Report: Packers C Scott Wells Likely to Sign Elsewhere All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Packers C Scott Wells
According to reports, Packers C Scott Wells is leaving Green Bay.

Packer Report is reporting that Packers free agent center Scott Wells will likely be leaving Green Bay today. The report also says that the Packers are looking at two centers in free agency.

Wells will be missed in pass protection. If the Packers do opt for the free agent route, hopefully they end up with a stronger run blocker.

First let me say that I have never been a huge fan of Scott Wells. I really don’t see him as a Pro Bowl center. He’s a guy who definitely made the most out of what he had and with experience, made himself valuable in the protection calls. He turned himself into a very good center in this league, but not great.

Now, with Wells not likely to get any better at age 31, the Packers will look for less expensive options. All season long I’ve felt that the Packers disinterest in talking contract extension with Wells was the proverbial handwriting on the wall.  It was hard to believe for most people and even for me at times, but alas, it seems to now be true.  – Jersey Al

We’ll have more as this story develops.


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15 thoughts on “Report: Packers C Scott Wells Likely to Sign Elsewhere

  1. While Wells is a very good pass blocker, and the Packers could use a better run blocker at the position, these things aren’t concerning to me should he leave.

    I’m more worried about the fact his replacement is going to have to learn our offense, all the terminology, and be an excellent assessor of the defense, and communicator on the LOS pre-snap.

    Wells was as keen as they get at setting protections and calling out the defensive keys. That is where his value truly is, and what could be sorely missed in his absence.

  2. This is no problem, maybe Not preferred, but Evan Dietrich-Smith is in the house!

    He’s young and he’ll be groomed now for this spot…. I dont want to pay high for a Wells’ clone in Seth Myers…

    1. Myers would be an upgrade over Wells. But I don’t see a reason for Ted going out and signing another C to a big contract.

  3. EDS a starting center? NO way. In GB the Center is the QB of the Oline. That skill is learned and it took Wells a while to learn it.

    From four solid Olinemen and a LT questionmark to 3 solid linemen and 2 questionmarks,

    1. Yep. I hope, if Wells signs elsewhere, we can find his replacement either in the second tier free agents (TT certainly won’t jump into the fray this week) or in the draft. If we have to go with EDS, we’re in trouble.

  4. Really guys,

    As long as TT gets one of the many possible starting caliber options at C in FA this year, OR if he gets one of the top 3 C’s in the draft – this is not a problem.

    I wanted Wells back too – but the bottom line is that he’s small, older, and stubborn. Plus, we have a TON of big contracts coming up soon (CM3, AR, GJ again)…

    He gone. And it’s ok – as long as TT has a good backup plan that doesn’t involve EDS.

    1. Exactly.

      Who the hell signs high priced free agent Centers? It’s a position where you can plug in nearly anyone and they’ll be 85-90% as good. You’re paying 4x the price for that last 10-15%.

      Wells is full of himself. There are a number of better centers in FA, the fact that he wants to be paid like a top 5 center after 1 and a half good years, at the end of his prime is absolutely ridiculous. He needs to wake up to reality. He’s a top 10-15 center overall, taking into account his run blocking ability, and that’s how he should be paid.

      1. Right Bear and Elle. The bottom line is well…the bottom line. We fans are going to have to get used to the idea of the Pack having to let a few of the “fringe” core players go if we want to keep more of the elite players on the roster. There’s only a finite amount of $’s to go around in the end.

  5. Obviously the Packers see Wells as their Run-Blocking problem or things would be different. McCarthy has said the running game will improve next year and maybe this was the first step. But I wonder about the quality of the present roster, what’ll happen now? We’ll see!

  6. If only Nick McDonald could’ve shotgun-snapped a football last preseason, we might not even be mentioning the possibility of Wells leaving. I don’t know enough about EDS at C to speculate. I certainly wouldn’t feel comfortable with him as a starting-caliber OG.

  7. Wells might be in a holding pattern now with the Titans while the Peyton Manning sweepstakes remain undecided. If Manning signs with Tennessee, Wells might not like the crumbs that will be left for him.

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