Packers Stock Report: Stacking Success Edition All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Randall Cobb
Packers WR Randall Cobb is rising in this week’s stock report.

Ever try watching the Packers while a birthday party is going on for a 5 year old?

I’m not sure what’s worse: All the kids running around and distracting you from the game. Or all the adults that don’t pay attention to what’s going on and constantly ask you what just happened.

If I’m not at Lambeau Field, I like to watch the game on my own couch with my wife. We can devote all of our attention to the game and get mad/sad/happy without having to deal with screaming children or chatty adults.

But I persevered on Sunday. I sucked it up and I watched the game with little rugrats screaming and crawling around everywhere while adults talked about everything besides the Packers.

The Packers persevered too. They’re missing several key players, but managed to win their second straight and climb above .500 for the first time this season.

When it comes to mental toughness, both the Packers and myself are rising.

On to the stock report:


Aaron Rodgers
It doesn’t matter how many injuries the Packers have to deal with as long as Rodgers plays like this. He’s back in MVP form.

Randall Cobb
Talk about efficiency. Cobb was targeted eight times and caught all eight passes (against six different defenders). Cobb also reeled off a big run and continues to get open after Rodgers escapes the pocket.

Casey Hayward
I went back and forth between Jordy Nelson and Hayward for the last player in the rising category. I went with Hayward because it’s nice to finally have some hope for the secondary after last season’s debacle. Hayward got picked on early, but he stood tough and came up with another big interception. We’ll see how Woodson’s injury impacts Hayward’s play.


Jordy Nelson
It took a while, but Nelson is finally showing that he can be a No. 1 receiver. I’m not sure why, but the Texans and Rams drifted away from playing two-high safeties against the Packers. Nelson is too big for an average corner to deal with one-on-one over and over again. He’s going to win that battle more often than not.

Ryan Pickett
Pro Football Focus gave Pickett a 1.7 run defense rating against the Rams. It was another strong game stepping in for the injured B.J. Raji at nose tackle and further evidence that Picket might be better a better fit at that position than Raji against the run.

Erik Walden
Walden hasn’t taken over any games or made many plays that make you say “Wow!” But he’s just been solid. When Nick Perry is healthy, he’s been pushed by Walden. With Perry out, Walden has knocked down a few passes and gotten after the quarterback every now and then. He finally had a full offseason in the Packers system, and it’s showing.

(I know Matthews belongs in the rising category or the steady category at the very least, but I really wanted to give Walden some love.)


Mason Crosby
If the goal posts were on the sideline, Crosby would never miss a kick over 50 yards. Those are some ugly-looking knuckle balls coming off of Crosby’s right foot. He better get it figured out because something tells me the Packers will need one of those long ones late in a game in December or January. Nice work on the onside kick, but get those field goals figured out.

Jeff Saturday
I know the Packers didn’t bring Saturday to Green Bay to obliterate defensive tackles in the running game, but he can’t get blown up like he did on Sunday. Pro Football Focus gave Saturday a -3.5 run blocking rating against the Rams. He was a -1.5 against the Texans and has yet to finish with a positive run blocking rating this season.

Next Man Up
I know the Packers are deep thanks to their draft and develop philosophy, but I’m sick of hearing the phrase next man up every single week. Enough with the injuries already.

(One more honorable mention for the rising category: My nephew’s birthday cake. You should’ve seen this thing. It was in the shape of a school bus and it had donuts for wheels. Very impressive.)


Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


11 thoughts on “Packers Stock Report: Stacking Success Edition

  1. We knew what we were getting in Saturday: Smart, dependable vet who can pass block and is very good at diagnosing blocking assignments. He’s an average pass blocker and below average run blocker at this point in the season.

    We need a very good center in the draft this coming year.

    1. Wonder if the Packers don’t already have their future center in EDS. He wouldn’t be good at tackle, is adequate or a little below average at guard, but might have about the required athleticism, size and disposition to play center fairly well. Plus he’s just 26.

      I think the Packer brass already thinks he’s continuously improving in his back-up guard role and see him as someone with up-side.

      Jordy was listed on todays injury report (hammy), GJ will probably be held out against the Jags, Finley still has arm problems and DD has a neck problem. I’m guessing they’ll be available for Sunday(maybe not GJ), but if not it would be awful thin at receiver.

      1. I think they might try to groom Van Roten as the future center. He’s an Ivy League guy, so he should have the smarts, and he seemed to do well in training camp.

        1. Van Roten’s college tape shows a lineman whose strength is mobility and run blocking on the move in space. I could be way off, but I’d be surprised if he is being groomed to play Center- why waste that mobility by slamming him into a phone booth? I would project him as a Guard who could be ideal for pulling.

          I’m not sold on EDS, but I would have to think he’s got the inside track on the Center of the future job at this point, followed by the guy I think has potential- Sampson Genus.

  2. “what just happened” is like nails on a chalk board for me. can’t stand it. If you want to watch, watch…if you want to casually watch and need constant updates of what has been going on, listen to the gosh darn radio or something…just don’t bother me mid game so i have to turn around and catch you up while meanwhile behind me aaron throws a touchdown and i miss it…

    end of rant.

  3. The injury thing is definitely frustrating. Every week?….I’m glad we are playing the Drew-less Jags this week. Let’s get a couple of guys back for the Cards game and hit the bye week at 6-3. Then we have 2 weeks to get healthy and hope the injury bug goes away.

    PS….I now have a craving for birthday cake and a donut…

  4. Pickett made a very nice play on a run play for a 5-yard loss. Other than that, not much. McGinn didn’t think much of his performance. It’s hard to give any of the DL any love after a subpar performance against the worst OL in the NFL. No way is Pickett in the steady category. How about Matthews or Hawk or Bulaga?

    Agree 100% on Saturday. My question is not so much if he plays next year in GB (he won’t), but whether he will be replaced in the starting lineup this year by either EDS or Van Roten.

  5. My addition to the falling category is Dr. Mac Kensie needs to go in the Falling class. Now we hear Jennings is having surgery because a second opinion told him he should have had it right away. I’m thinking they need to put Dr. Mac in some honorary position and get a skilled porfessional “Sports Orthopedic Surgeon” put in charge of all medical operations of the team.

    Oh, and Jordy is missing significant practice time this week.

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