Week 13 Packers Stock Report: Rodgers and Williams Rising, Finley and Lee Falling

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Families across Wisconsin sat down to watch Aaron Rodgers, Clay Matthews and Greg Jennings try to lead the Packers past the Lions on Thanksgiving.

They got what they wanted, and a little bit more.

Little-known backups Evan Dietrich-Smith, D.J. Smith and Robert Francois all came up big for Green Bay. After Francois picked off Matthew Stafford, my family jumped for joy, then said in unison: “Who’s that guy?”

The Packers Next Man Up mantra was on display once again on Thursday and the result was 11-0.

Onto the stock report:


Aaron Rodgers
If not for dropped passes from Andrew Quarless and Randall Cobb, Rodgers would’ve had four TDs. Nothing wrong with two TDs on 22 of 33 for 307 yards and no interceptions, though.

Tramon Williams
Tramon Williams 1, Megatron 0.

Ted Thompson
I’ve listed Mike McCarthy in the stock report before, so it’s only fair to include Thompson. The GM’s knack for finding reserves that fit the Packers system was displayed again on Thursday. D.J. Smith, Robert Francois and Evan Dietrich-Smith all entered the game after injuries to the starters and made an impact.


Charles Woodson
Normally, an up-and-down CB like Woodson is too inconsistent to get a spot in the steady category. However, Woodson consistently makes big plays, even if he gets beat more than he used to. I’m not sure if those previous two sentences make sense, but I’m not sure how else to explain it. I guess I’m trying to say that Woodson might not be the most steady of CBs in coverage any more, but he’s steady in his ability to make big plays.

John Kuhn
Another week, another Kuhn TD, another week of enraged fantasy football owners with James Starks on their roster.


Jermichael Finley
That’s two weeks in a row that Finley dropped a pass. Throw in a false start and Finley lands in the falling category.

Pat Lee
The refs missed everything that happened leading up to Lee taking a swing at a Lions player, but that’s not an excuse. You can’t get let a team like the Lions get to you and you can’t get kicked out of a game. Period.

Ndamukong Suh
See the photo at the top of this post. No further explanation necessary.



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13 thoughts on “Week 13 Packers Stock Report: Rodgers and Williams Rising, Finley and Lee Falling

  1. Walden’s in the title but not the article? Not that the reasons he’d be falling aren’t obvious.

    1. Fixed. Reason No. 149 why I shouldn’t write hung over.

      Yes, I originally had Walden in the falling category, but took him out because I wanted to at least hear his side of the story before condemning him.

      1. His side of the story? I don’t think he’ll be able to claim complete innocence. He’s involved somehow with the law, even if he’s found innocent. That alone is not Packer mentality…see Nick Barnett.

  2. Falling:

    Any team that doesn’t have a power running game, and a 2TE set.

    Because I think that is what it will take to defeat the Packers. A pure power game to exploit the run defense. The TE would exploit the middle of the field as your forcing Woodson to cover one.

    Keeping Aaron on the sideline is key.

    The Lions were beginning to show the formula but had holdings at the wrong time.

    1. The Atlanta game proved we can handle teams with a power run game and two TE sets. Our D just got off to a slow start in that game, but the Pack weathered it and won in convincing fashion. Nobody does what Atlanta does better than Atlanta.

      1. Don’t be too hasty. Atlanta strayed far from their run first formula. They ruined it by getting Julio Jones.

        Dont forget too that the closest game, @Vikings, had us losing by a point at half but on the first drive the Packers had a 2 play drive for a TD to open the half.

        Last time I check Adrian Peterson is better than Michael Turner 😉

  3. MM or Rodgers will see Finley in the falling and immediately get him a 2 TD game against the Gmen just to give the “Finley is the best train riders” a reason to exalt in the false “yotto” once again.

  4. Mr Bacon, The Packers won both of those games. Theres a reason the other team had to change thier strategy. bottom line, The Packers WON!

    1. Dan, my man.

      Simply cannot say we won, based on these games. For the Packers, these are not wins only steps in order to become a champion. But with each win against adversity, shows flaws for a second on how the Packers were exposed and then adjusted to fix for the rest of the game so they can win.

      Falcons and Vikings will not reach the playoffs yes, that’s easy.

      What about the Saints, Cowboys, 49’ers. This league is far to unforgiving, and thinking we can maintain this run of perfection is fool hearty without seeing the flaws and who can exploit this in the playoffs.

      Giants, that will be a win.

      Oakland is the game. Great running with McFadden. And from watching Aaron face in the 1st quarter in the Lions game, you can tell he was upset because the Lions ground game was keeping Aaron off the field and Aaron is a killer, he wanted to go and takeout the Lions.

      Oakland. That will be the proving game.

      1. Simply,each of these wins,whether considered wins or steps has proved the most vital part of becoming a champion…the ability to adjust/fix quickly in game what was exposed.However it seems only to be on defense which looks to be exposed at times by design.The bend don’t break is new this season from Capers and appears to be subjecting offenses into a false belief of success and then the turnovers amazingly happen.
        On the flip side,no team has been able to do the same to Rodgers…except for a couple of 3 and outs,not a one has been able to adjust/fix their defense as we have as proven by the 11 steps up the ladder of 19.

  5. The raider game could be tough as could a few of the other games left. Teams give the Pack there best shot. 4 0f the teams have a shot at the playoffs. On any givin Sunday the Pack, or anyother team, can lose. I see your point, about a power running game team keeping Rodgers off the field and being a good strategy, But, I dont see any team, in the NFC, beating the Packers, in the Playoffs when everything is at stake, except for the Saints. The Saints have the QB and fire power to go toe to toe with the Packers.

  6. Speaking of Ted Thompson’s knack for finding reserves that fit the Packers system, I’d personally like to see some more of Brandon Saine & less of Ryan Grant. The last (fairly) decent RB I’ve seen in green & gold was John Brockington!

    I’m really starting to tire of having NO ground game whatsoever!

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