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Packers coach Mike McCarthy announced that Greg Jennings would be out 2-3 weeks.

Green Bay Packers coach Mike McCarthy announced Monday that injured receiver Greg Jennings has a knee sprain and will be out “a couple of weeks,” but that the team is confident they’ll have their No. 1 receiver in time for the postseason.

When pressed further on the length of “a couple weeks,” McCarthy said that it should be 2-3 weeks. While that will likely mean the rest of the regular season, Jennings should almost certainly be back in time for the Packers’ first playoff game, which will take place in Green Bay during the divisional round on either  Jan. 11 or 12.

The Packers clinched a first-round bye with their 46-16 win over the Raiders on Sunday.

McCarthy said “it’s safe to say” that Jennings will be back for the playoffs.

Jennings was hurt on a short reception in the second half of Sunday’s game and limped off in obvious pain. After being examined on the sidelines, Jennings was carted off to the Packers’ locker room. Replays showed very little in terms of when the injury occurred, but it’s assumed that either a slight hitch during Jennings’ initial cut or the impact of his left knee with the ground created the sprain.

Immediately following the injury, several media outlets speculated that Jennings had torn his MCL and could potentially be done for the season. Based on the timeline of 2-to-3 weeks, it’s safe to say that Jennings has somewhere between a Grade I and II tear of his MCL. No surgery is required for the injury and Jennings can begin rehab once the swelling subsides.

Jennings leads the Packers with 67 catches and is second on the team with 949 yards and nine touchdowns. With their No. 1 receiver on the shelf, other receivers will need to step into a bigger role.

“Greg is a big weapon for us and will be missed,” McCarthy said. “But we feel that we have enough moving forward until he returns.”

In other injury news, McCarthy said that left tackle Chad Clifton has a chance to return this season. If he can, he’ll practice next week or the week of the Lions’ game. The Packers continue to push back his return date, so it’s unsure whether or not that’s really the case.


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10 thoughts on “McCarthy: Packers WR Greg Jennings Injury to Keep Him Out 2-3 Weeks

  1. Greg Jennings should barrow Matthews oxygen chamber thingy, so he can speed up the process and get the knee back into shape.

    After all, Wisconsin in January is far from Cali weather.

    On a funny sidenote, I wish I can see Cobb’s reaction when he takes the field and then he is hit with our infamous blast of cold air. Because playing in SEC, you really don’t get the taste of Northern football in November.

    Welcome to the Postseason rookie! 😀

  2. Our prayers were answered, great news on Jennings! Merry Christmas, everyone! Now Clifton is next on the prayer list, got to keep our franchise standing in the pocket. Maybe we should pray to Tebow…just kidding

  3. I hope for Jennings’ speedy (and full) recovery, but I’m not in the least bit worried about this injury affecting the Packers offense.

    Kinda nice when you have a glut of starting-caliber wide outs on your roster…. So Jordy gets to be the “Official” #1, Driver/Jones #2a/b, and Cobb gets a bump up into the #4 slot for a few weeks.

    I think I can deal with that. How many teams can lose their “#1” WR and still say they have the best WR corps in the NFL? I’m not even exaggerating.. And if Gurley DOES get the call? My good lord.

  4. With AR at QB, lesser talents will look better. My worry is fixing the LT position NOW! The one individual the Packers cannot afford to lose is Aaron Rodgers. So, MM get this mess cleaned up.

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