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Ryan Grant
Will Packers RB Ryan Grant return in 2012?

As the offseason drags on and the unrestricted free agent pool thins out, we should probably check in on a few Packers free agents that remain unsigned.

Ryan Grant

Whether the Packers bring Grant back depends on the health of Alex Green, the team’s confidence in James Starks’s ability to stay on the field and the upcoming draft. I’d say two of those three things would have to break in Grant’s favor in order for the Packers to bring him back. I originally thought Grant was a goner for sure, now I’m not so sure. Ask me after the draft.


Erik Walden

There’s not much left out there for 3-4 outside linebackers on the unrestricted free agent market. Walden’s status likely depends on how many outside linebackers the Packers stockpile in the draft. If Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy feel that Walden can compete with whatever rookies they bring in, they’ll probably re-sign him. Like Grant, I originally thought Walden wouldn’t return, now I’m starting to change my mind a little bit, but I reserve the right to change my mind again after the draft.


Howard Green

The signing of Anthony Hargrove and Daniel Muir doesn’t help Green’s chances of returning. Big Howard didn’t do much in his limited role last season and I’d be surprised if he’s back. I originally thought Green would be gone, and I still feel that way.


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18 thoughts on “Checking in on Packers Free Agents Ryan Grant, Erik Walden and Howard Green

  1. Walden has not ever been able to hold the corner on running plays. He never will. It is highly likely he’ll pass through FA untouched. He will be back only if TT can’t find a marginally better replacement. That means he’ll have to accept a contract low as the CBA will allow.

    Grant will be back if TT and MM have no faith in Starks and Green staying on the field all the time.

    Howard Green has been replaced already. See Muir!

  2. A lot or eggs are in Alex Green’s basket. I’m guessing Green will be back as I don’t think TT will spend valuable picks on RBs. Too much need elsewhere.

  3. I hope Grant returns, he looked as good as ever the last half of the season. He runs hard (and can go the distance – Stark’s gets caught from behind), is assignment sure, blocks effectively and rarely fumbles. Green was outstanding in college and had the look of a long term answer (Dorsey Levens with more speed) but ACL’s are tough to overcome quickly. They need to cut ties with Walden, Zombo the year before was an upgrade in comparison. Walden was awful holding the point, continually caught inside (sooner or later the light should go on). Green can be easily replaced, shake his hand for his efforts the Super Bowl season and move on.

    1. I agree Lou, I think Grant is a ‘carries’ guy and needs to get into a rhythm. I’d like to see him at least compete in camp. Walden and Green, Pffftt, whatever, Zombo can fill Walden’s slot if he’s healthy and the Draft will replace bolster both positions. I just hope TT trades up for quality vs quantity.

  4. James Starks, Alex Green, AND Brandon Saine. I really like what I’ve seen from Saine so far, so please don’t forget about him.

    1. I like Saine too, tell me I’m crazy but he reminds me of a young Roger Craig!

      1. You’re crazy 🙂

        But I also like what I’ve seen from Saine. Good hands and he really builds steam heading upfield.

        1. The one thing I’ve notived that I don’t like about Saine is vision. He seems to sometimes be so anxious to make his decision that he runs right into the spot where tacklers are waiting for him. Needs to work on timing and having a little patience when needed… But overall, he’s been a nice find for the Packers.

  5. Good comments on Saine, he fell through the cracks because OSU did not feature one back thus his total production did not match the top tier guys. He has hands like Gerry Ellis years ago, good straight line speed and didn’t make any obvious mistakes in his game experience.

  6. ryan grant is good! he is a good running but people dont like him. i love him! he just doesn’t get the oppertunity. and when he does he has to sit on the bench and watch starks for half of the game.

      1. It all depends on the price, Trevor. If he’s willing to sign cheap, then they definitely should sign resign him.

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