. “There were some things that happend on the field,” Woodson said. “We’re all right.”

Here’s the post-game video, starring a frank and irritated Charles Woodson.

Unfortunately, head coach Mike McCarthy announced Wednesday that Woodson will not play on Sunday.

What else ya got, Brandon?

Oh, so there’s that. Fun.

With a win on Sunday, the Packers would clinch the NFC North and earn a home playoff game. The Bears, coming off consecutive losses, need a win on Sunday to keep their hopes alive for a division championship.

The Bears will be without middle linebacker Brian Urlacher on Sunday, and possibly starting cornerback Tim Jennings who leads the NFL with eight interceptions. The Packers, who have battled key injuries all year, hope to get both Clay Matthews back in the lineup Sunday.

Matthews has been out since week nine with a hamstring injury.

The Packers are 9-4, the Bears are 8-5, and the early forecast for Sunday in Chicago calls for low 40s with a light breeze. The stage is set for a showdown at Soldier Field.


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19 thoughts on “Packers-Bears: Brandon Marshall adds fuel to the fire

  1. So glad the Packers don’t have idiots like that on the team. Cutler is a whiny little biatch and Brandon has diarrhea of the mouth. How can anyone be a fan of these losers?

  2. IMO,Marshall is clueless as to the real meaning and intensity of this rivalry.

    He knows and we know it’s his image and his image alone that he’s worried about after the week 2 shutdown imposed on him.

    I believe Marshall will have a higher catch total and yards than we would like him to have but,it will be all for naught at the games end and he’ll look even more asinine if he does indeed ignore the ritual of sportsmanship by not shaking the hands of his peers.

  3. I saw Jerry Kramer on ESPN this morning. He said Lombardi told them “you guys take care of the game and I’ll go kick old man Halas’s butt.”

  4. I don’t remember the Packers talking any trash about Marshall after this game. Capers talked openly about using Tramon and Burnett to bracket Marshall, if I recall correctly.

    I’m guessing Marshall is trying to manufacture some drama to try and get the team back on track.

    Or he’s just nuts.

    1. News flash:
      Rodgers and Urlacher ‘get it’. Marshall still doesn’t. Play hard on the field, leave it on the field.

  5. Sounds like someone’s still a little sore for getting held to 2 catches last game. Really hoping CM3 is 100% for this game. Always hated the bears and listening to stuff like this just makes watching the game that much better.

    1. Oh, I think Clay is 100%! I don’t see them putting him out there just weeks before the playoffs any other way! Now if Neal, Zombo, and Moses can do something (anything) in the pass rush, and GB can get it’s running game going, this could be a blowout! And wouldn’t that be a nice present for Brandon Marshall!

  6. My wife’s a Bronco’s fan and she thought Marshall was an idiot. So, an idiot for the Broncos, then the Dolphins and now the Bears. At least he’s consistent. There’s always Jacksonville, right?

    1. Why did the author (reporter) of the original Finley quote not post the question he asked Finley to solicit that response? Is it possible that Finley, within the context of the question, was giving an honest answer?

      Finley deserves heat for his production relative to his contract, but this is the equivalent of a quote-mine by the interviewer here. Marshall brought props to the podium, Finley’s giving a response to a question. The reporter did him zero favors here and it’s as if he’s trying to stir controversy for the story where there is none.

  7. Marsha, Marsha, Marsha! I wonder if Cutler is capable of throwing the football accurately enough to break his nose.

  8. The Fudge Packers are the whiny biatches, dont know what you guys are talking about. Remember Seattle game… dont even get ke started on that. You can take your Erin Rodgers and your duscount double check and shove it. BEAR DOWN!!!!

    1. The words of a sore loser who still can’t get over the fact that the Packers have owned Chicago since the NFC Championship game (and Week 17 of that season).

    2. Somebody needs to check his spelling and his web address. Thankfully, he stumbled upon a great site. Un-thankfully, he has an attitude the Bears and Marsha can relate to…one of a loser.

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