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Packers vs. Seahawks: As the shock of seeing two referees standing in front of each other signaling opposite calls wore off… As the shock of seeing the wrong call get accepted wore off… As the shock of a replay review confirming the wrong call wore off… We got to witness insult being added to injury.

Pete Carroll prancing around the field like a silly schoolgirl (apologies to schoolgirls everywhere). Russell Wilson spouting off about what a great win they had just “earned.”  Golden Tate playing dumb. They’re all weasels.

I was kind of surprised that watching these guys show no class (or spine) bothered me more than even how the game ended.

Every NFL team has gotten screwed by the officials at some point. It happens. Of course, that’s why we have replay, right? To avoid those situations. But there are still humans watching the replay.

This is why I really try hard not to complain about referees. I never want to come off like a crybaby, I want to show more class than that. Conversely, if my team is given a gift from the referees, I try to be humble about it and have no problem admitting it or being apologetic to the other team’s fans. that doesn’t make me a great person, just a mature one, I guess. In the old days we would have called that “being a man,” but I’m enlightened enough now to know that’s sexist and unfair to women to categorize such behavior by sex. But I digress…

My real point here is I want to present to you the opposite of that phrase, namely “being a weasel.” Pete Carroll, Brandon Tate and Russel Wilson are weasels. Or at the very least, they acted like weasels last night:

Pete Carroll:

 “It’s a great moment for everybody. Thrilled for our kids, for our fans, what a great night for Monday Night football.

“For Him (Wilson) to make that play, for Golden to make that play, it’s kind of beyond words.” It’s a great moment for us.

“From what I understood from the officials it was a simultaneous catch. Tie goes to the runner. Good call,”

We all know Pete Carroll. We all know what he did at USC, cheating and then bailing on his team before the crap hit the fan. So Carroll and his smirkiness after the game is no surprise. We really can’t expect him to be contrite. He is what he is.

Russell Wilson:

“It feels great, obviously. The ultimate goal is to win. That’s all we care about.”

Great win and way to finish!

Once a Wisconsin favorite son, the bloom has come off the rose on this guy. Watching him on TV after the game repeatedly pretending (in a very unconvincing manner) that he and the Seahawks had just accomplished something great, was nauseating. There were a lot of things he could have said, lots of cliches he could have used to soften the blow of what he knew was an egregious decision and a fiasco of an ending to that game. He didn’t. He went with the “great win” story and is sticking to it. No spine – a newly found weasel.

Golden Tate:

” I just competed.” 

When asked if he pushed off, “I don’t know what you’re talking about… I don’t know what your talking about.” (Twice for emphasis)

“We both had possession of it. I don’t even know the rule but I guess the tie goes to the receiver.” 

Golden Tate just comes off as a punk.  Nothing more, nothing less. Plus, he’s  an NFL wide receiver and he doesn’t know that rule?


And yes, it seems TJ Lang agrees with me:

TJ Lang Tweets about Seattle Seahawks
TJ Lang Tweet about Seattle Seahawks


Speaking of spineless, where is Roger Goodell? The local sports radio station in NY is running a sarcastic contest today. Spot Roger Goodell and you win a prize.  I mention Roger Goodell only because quite surprisingly, he actually has the authority to do something about last night. That’s not to say that it will ever happen, and at this point, I don’t even want it to happen. What’s done is done.

But it’s still rather interesting. This was tweeted last night by Alex Tallitsch, PR agent for Tom Crabtree.  It actually says the Commissioner can investigate any unfair act that has a major effect on the result of the game, AND he has the authority to reverse the result. Read on:

From the NFL Rulebook – Unfair Acts:

Commissioner’s Authority

The Commissioner has sole authority to investigate and to take appropriate disciplinary or corrective measures if any club action, nonparticipant interference, or emergency occurs in an NFL game which he deems so unfair or outside the accepted tactics encountered in professional football that such action has a major effect on the result of a game.

No Club Protests
 The authority and measures provided for in this section (UNFAIR ACTS) do not constitute a protest machinery for NFL clubs to dispute the result of a game. The Commissioner will conduct an investigation under this section only to review an act or occurrence that he deems so unfair that the result of the game in question may be inequitable to one of the participating teams. The Commissioner will not apply his authority under this section when a club registers a complaint concerning judgmental errors or routine errors of omission by game officials. Games involving such complaints will continue to stand as completed.

Penalties for Unfair Acts
The Commissioner’s powers under this section (UNFAIR ACTS) include the imposition of monetary fines and draft choice forfeitures, suspension of persons involved, and, if appropriate, the reversal of a game’s result or the rescheduling of a game, either from the beginning or from the point at which the extraordinary act occurred. In the event of rescheduling a game, the Commissioner will be guided by the procedures specified above (“Procedures for Starting and Resuming Games” under EMERGENCIES). In all cases, the Commissioner will conduct a full investigation, including the opportunity for hearings, use of game videotape, and any other procedures he deems appropriate.

Again, I expect nothing to be done and am not looking for anything to be done about the result. Seahawks win, Packers lose. We move on to play the Saints.

The only thing I’d like to see is one of these guys above to come out today and say, “We caught a break at the end.” That’s all. That’s not asking for much, that’s not conceding defeat, not admitting you didn’t deserve it. Just, we got a bit lucky at the end.

Have a spine. Say it. Go ahead, I’m waiting…



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50 thoughts on “Screwed in Seattle Turns into Spineless in Seattle: Packers vs. Seahawks

  1. Didn’t Tate say he caught the ball, and then thanked God for helping him catch the ball?

    Does Tate know that God isn’t very fond of lying? I think it’s in the 10 commandments.

    Maybe Tebow should give Tate a lesson on religion.

  2. Just heard this:

    1 Pac 12 official
    2 Division II officials
    1 California high school official
    2 Texas high school officials

    Only one Divison I official? Really? It’s no wonder these games are truning to shit.

    I can only hope that we play Seattle in the playoffs and jam the ball right up Carrol’s rectum. Without benefit of Vasoline.

  3. Al, thanks for saying what ate at me a lot last night. Be a man – heck, just a person of integrity – and admit that you won despite what actually happened. Don’t stand there spouting off about how great you played.

    Some people have no sense of what it might be like to be in other person’s (team’s) shoes.

  4. Oh, and quite frankly, I would have told people to focus their anger on the real problem rather than the Seahawks. But apparently they don’t understand sportsmanship. Hopefully their fans are better than they are.

    (Though I do have to say, at least Sidney Rice made it clear he didn’t think it was pass interference on Shields.)

  5. I agree, JerseyAl. A little humility would go a long way on the part of the Seahawks.

    I want this whole circus finished and not affect the rest of the season. The Pack just needs to move forward. I’m confident that the team leaders will do their jobs and make it so.

    Go Pack Go!

  6. agree. seeing how smug carroll was really put salt in the wounds. saying it was a great win made me really angry.

    if that is true that there were 3 high school officials in that game it is ridiculous. the league should be able to find better replacements than that.

  7. Right on Al. We can be proud that if the roles were reversed our team, MM, and ARod would have responded appropriately and shut their mouths. The Seahawks just came across as dim witted as they celebrated something they didn’t earn. Not to mention ESPN for having Wilson recap the highlights. I mean, come on.

    I just hope that this fuels the Pack on to bigger and better things. After all the controversy settles down, we still only scored 12 points. Move on, get better, and hope we have a shot at Seattle in the playoffs.

  8. First things first. This was a tough defensive game, especially the first half. I mentioned during my comments on the Bears’ game that I was concerned about the Packers’OL. My concerns became a nightmare during the 1st half in Seatle. Pack makes nice comeback in the second half but could not finish 2 drives for TD. Remember that Rodgers overthrew Driver for a sure TD. That TD would have made the last play irrelevant. As for the refs, the reply, headlines, and blogs everywhere speak for themselves. Let’s not be crybabies or bitter over this. The Seahawks post game behavior is worse than the refs. Thanks, Since’61

  9. Give me a break… any team in the NFL would have reacted the same way to winning that game. There were plenty of bad calls in that game. What happens if the refs don’t call that bs PI call against Seattle that gave Green Bay a first down instead of kicking a fg towards the end of the game. Seattle would only need a fg to win and this whole hail mary play would have never happened.

    Refs have been costing teams games way before the replacement refs showed up. You’re just burned bc you’re the latest victim.

    1. You can’t look back and say “what if this” or “what if that”. What if they do call that PI and then the Pack punts and then they fumble and then……. The only thing about this game is the last play and it was just plain wrong, easy simple done.

  10. For “really try hard not to complain about referees,” you sure don’t focus that same energy on not complaining… If the situation was reversed, I’m sure the Packers and their fans would be such upstanding citizens as to admit that they really didn’t win the game and would petition Goodell to overturn the game….. Because your organization is obviously the class of all sports.

    1. You must have a comprehension problem because my only complaining is about these three weasels.

      Yes, the Packers would admit they really didn’t win. They would still take the win, as will and should, the Seahawks, but they would at least not be phonies about it.

      And if our organization was not the “class of all sports,” then why is Seattle trying so hard to become Green Bay West?

      1. Seattle become Green Bay West? Hmm let’s see… Matt Flynn is on the bench, and Holmgren is in Cleveland. How does that work again?

        1. Hmmmm, let’s see, who’s your GM?

          How many former Packers has he brought through there the lest few years?

          How many former Packers are currently on your roster?

              1. Trust me – until you’re able to speak truthful words about what happened, we’ll never agree on anything…

                I had some respect for the Seahawks, but with these three weasels and Browners’ ultra cheap shot, that respect is gone.

                Hope to see you in the playoffs!

              2. Best part about this whole conversation is I never said that I agreed with the call… keep making your assumptions and hating on Seahawks fans/players the entire state of Washington, etc. The GB fan base is turning this into a seahawk witch hunt as if they were the reason it happened. If you redirected some of your anger maybe something would actually happen. How about no fans show up for the Saints game? Make a statement.

              3. The only thing I’ve said about Seahawks fans is they seem to have a reading comprehension problem. My article was about one thing – wanting one of these guys to come out and speak the truth. Just say we caught a big break, we got lucky at the end, etc. Don’t act like you really won the game on that last play. That’s my beef.

                Rodgers was just asked in an interview, how would you have handled it if the roles were reversed? His answer was. “I would have felt very lucky and I would have said that.”

                then he added, “I would have applauded anyone who did that last night.” But no one did. And THAT, is my issue here.
                We lost the game – big deal. that’s not my issue. Maybe re-read my article.

              4. See, you do have a reading comprehension problem. I read that article already. NOWHERE in that article does Marshawn Lynch say anything but this: “”It’s not like we did anything wrong,” Lynch said, “We have nothing to apologize for.” Now, I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt and assume he was probably more contrite than the three guys I’m talking about, and I know Rice kinda of admitted the Shields interference call was bad, but throwing this in my face just proves you don’t pay attention to what you read.

      2. This doesn’t sound like class: “Any player/coach in Seattle that really thinks they won that game has zero integrity as a man and should be embarrassed.”

        This just sounds like throwing a hissy fit. This is who you should refer to as the little schoolgirl. Worry about the class in your own locker room first before calling out guys celebrating a win. This game was much bigger than just one call at the end.

        1. Lang simply telling the truth, unlike the weasels in Seattle. Telling the truth is class. Denying the truth is classless. Just heard Snoop Dog of all people telling Golden Tate to “tell the truth.”

          And one thing I can guarantee, if I were a Seahawks fan and the recipient of this gift, I would be saying nothing. I would just shut up, take the win, and when I met a Packers fan, I’d say “sorry about that.”

          1. Agreed with the second ‘graph. Maybe not the last clause of the last sentence becuase bad calls happen. But, generally, agreed.

            Don’t agree that calling out somebody’s manhood for “really think[ing] they won that game” is class. As you said – the score is the score, they did win that game. He just comes off as a sore and pissy loser.

  11. Al, what is the rule regarding tackling the QB as Eric Walden did when Wilson was way out of the Pocket and running and throws an errand pass that is intercepted as Walden is beginning to tackle him? Walden received a roughing the passer penalty and Pack lost the INT! Once out of the pocket, I think any tackle, high or low is legal as the QB is out of the pocket-and not defenseless.

      1. Any of which would have made for a Packer victory. 0 for 3 doesn’t cut it, especially when they had the ability to correct one of the them in the booth

    1. Does this also mean that if a QB is racing toward the endzone, it is illegal to make a shoestring tackle? After all, that is tackling below the waist also.

  12. The only ones more spineless than the court jester Carroll are Goodell and NFL officials. For them to say they support the call is spineless and shows a blatant lack of respect for fans knowledge and understanding of the game. If they had said we screwed up the call 100% we appologize to the Packers, I would atleast have a little respect left for the NFL.

    The hypocrisy of the NFL is disgusting, own up to your big mess Goodell and show a spine.


  13. What a bunch of winners! I seem to remember a touch down givin to the NY Jets that knoked us out of the playoffs. Vinnies helmet was 1′ away from the goal line, what did we get? opps we’re sorry! Did the Jet say give the game to the seahawks? NOT. Wine, wine wine boo hoo!

  14. What a shame! This is the biggest hose
    job since Jerry Rice’s fumble that wasn’t!
    I feel sorry for Sam Shields.A phantom
    pass interference on perfect coverage
    and then blatently pushed to the ground on the hail mary!
    I feel sorry for MD Jennings for being robbed of a great interception!
    I feel sorry for the whole Packer team
    that, after a bad first half came back
    from adversity to take the lead!
    Then the network idiots decided to
    interview the three stooges! The whole
    country saw truth…and they did too!
    The camera doesn’t lie! The Packers
    got it without the vaseline!

      1. You’re seriously sending me an article from some kid at Bleacher report with 7 articles written as your evidence that it was a catch? When every NFL analyst and former/current players watching saw it differently? Seriously?

        I have a feeling you’re better than that… Come on!

  15. 1) The bad call was compounded by the NFL review today that said, “Yup, the officials made a great call”. They are liars.

    2) I just called Direct TV this morning and cancelled the NFL Channel for the rest of the season. The NFL is not getting my money.

    3) Goodell is a total jackass and a coward.

    4) I hope the Packers dedicate the rest of the season to showing up Goodell.

  16. Guys, this bickering over the refs is just a symptom of the disintergration of the NFL caused by ridiculously greedy owners. They have locked out the experienced officials over a $3.3 million disagreement on the pensions for the officials. $3.3 million out of a $10 billion industry. This is just pointless. As I said in an earlier comment, I’ve been watching the NFL and the Packers since ’61, (hence my moniker)and maybe 51 seasons is enough becuase now I have seen and heard everything. How is the NHL lockout going. Anyone for hockey?! Thanks, since ’61

  17. I live in Seattle and work right across the street from the stadium. As I write this, I am looking at Century Link field. Yesterday, I wore my Rodgers jersey to work and got some sh__ from a few guys during the day. Today, several people have come over to my office to apologize for the way the Seahawks won the game. I’ve yet to talk to someone here who believes the game was legit. The NFL statement was a joke. I’m not watching the NFL any longer until the product is credible – right now it is not.

    1. Thanks for that info Aaron. Most reasonable people, regardless of which team they root for would feel bad for what happened to the Packers last night. Of course, there are also exceptions.

  18. To all the dissenters to Al’s premise that three Seattle players disappointed him with their post-game responses, all I can say is there are plenty of players who would have admitted they won on a bad call. I believe in the SF game this year, nearly all the bloggers admitted we got a fluke TD on Cobbs return due to poor refs.

    For Russell to say “we got a win, that’s all we care about” sucks. Seriously, what’s the point of playing sports if your handed a win? How do you feel good about yourself?

    I didn’t have a strong opinion about Carroll prior to the game, but afterwards all I can say is, what a preening ass. And Tate, fine if you don’t want to concede you got a gift, but don’t go the other way and pretend you made a play.

    Since Al has to much class to say it, I will: to you bloggers who won’t admit some of the Seattle players spouting off on how they “earned” this game was nauseating – fuck-off.

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