Ranting and Raving About the Packers Loss to the (Refs) Seahawks

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M.D. Jennings and Golden Tate
M.D. Jennings and Golden Tate

No fancy intro to this post. I’m getting straight to the anger and I invite Packers fans to do the same in the comments section.

What pissed you off about last night’s Packers loss to the Seahawks? I’m not looking for one or two things. I’m looking for a laundry list. Let it fly, people.

Here we go:

  • I’m pissed at the NFL. My favorite sport is turning into a reality TV show. Joke refs. Labor disputes. Tebowmania. Programming overkill. Putting clown analysts on the air instead of insightful commentators. Joke refs (did I mention that already?). A commissioner that now has less credibility than Bud Selig. Greedy and whiny owners and players. Pete Carroll. Imposter officials (have I mentioned that yet?). That’s pretty much all the elements of a reality TV show that appeals to the lowest common denominator of society instead of positioning itself for long-term sustainability and success by actually caring about its product.
  • I’m pissed at people who utter the following sentence (Beavis and Butthead voice): “Yeah, uh, uh, the calls were bad, but uh, uh, the Packers shouldn’t have put themselves in that situation, uh, uh, they should’ve put the game away earlier.” Shut up. What situation are you talking about? The one where the Packers intercepted Russell Wilson on the last drive, only to have it overturned on a phantom roughing the passer call? The one where the Packers had Seattle at 1st and forever on the final drive, only to see it all blown up on a ridiculous pass interference call that should’ve gone against the offense? The one where M.D. Jennings intercepted the final pass, only to  have it called a Seahawks touchdown? Are those the situations you’re talking about? The Seahawks are a helluva team. At this point of the season, no team is going to waltz into their stadium and blow them away. People that use the “Packers should not have been in that situation line” have no idea how difficult it is to win on the road against a tough defense in the NFL.
  • I’m pissed at Jay Cutler. He didn’t do anything wrong last night. I’m just always mad at Jay Cutler.
  • I’m pissed at Pete Carroll and Golden Tate. You’re enabling this farce to continue by not at least subtly acknowledging that this win is tainted. Show a little common sense.
  • I’m pissed at Mike McCarthy. Why did it take you an entire half to make necessary and obvious adjustments? Why were you so damn classy after the game? I know I’ll appreciate the classiness in the long run, but for now, I’m mad.
  • I’m pissed at the real refs. Most of them have other jobs that do more than adequately pay the bills. They get to spend their Sundays traveling around the country reffing NFL games AND getting paid for it. But it’s not good enough for them. They want to milk the cash cow for every last penny, ruining the league in the process.
  • I’m pissed at NFL owners. Your product is on the road to becoming an alternate version of professional wrestling, and your quibbling with the refs over a few bucks. You are all billionaires. BILLIONAIRES! Pay the refs and start building back what credibility you’ve lost.
  • I’m pissed that the one franchise without a billionaire owner ended up being the franchise that got screwed by this ref debacle.
  • I’m pissed at the football gods. We kept hearing all season that the replacements would eventually end up costing a team a game. The Packers had a 1 in 32 chance of being that team. They ended up being that team. Why football gods? Why?
  • I’m pissed at myself. For continuing to watch this crap. I can’t help myself, though. Will there ever be a breaking point? I doubt it. I’m an idiot.
  • I’m pissed at Donald Driver. Don’t drop touchdown passes.
  • I’m pissed at the offensive line. Eight sacks in the first half? Really?
  • I’m pissed at Aaron Rodgers. Throw the damn ball, already.
  • I’m pissed at the replacement refs. Yeah, yeah, I know that’s the point of this entire post, but hear me out. Quit treating these fools with kid gloves. How hard is it to see that Shields didn’t interfere with Sidney Rice on that last drive? How hard is it to see that Jennings had the ball and Tate only had an arm on it? How hard is it to not allow teams extra challenges, timeouts and yards each and every week? These guys aren’t planning a space shuttle launch. They’re reffing a football game. It shouldn’t be as difficult as they’re making it.
  • I’m pissed that the Packers lost.

Ok, I’m at 767 words. That’s enough for now. Today is a day to rant and rave, Packers fans. Thank you for allowing me to do it.

I’ll (hopefully) return tomorrow and Thursday with some actual insight about the game and where the 1-2 Packers stand at this early point in the season.

But for now, it’s time to be pissed off. Join me in the comments section if you feel the same.


Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


40 thoughts on “Ranting and Raving About the Packers Loss to the (Refs) Seahawks

  1. Thanks, I needed that, I couldn’t sleep last night because of all the crap you just brought up …..I’m pissed too

  2. So the refs came back and said……after further review the runner did not touch second base, so touchdown Celtics!

  3. McCarthy sucked at coaching last night. You can’t let that onslaught go for an entire half before you adjust. I continue to be disappointed that Campen is still a coach. WTF?

    And the semi-pro refs suck, even more than duhBears.

  4. How is it that the officials not only missed several key “non calls” in which we were getting shoved-pushed-kicked-hit but kept making “bad” calls for things that seemed to me to be within the rules? You can’t play under two different set of rules! Its hard enough to put guys into posiiton to make plays but when you (or the players) don’t even know what the call is going to be- it makes it hard to keep up the execution of the game. What a farce! Vince is rolling over in his grave…

  5. I really loved it in the first half when one of the offensive line tackled Clay Matthews to prevent him from sacking Wilson. The assist goes to the semi-pro refs. 🙁

  6. I think the fair thing to do in this situation is to let Roger Goodell experience new things with replacements….flying in planes and skydiving come to mind. Would he appreciate professionals then?

  7. Perfectly said! And don’t forget about that hit on Greg Jennings, 85 doesn’t even have to retaliate if the call was made when that cheap shot occurred!
    man I am PISSED OFF! (Eric Cartman Voice)

  8. Me too, Adam!

    Yes, the game was lost by the Enrico Palatzo of NFL officials (credit-Zucker Brothers). But, if MM doesn’t do something to wake up his horseshit offense this is going to be a very bad year. The big worry, the defense, has been playing good. The offense?

    Let’s start with the bull shit that is posing as an NFL Oline. 8 friggen sacks in the first half. Hell, Wisconsin fired their Oline coach after the season started. I am officially starting the “Fire Campan Movement” right now. They are a group of pathetic Fat Asses. Their most often used technique is to try and stand in front of the rusher, get knocked on their ass and hope the rusher trips over their prone body. Run blocking are you kidding? One of these times AR is going to end up handing off the a Dend instead of Benson.

    Yes, Benson’s fumble ended up being a killer. However, the defensive penetration was beyond belief.

    Then, AR is not playing the way we have learned to expect him to play. There is obviously something wrong that is not being adjusted for. MM stubbornly trying to go down field when he has no Oline. He appears to be forcing the ball and trying to do it all by himself. That’s bothersome.

    Mainly, it’s time for MM to do something offensively to compensate for the aggressive play of the opponenets NOW.

    A home game against NO is now a must win for both teams. MM better have that offense operating at a higher level. All this talk about the adjustments at half time is just that, talk. Controlled the ball, marched down the field. But, barely scored a single touch down. That is inexcusable.


    Finally, don’t expect much better any time soon. The goal is to break the Union of Part-Time Money Grubbers and go to a full time official component. That’s a lofty and worhty goal. However, the NFL should plan for that and hire the new guys, train them so they know everything about the rules and, most important, the subtleties of the game before they are put in place. The quality they have on the field is horseshit.

  9. bummed about the loss but glad to see/hear national TV and radio come out supporting the pack and calling a spade a spade. The refs totally blew it. Everyone, except cheater, pete carroll, know that. Have to circle the wagons and get angry at the next 13 teams that stand in our way. GoPack!

  10. Pete Carroll can no officially be called a TOOL. Jumping around like a schoolgirl in celebration?

  11. I hesitated putting negative remarks on the Packers players in this post because, really, this one is on the refs. I hate to give the “Packers shouldn’t have been in that situation” trolls any fuel.

    Sure the Packers could’ve played better, but it’s REALLY hard to win on the road against a good D. The Packers were going to do it, until the refs snatched it away from them.

    This loss is on the REFS.Plain and simiple. But it’s ok if you’re a little mad at how the Packers played in the first half. Those discussion points will come up later in the week, so I included them in the post.

  12. Adam, “uh, uh, they should’ve put the game away earlier.” Yes they should. They couldn’t, but that is the only way you take refs out of the equation.

    I don’t get too stressed at this kind of loss because I see ref decisions as like acts of god. You can’t stop them, you just have to live with them (difficult sometimes I know).

    I do think the O should have played better, I do think we should have run more in the first half and it took too long (until half time) to make adjustments.

    I also am not so happy with ‘only 12oz to the pound’ Tate, with his insistence after the game that he had the ball – we all saw the replay – reminds me of Suh last year. Much classier to just say I got my hands on it and tried to wrestle it free….and the refs called it my way. You don’t come of as classless then.

    I would like to be irritated at Carroll jumping up and down too, but he may not have seen what we saw on replays, so I’ll give him a pass.

    1. Sorry, but in the past three seasons (2009-2011) there have been 566 games decided by less than a touchdown. You’re telling me if the refs screwed up on any of those final winning/losing drives, that it was the losing team’s fault for not having a good enough offense?

      Or are we just upset that the Packers offense underperformed based on what we’re used to?

      Don’t take the focus off of the real reason for the Win going to Seattle. The defense did their job, just like they did in the playoffs running up to the Super Bowl.

      1. Is losing by less than a touchdown the losing teams fault ? It sure is, Chad. The team has to try to put itself in a position to take the refs out of the game, even if they can’t always do it.

        I always think a loss comes for many reasons, not just one. Although we all like to focus on an obvious one reason, offense was also a big part of what lost us that game….a big part. Playcalling is a part of it too.

        1. My, my – aren’t you philosophical? Didn’t you watch the game? Didn’t you see Tate commit offensive interference even before the ball arrived? A game can end on an offensive fowl, right? And, of course, the game would have ended with the Pack as winners. Aren’t you aware that it really doesn’t make a damn WHO caught the ball – there should have been an offensive interference call (plainly discernible in the official ‘review’)? Game Over!!!

  13. I have felt from the beginning of the year that the game just feels like it has less integrity. Even after a win the win does not feel as good because of the poor officiating on both sides.

    The packers are 1-2 and have 3 of the next 4 on the road. This can be a rallying cry or the team can pout and fold. I am just as pissed as anyone else and cannot believe the call was not overturned. I was actually not that worried after the original call was made, I was just waiting for the overturn to be made.

    But this team has to get its stuff together. The defense played great and that is what makes it hurt so much more. If this was a 44-42 game i would not feel as robbed. But when points are at such a premium and you gift a team 7 points it just kills you. I do not remember a time as a packer fan where I have felt more anger after a loss.

  14. Finally, I hate the replacement refs. Not personally, just the situation. But the regular refs are to blame for the lock out. They are asking for a pension as part time employees. I am not going to get political here because I can see both sides of the debate, but a union for part time employees demanding a pension is ridiculous. Is the league supposed to give a pension to every employee. Does the guy selling beers and hot dogs get a pension? Unfortunately the league has to hold their ground. Maybe they should up the pay of the regular officials as a bargaining chip, but c’mon, a pension for being a referee? Give me a break.

  15. Yes, extremely painful. I’m still in shock. I will say though, that I have a much greater appreciation of the job the regular refs do. We all know that a penalty, especially holding, could realistically be called on every play. The “art” of being an NFL ref seems to be in the consistency of the calls and minimizing the call’s impact on the outcome of the game. While I generally don’t like union strikes, I say the refs have earned their money and benefits- pay ’em and let’s move forward.
    As for the Pack, gotta move on – we have the Saints in 5 days. We need to get our OL in sync and get everyone focused on the game plan. It’s only week 4.

  16. the offense blows.
    it has been an average offense for the last 4 games (and last 6 of rodgers’ starts).

    wr’s are overrated – can’t get away from anyone.

    ol sucks – sitton/bulaga are very overrated.

    play calling is ridiculous.

  17. I’m pissed that this is the second game in this early season that the Packers have lost a game because of the refs. The 49ers game wasn’t as bad and wasn’t as blatant, but the refs have now cost the Packers two games.

    1. do not feel the refs cost the packers the niners game. i saw the niners physically dominate the packers.

  18. At what point will a team say “enough” and refuse to play a game? Even better, imagine if the Saints and Packers both just walked out onto the field and started playing a casual game of ultimate frisbee.

    Massive revenue would be lost, rating would plummit, and the fans that bought tickets to the game would get screwed (unless they replayed the game later), but it would send a message that the business side of the NFL could understand: if you don’t fix the problem, you’re going to lose a lot of money.

    Yes, I know this will never happen and it’s very realistic, I get that. But it would get their attention. (As a side note, I’d really love to watch the two teams play ultimate frisbee, one of the few sports that’s self-officiated, I might add.)

  19. This is what the regular refs were waiting for! Their demands are indeed excessive. Until the dispute is resolved, I’d suggest all questionable calls be reviewed by the booth regardless of the extra time taken or speed of the game. But wait, the idiots in the booth had the opportunity to reverse the call on the field and did not. Unless personal interest influenced the review, how can anyone not overturn such an obvious error? At the least, terminate them. I’d be in favor of releasing their name publicly. A change of scenery would be appropriate as they flee this wonderful country of ours.

  20. What was the “process” that decided which ref’s call (TD or interception) was going to be the call?

    And then what was the scope of the replay review…the whole play, or only some specific aspect of it?

    Trying to figure out the details …that’s where the DEVIL is, right?? 🙂

  21. Typical Packer fan rage… “I hate Jay Cutler even though he do anything wrong last night” this will be the single reason no one takes this seriously

    1. Shouldn’t you be celebrating your team’s big home victory over the mighty St. Louis Rams instead of trolling a Packers blog?

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