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Al:  Well, it looks like someone bought Ted Thompson a new alarm clock. While Ted normally spends this time of year sleeping through the free agency alarm, this year he has been wide awake and paying attention. As a result, there are three new Packers in town. Center Jeff Saturday was the first to sign on the dotted line, as Ted brought him in to replace Scott Wells while at the same time, saving almost $2million per year.

Jayme: Next up was defensive lineman Dan Muir. The former Packers undrafted free agent was with the Colts the last four years and signed a 1 year deal with Green Bay for $700,000.  Then in perhaps the most surprising move, The Packers signed defensive lineman Tony Hargrove, who was brought in at $825,000 for the year. Considering Pat Lee got $680,000 from the Raiders, Ted did very well here.

Al: Nick Collins met with his doctors on Monday to discuss the results of a barrage of tests he underwent the week before. Nothing has been discussed publicly except to say that Collins will be meeting with the Packers next week and that according to his agent, Collins “looks and feels great.”

Jayme:  Could Donald Driver mania soon be sweeping across the country? After three weeks on Dancing with the Stars, Quickie and his partner, Peta Murgatroyd have seen both their popularity and their scores rising each week. After being in danger of getting voted off the first week with a score of 21, they have improved with scores of 24 and 26, and have been getting rave reviews from judges and fans alike.

Al:  I can’t help to marvel at the NFL marketing machine. These geniuses can make even the most insignificant happenings something fans salivate over. By leaking info and spacing out announcements, they keep NFL fans aching for news all offseason. This week it was the new uniforms and then the preseason schedule they teased fans with. Speaking of the Packers preseason schedule, they will be going all AFC, starting with San Diego in a nationally televised game and followed by the Browns, the Bengals and the Chiefs.

Jayme:  This past Sunday was April Fools day, and Packers jokester Tom Crabtree pulled one over on a lot of unsuspecting fans. Using the imminent arrival of the new Nike NFL uniforms as his platform, Crabtree tweeted how he did not like the fact that the “G” had been removed from the Packers helmets. What followed was a hilarious stream of horrified fan tweets, spurred on by a widly-used hashtag called “#KeepTheG.”

Al: Those were your top news stories for the week. Cheesehead Radio now brings you…

Gems from the Packers Twitterverse

Jayme: We might as well start with our old favorite, The Packer Ranter, who in one short tweet, pretty much encapsulized Ted Thompson’s philosophy on free agency, “Ted Thompson loves rummage sales,” tweeted The Ranter.

Al:  With regards to this whole New Orleans Saints Bounty scandal, one thought has been foremost in my mind, which was succinctly echoed this week by Aaron Nagler. Nagler tweeted, “Again – Mike McCarthy never got so lucky as the day Gregg Williams picked New Orleans over Green Bay”

Jayme: Josh Siton weighed in on Bountygate from a player’s perspective when he tweeted, “we work our entire lives to make it to the NFL. And some guy wants to pay players to hurt people. NOT cool!”

Al: Not at all. But what is cool is that The tweet of the week tonight is not for one single tweet, but rather for one single tweeter. Yes, it’s Tom Crabtree. The whole “KeepTheG” April Fools joke was something only an evil tweeting genius could pull off. There were so many great tweets back and forth, like a full bowl of peanut M&Ms, I couldn’t pick just one.

So for that, Tom, you are our…

Cheesehead Radio Tweeter of the Week


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