Source: Packers Likey To Activate WR Tori Gurley Soon All Green Bay Packers All the Time
According to a source, Gurley will be promoted to the Packers' active roster soon.

According to a source close to the situation, the Green Bay Packers are working on promoting rookie receiver Tori Gurley from the practice squad to the active roster in the coming days.

The source, speaking on terms of anonymity, said that the Packers are working on a deal to pay him money in the range of an active player. Combined with Greg Jennings’ injury that will keep him out 2-3 weeks, there’s a good chance that the Packers could activate Gurley sometime before Green Bay takes on the Kansas City Chiefs this Sunday.

Gurley had an extended talk with both quarterback Aaron Rodgers and the Packers coaching staff on Monday and came away from the meetings encouraged about the upcoming situation, the source said. That would help explain Gurley’s tweet about an hour before McCarthy’s press conference on Monday that said “God works in mysterious ways ;- ) Go Pack Go.”

The source also said that another team was in talks to claim Gurley off the Packers practice squad. The team wasn’t named, but that likely helped give Gurley even more leverage to get onto the active roster.

To make room for Gurley, it is possible that the Packers will put Vic So’oto, a rookie linebacker who has dealt with a recurring back issue throughout the season, on season-ending injured reserve. Chad Clifton is another option for IR, but McCarthy said on Monday that they still have hope for his return this season. Either way, the Packers will have to trim their current roster by one if they plan to make room for Gurley.

An undrafted free agent from South Carolina, Gurley has impressed coaches and fellow players throughout the season. When asked earlier in the year, many of the veteran players had nothing but glowing reviews for Gurley and his play-making ability. Gurley made a name for himself on the punt unit during the preseason, blocking several kicks.


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36 thoughts on “Source: Packers Likey To Activate WR Tori Gurley Soon

  1. “the Packers were working on a deal to pay him money in the range of an active player”

    Zach, do you mean that the Packers were working on this BEFORE the Jennings injury?

    1. Al: Teams can choose to pay guys on the practice squad more than the minimum if they so choose, so it’s possible this was in the works before. But without knowing the exact answer, I’d say everything started within the last 24 hours. The part that’s most interesting is that another team is in the mix. Should be an interesting deal to watch over the next couple of days.

      1. Well, the other night I had a twitter conversation with Gurley. I tweeted my running joke about him hiding away from other GMs. He tweeted back that he was “not going anywhere”. I then asked him if a player has the right to refuse another team that wants him and stay where he is. He said yes. So I imagine a team called him, he told the Packers and the Packers offered to give him some more money to stay. And now that Jennings is out, they surely will want to do that – even if they don’t actually call him up to the roster… This is all speculation, but it makes sense.

  2. I’ve been waiting to see Gurley almost as much as Vic So’oto. He may have an unconvential “punt blocking” ability. This should be REAL interesting.

  3. Had more to say than just “Gur.” Gurley was great in training camp and preaseason, and that article about a month ago talked about how impressed the starting defensive players were with him when he plays the scout team. This should be pretty exciting to watch. The depth of our team doesn’t stop with the active roster. TT and the scouting staff are the best in the business.

    1. Been on the Gurley train since the day he was drafted. excellent hands, long arms and a top notch vertical leap. If he can get his burst improved with a bit of training and hard work – watch out…

      1. Recall seeing that Sterling Sharpe, who had a pretty good knack for catching the ball, state that in his opinion Gurley had the best set of hands of all receivers coming out last year.

        Maybe he can put on some clinics for he who shall remain nameless.

  4. my sense is that jennings is one of the 4-5 unreplaceables so it is very good news. obviously AR, Matthews, and yes, still, Woodson. add too, Wells and Raji.

  5. Packers have the deepest pool of talent in the league. It’s funny, after final cuts this offseason, so many observers noted that our cast-offs weren’t being picked up by anyone else- the sentiment was perhaps our roster wasn’t quite as good as we, the fans, thought.

    Now we’re at that point where many teams starting picking at others’ practice squad guys, and this could be the second time within a week where the Packers have had to make moves to keep our best kept secrets in green and gold.

    First Harrell, now potentially Gurley.

    I hope in a few more hours I can officially offer your congratulations, Al.

  6. Well, this could be a boost to your site if this all plays out accordingly in the next few days. I hope it’s true– I’m a Gurley man– but we shall see.

    1. Speaking for LOL’s (that’s Little Old Ladies), been lovin’ Gurley since I first saw him during preseason. Was glad they kept him on PS, and can’t wait to see him in action again. So, call me a Gurley Woman!

  7. i could be wrong- and it could just be his very tall frame- but dont his arms look real skinny? maybe its just me but i think hed have to spend some time in the weight room before he can come in and contribute… too light to go over the middle, and if he cant get off a physical jam and gets outmuscled on jump balls, he wouldnt be very effective on goal line fades.

    1. Moss was a skinny guy. There have been rumblings that Gurley was improving thus improving his chances of being snatched off the practice squad by a lesser team looking towards next year.

  8. one blocked punt scores as well as an interception, if not better. and if he can hold onto passes, it would seem to open up an entirely new chapter of the packer manual

  9. Gurley coming up is a good thing. However, it sounds like he will do it at the expense of S’oto. IR is apparently in his future.

    More importantly the LT position needs to be fixed. It appears there is a book out on how to defeat Newhouse.

    The solution will have to be creative because after last week it was obvious Sherrod isn’t the answer yet. Either Campen has to coach Newhouse up fast or a more radical solution must be found.

    As much as I hate to see switching guys around it may be time to move Bulaga to LT. There is only one guy on the team that GB cannot afford to lose. That’s AR. After the blind side hits he took last week a change at LT is necessary. Go back to the film and you’ll see that after the unimpeded hit he took by #51, he was 3 for 9 passing the rest of the way. I worry that he may have had a shoulder issue after th hit.

    I’d rather the lesser talented T be on the right because AR could at least see it coming. No more blinside hits allowed Campen, FIX IT NOW!

  10. As a South Carolina fan, I can tell you that Gurley is a great football player but far more important, a great PERSON. Will be pulling for him and the rest of the Pack for the remainder of the season. Awesome opportunity for Tori. Go Gamecocks and Go Pack.

  11. Driver’s time is winding down and a strong performance by Gurley to close out the season ensures that the receiving corps only gets stronger after this year. Good move.

  12. Don’t necessarily agree Driver’s time is winding down, he’s been one of the most dependable, consistent receivers this year behind Nelson, actually as dependable as Jennings. Finley’s been the JJones of this season, dropping more passes in last 3 games than most others have all season. Driver stands to shine with Jennings on the bench, JJones should have some big opportunities too as well as Cobb. Of course Jordy will get opportunities, he gets open and is a Rodgers favorite.

  13. Big time red-zone jump ball threat, can add an “Optimus Prime” component to the offense in time for Detroit and vanquish “Megatron”.

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