Waived Packers Players Claimed by Other Teams

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One measure of the strength of a team’s roster is how many of their waived players are claimed by other teams. Here’s a list of cut Packers players that have found themselves a spot on other teams’ 53-man rosters.

… There were no signings.

none, nil, naught, zero, zilch, nada, bupkus.

I guess there’s an exception to every rule…

Go Pack!

P.S. Tori Gurley reportedly has joined the Vikings practice squad. He’ll certainly have a much better chance of getting called up there, but having to were a blonde wig with braids? Don’t know if that works for him…

Dale Moss tweeted Sunday morning that he’s headed to the Tampa Bay Practice Squad.









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8 thoughts on “Waived Packers Players Claimed by Other Teams

    1. I think the entire defense has become deep with talent. Not necessarily experience, but the talent level on defense has become very deep in the course of the last few years, aided greatly by this draft.

      I also feel that RB has some talented depth, TE’s do as well.

      I guess I disagree with you.

      The OL is the only place I feel we’re dangerously thin at the moment. If Sherrod gets healthy and has improved his overall upper body strength over the course of his injury rehab, that goes a long way and the OL may be at least stable in terms of depth by mid-season, but it could definitely use another capable T/G on the roster. I think Van Roten on PS will develop into a sound backup G in a year or two, but they do need more OL.

      1. yep – there’s “talent” at the rb spot and on all levels of the d… but (in my opinion) it’s not DEPENDABLE talent.example: could shields/house/hayward all end up being studs? sure. could it end up that last year’s shields is the real shields, house’s injury will bother him all season, and hayward plays like a rookie all year? yep – that could happen too.

        i see a position group as being deep when there are RELIABLE players behind the starter.

        there are a lot of talented players on this roster… not much of it is proven.

        it’s a by-product of the draft and develop philosophy (I’m not complaining – just observing).

        other than at wr and lb… if a starter goes down the new guy will have to prove he’s capable… even at tight end… can you say RIGHT now that you would be confident in having williams or crabtree be your te#1?

    2. Al,
      You left out squadouche.

      They’re putting LSD in your water supply again, aren’t they? Don’t worry it can’t harm you if you wear your tin foil hat, it wards off all effects.

  1. No surprises there. We tend to exaggerate the depth of our roster, that’s for sure! I can see Muir landing somewhere, though. I thought he looked pretty active. Given the premium on big men, that one was a bit of a head-scratcher. And while I’d like to see us stock up more on the big guys on the practice squad, having some WR depth there in Borel might be a good call. If a James Jones trade were ever to happen (admittedly unlikely though that is), if Driver retires after this year or is not brought back and if we cannot afford to resign Jennings, then our WR situation starts looking quite different.

  2. I wanted to see WR Dale Moss on Green Bay’s PS, not on the TB PS. I believe that he had a lot of upside.

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