2011 Packers Yearbook: Player Most Likely to be in the Next State Farm Commercial with Aaron Rodgers

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2011 Packers Yearbook: Player Most Likely to be in the Next State Farm Commercial with Aaron Rodgers (excluding Clay Matthews and BJ Raji)

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Adam: Tom Crabtree. Nobody besides Packers fans know who Crabtree is, so he’ll be cast as the crazy dude yelling at Rodgers.

Al: Mason Crosby. A kicker is now stealing his move?  I would see that as the last straw for Rodgers and the last commercial in this series…

Chad: Charles Woodson. The defensive players seem to be the ones trying to upstage Rodgers in his commercials, and I think that trend would continue. Woodson brings name recognition, which is a big part of the business. I think the best scenario would include Rodgers calling him “Chuck.”

Kris: Gilbert Brown with the Gravedigger. Total curveball. Considering, you know, Rodgers and Brown never played together.  Honorable Mention: Brett Favre. An even bigger curveball. A whole bit on Favre trying to do the discount double check would be hysterical.

Michael: Mike McCarthy. In a move that would never happen, McCarthy would be a hilarious addition for Packers fans. I have no idea what role McCarthy would, or could, play in a commercial with Rodgers, but simply McCarthy’s presence would make for some solid laughs among Packers fans and those that know McCarthy.

Thomas: How could it be anyone else but Donald Driver?  Raji (the hula dance) and Matthews (the predator thing) were both picked because they had a great move, and Donald Drivers’ shimmy-thingy is the only other move that I can think of from one of the bigger names on the Packers roster.  Obviously if Driver is cut, his chances probably go down a lot, but maybe they could poke fun at that fact too.

Zach: Can I vote no one? I think State Farm might have run its course with the Discount Double Check commercials. If State Farm does do another commercial with Rodgers, I assume he’ll be flying in it solo. If I had to pick any player, however, it would have to be Greg Jennings. That guy has Hollywood written all over him.




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20 thoughts on “2011 Packers Yearbook: Player Most Likely to be in the Next State Farm Commercial with Aaron Rodgers

  1. My first thought was that it would be Brent. Consider Rodgers fastening on the belt with his discount double-check move and Favre countering with the reverse move in which his pants (Wranglers) fall down. You would have product integration and also allow Brent the opportunity to expose himself. Never mind, this match-up is not likely.

    I would look to DD, but there’s a chance he won’t even be on the team next year, so I’ll go with Jennings, who has a very likeable personality. Instead of some variation of the belt-move Jennings will create a whole new move that will leave Rodgers speechless. And there you have it.

  2. MM for me. I’d love to see him try to make the “disount/double check move. Flexiblity is not a by-word for MM.

  3. Rogers helping Farve to make up his mind about what coverge to choose. Then lombardi telling them both to shut their pie holes and get out.

  4. it should be Mike Neal, of course he would get hurt doing the discount double check move

  5. As rodgers is dealing with the humbling he takes at the hands of the couple buying insurance who have no idea who he is, and as the heckling older man walks by the window drawing Rodgers’ attention by yelling out “Rodgahs!! Double Check!”…

    A cabbage hits Rodgers at high velocity in the back of his head, and the camera cuts to a devilishly smiling TJ Lang

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