2011 Packers Yearbook: Player Most Likely to be Voted to the Pro Bowl for the First Time

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NFL Pro Bowl Logo2011 Packers Yearbook: Player Most Likely to be Voted to the Pro Bowl for the First Time.

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Adam: Bryan Bulaga. There aren’t many dominant left tackles in the NFC. When (if) Bulaga makes the move to the left side, I’m not saying he’ll be dominant, but he’s got the talent to make the pro bowl.

Al: Desmond Bishop. I guess it would make sense that I stay consistent with my pick for breakout season. If Bishop has the type of breakout season I am anticipating, he will most certainly join the ranks of Pro Bowl players. Unfortunately, he’ll have to miss the game with the Packers in the Super Bowl.

Chad: Mason Crosby. After his best year ever in the NFL, Crosby was just one spot away from making the Pro Bowl in 2011. He seems to finally have found his footing with field goals, and the consistency of having Tim Masthay as a holder seems to be helping. Crosby also continues to amaze with his kickoff ability, having one of the best onside kicks in the league. Next season could be his best ever, and we’ll see Thompson get the most bang from his buck with Crosby’s contract.

Kris: I’m going to go with NONE because I am predicting the NFL won’t hold the Pro Bowl this year.  The 2012 game was an embarrassment in which Aaron Rodgers called out his NFC teammates for a lack of effort. Roger Goodell took notice and mentioned the NFL could possibly scrap the game.  Moving the game around didn’t help. I say it goes bye bye. Should it be held, I’ll go with Bulaga. He’s going to be a staple on the offensive line for years and he begins to prove it in 2012.

Michael: Jermichael Finley. With a new contract ensuring Finley will be back with Pack, he has every opportunity to be a focal point of the offense. Drops were an issue for Finley in 2011, but as fans saw with James Jones, that problem can be fixed. I expect many games like Week 3 against the Chicago Bears were Finley caught 7 passes for 85 yards and 3 touchdowns. He may not score 3 TDs every game, but should have more than the 8 he had last season.

Thomas: Jermichael Finley.  The great thing about Finley’s contract is that he’s going to have to work hard for a longer contract down the road, and that means production.  Finley has all the talent needed to get there, and if Finley becomes the focal point of the offense like he was at the beginning of the 2010 season (much like Jordy Nelson was the focal point of the passing offense late last season) he could easily reach 1,000+ yards and 10+ touchdowns.

Zach: Bryan Bulaga. Missing a couple of games in 2011 might have cost him the opportunity to make the Pro Bowl roster last season. But as we’ve seen on so many occasions, guys who deserve a Pro Bowl nod usually get it a year later (see: B.J. Raji). There aren’t many sure-fire Pro Bowl tackles in the NFC, either. A move to the left side, coupled with another season in which he plays as well as he did in ’11, would give Bulaga a chance to be one of the NFC’s starting tackles in 2012.



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9 thoughts on “2011 Packers Yearbook: Player Most Likely to be Voted to the Pro Bowl for the First Time

  1. Bulaga… easy choice. #3 rated OT this year. He’ll probably be rated higher next year and get the recognition to boot. The only thing that might throw a wrench in the spokes is if he’s moved to LT and doesn’t transition well.

    1. I responded without reading the article but interesting case with Crosby… he’s one player I really didn’t consider at all. very interesting in fact. I’m split literally 50 / 50 between crosby and bulaga. If I had to choose I’ll stick with Bulaga just because of gut instinct but no real reason beyond that.

  2. All good choices and valid reasoning. I’ll add a couple of dark horses to the list.
    Morgan Burnett w/ the talent he possesses, w/ no “club” hand, one more year removed from ACL surgery, an off season program upcoming, and hopefully a renewed pass rush bodes well for a great season.
    Randall Cobb, as a returner. He had two TD’s as a rookie. Hester isn’t as explosive as he used to be and teams are scheming to neutralize him. Cobb’s anticipated breakout offensively will help his overall notoriety which may push voting for him as a returner.

    The great thing about this posting is it’s a reminder how successful TT has been bringing in pro bowlers; avg’ing more than one a year…Woodson (and a DPOY), Collins, Rodgers, Jennings, CM3, Sitton, Raji, and Nelson. I’m confident he’ll be adding to that list this year.

  3. The favorite in my head is Bulaga. The favorite in my heart is Cobb. But, my upset pick is going to be TJ Lang.

  4. IMO Finley comes out swinging next year.

    That being said – I HATE the offseason. HATE HATE HATE. Can we just ff to the draft and then ff straight to training camp?

    Al, this isn’t your fault, but so many articles being written on the internet now are nothing but fluff….


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