Packers vs. Giants Week 12 Game Predictions from (with Podcast) All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Week 12: Green Bay Packers vs. New York Giants
Name Record To-Date This Week’s Pick Score Prediction
Kris Burke 7-3 Green Bay Packers 21-20
The Packers are on a five game winning streak but are wounded.  The Giants are not playing their best ball right now.  I think the game is close for an entire 60 minutes and call me crazy, but I think Mason Crosby (yes THAT Crosby) wins the game on a last second field goal. A Thanksgiving weekend miracle.
“Jersey” Al Bracco 6-4 Green Bay Packers 24-21
My gut is telling me to pick the Giants in this game. They specialize in struggling and then turning it around. Tom Coughlin with more time to prepare (bye week) is always dangerous. But I think the Packers will do just enough to win this game, hopefully without needing Mason Crosby’s help.
Adam Czech 7-3 New York Giants 30-22
The Packers have scrapped their way to a 7-3 record and the lead in the NFC North. It’s going to take more than scrappiness to beat the Giants, and with all the injuries and struggles on the offensive line, I don’t see the Packers winning. It’s been about a month since Aaron Rodgers went nuts and won a game by himself, so  I suppose that could always happen. But I’m sticking with the Giants.
Marques Eversoll 7-3 New York Giants 31-30
Midway through the season, I thought the Packers would lose one more game after the bye. This is that game. I think it will be a close, back-and-forth game all afternoon, but the Giants will come out on top at home. This is a game that could come down to a late field goal–and the Giants currently have the advantage in that department. This is the first time I’m picking against the Packers all season, but hey, let’s hope I’m wrong.
Thomas Hobbes 7-3 Green Bay Packers 24-21
This one is going to be tough, the Giants are well rested after a bye and playing at home, plus they’ve were embarrassed against the Bengals so they’re going to be looking to clear their names.  Add to that a balanced offense and a ferocious front 4 and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Giants win this one.  However the Packers have a lot going for them too; they are on a 5 game winning streak, Aaron Rodgers plays as efficiently as a quarterback possibly can and the defense is a lot better than most teams assume.  Perhaps most importantly, the Packers can win the gritty game; they haven’t looked flashy in their last couple of games but have still managed to win, if the Packers can get the Giants frustrated they might fold like they did against Cincinnati
Jason Perone 5-5 Green Bay Packers 24-23
So I’m feeling confident after calling a Packers win and nearly hitting the nail right on the head with the score.  The Giants have the NASCAR pass rush package that will surely pester the Packer offensive line all day.  When Aaron Rodgers does have time to throw, an opportunistic Giants secondary awaits.  Although struggling of late Eli Manning, much like Rodgers, is good under pressure and has that impressive group of wide receivers to choose from.  If Clay Matthews is out, it could hamper the Green Bay pass rush.  The Packers secondary is getting some incredible production from their young guys and rookies and they will be needed this weekend.  In the end, Rodgers makes one or two more plays and the Packers earn a huge win on the road.
Chad Toporski 6-4 New York Giants 24-27
As Star Wars characters are wont to say, “I have a bad feeling about this.” While the Giants are coming off two depressing losses, they’re always a team that you have to watch out for. Even in the course of a game we’ve seen them come back from far behind to take the win. It’s going to be close, and unlike last year, I don’t think Mason Crosby will bounce back fast enough to make up the difference.

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12 thoughts on “Packers vs. Giants Week 12 Game Predictions from (with Podcast)

  1. I’m hoping that some of the stink that is the Jets creeps into the locker room of the Giants on Sunday.

  2. I look for an increase in offensive production from Green Bay in this game. Let’s try GB 38 NYG 24 as GB wins the turnover battle.

  3. Pure and simple, no logic whatsoever, I just feel okay-to-good about the Packers’ chances in this game. Earlier in the season, I had this game pegged as a loss; right now, I just feel like the Packers are doing a great job of finding the win regardless of the opponent or situation.

  4. This is an interesting matchup.

    The Giants haven’t been impressive so far this year so I’m inclined to pick the Packers but then again Green Bay’s O-Line is in disarray at the moment and the Giants have a good front four.

    It’s a lose-able game for Green Bay (that I’d like to see them win) but ultimately have to give the edge to the Giants.

    Giants 31, Packers 28.

  5. I’m starting to worry about Clay HAMthews Hammy, I hope he can play next week and his hammy holds up for the rest of the season. It will be nice to see Jennings in the line up next week (and Clay). To me this game comes down to our Oline blocking well. Open a few holes for the run game and give Aaron time to throw, The Pack will out score the midgets.

    1. While all conference games are important, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Packers brass didn’t look at the Giants game as one that would be nice to win, but not critical.

      I could see the Packers resting CM3 yet again this week, figuring that the gauntlet of division games we’re about to weather in the coming weeks are the most crucial and vital games in the Packers road to the off season.

      Wouldn’t be shocked if they have ANY reservations about Clay’s hamstring to see him either inactive or used extremely sparingly, especially after the encouraging performance of Moses, Walden, and So’oto last week.

  6. You guys dont know your facts , the Packers almost never lose to the Giant on the road , the only times the Packers ever lost to the Giants in New Jersey was 1980 , 1983 , 1992. Packers ar 3-0 in the regular season against Eli Manning. It is a fact when the Giants start a season good but slump , they never right the ship and they never win a home after Thanksgiving. The Packers want revenge in this game. The only way the Packers lose is if they turn the bsll over 3 or more times. Packers over the last 20years own the month os November , The Giants are aweful in November.

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