Updated: Packers Practice Squad Includes QB Graham Harrell and 3 WRs

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The Packers signed QB Graham Harrell to the practice squad on Sunday.

The Green Bay Packers signed eight players to their practice squad on Sunday, including QB Graham Harrell and three WRs.

Signed to the practice squad were WR Diondre Borel, T/G Ray Dominguez, C Sampson Genus, WR Tori Gurley, QB Graham Harrell, CB Brandian Ross, RB Brandon Saine and WR Chastin West.

All eight signees to the practice squad were with the Packers during training camp.

Harrell: In 18 series during the preseason, Harrell generated two touchdowns and three field goals and a passer rating of 75.7. Packers coach Mike McCarthy appeared to be high on Harrell early in the preseason, but the former Texas Tech standout never caught fire to solidify a permanent roster spot. Perhaps Harrell was doomed to be cut anyway. No. 2 QB Matt Flynn had a firm hold on the backup slot and McCarthy said he wasn’t going touse a spot on the active gameday roster for a third QB.

Gurley: I thought Gurley’s size and success on special teams would earn him a roster spot as a sixth WR, especially since Donald Driver has continued to show signs of aging. The Packers only kept five WRs, however, like they usually do. I didn’t think the Packers would be able to retain Gurley, but I’m sure glad they did. Even though the Packers seem to favor smaller WRs, I think it will be nice to have a bigger WR to bring up if Driver or someone else goes down.

West: He had five catches for 134 yards against the Cardinals, but only managed three catches for 18 yards in the other three preseason games. West flashed some potential at times during camp, but never stood out. In other words, he’s perfect for the practice squad.

Borel: Hey look, another WR on the practice squad! When you throw as much as McCarthy does and rely on receivers to make plays after the catch, I guess you can never hoard enough of them. Borel is very athletic and very raw. I’m guessing Gurley and West will be called up before Borel should an active WR get hurt.

Dominguez: The Packer only kept eight offensive linemen and Dominguez was one of the big guys left out. The Packers converted him from T to G and Dominguez played well enough to merit serious consideration for the active roster. He’ll benefit from the development time on the practice squad.

Genus: You don’t see many guys named Sampson on NFL rosters. Genus was barely 6-feet and 315 pounds. He just wasn’t big enough to stick with the active roster.

Ross: Ross was the odd-man out with Davon House assured of a roster spot and Pat Lee and Josh Gordy battling for another spot in the defensive backfield. I like Ross’s size. He could get a shot if House doesn’t pan out or the oft-injured Lee goes down.

Saine: This 22 year old from Ohio State has some talent and I’m glad the Packers were able to keep him. He’s a good receiver out of the backfield and an excellent playmaker.


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14 thoughts on “Updated: Packers Practice Squad Includes QB Graham Harrell and 3 WRs

  1. Hmmm! Doesn’t look like many teams were interedted in the Packer cast-offs. Yet, anyhow. Still wish’n for an Oline move (trade) soon.

  2. Not a bad PS. QB prospect Harrell remains. As TT has said things will evolve throughout the season. We do have some insurance at 0-line now if someone gets injured but I’m expecting they sign a veteran FA sometime during the season. Also RB Saine could be called due to injury with only 4 RBs on the 53.

  3. Can’t help thinking that one of the LB corps gets cut/traded for O-line help if we can. Is there quality OL backups just going spare though ?. So much for those (like me!) who thought we’d be lucky to get West to the PS…know he’s no world beater or even a top 3 nfl receiver but you’d have thought a team short of WR depth might have had an interest..

    1. One thing about the WR position, there are plenty of guys on the street that could be practice squad worthy. I think we, as fans, overvalue our marginal players.

  4. Why don’t other teams with poor scouting just scoop up our leftovers? A team with success and rep. for finding talent…no wonder TT seems to do what others don’t.

    1. TT signs guys that fit the Packers system. Yes, they’re talented, but the talent differential is not that obvious when you’re dealing w/ practice squad guys. You have to identify players that fit in your system.

      1. TT says he gets “football players” system or not. Wouldn’t teams eventually concede he’s better at finding them, since their own scouts are doing so poorly? They’re just too proud…and look what it gets them.

      2. Talent trumps system…look at Walsh’s WR and ours. B Jackson was a good zone blocking RB…until he joined the NFL. Gurley would fit what many teams need…red zone threat, big body, possession… Their loss.

        1. Sure talent trumps system, but these are practice squad guys. They’re all relatively at the same talent level, which is not quite good enough for the active roster.

          When you’re trying to find guys like this to help your team, you can’t just try and find the most talented player. If someone truly stood out talent-wise, they likely wouldn’t be on the practice squad. You need to think outside of the box a bit and find a player w/ talent that also fits your system. That’s how you get an edge.

          1. That’s how most teams think…the talent is so close, so we will keep our own. Creates an in-breeding of thought and talent. Why does MM use more packages than most? More diversity of talent. How else did Q. Johnson last so long? Successful businesses create situations for talent to be used and search for talent and attitude. Fit equals status quo.

  5. Adam or Al, two things.
    1.) Is Saine a FB or HB?
    2.) Am I the only one thinking Kerry Taylor outplayed Borel?
    And last, Dominguez was coming on pretty well at the end, what do you think in regard to them activating him when Zombo returns and then cutting ????? (maybe Jones)

    1. 1) Saine is a HB.
      2) I liked the way taylor looked, and I think he showed a nice talent for punt returns. The Borel keep is strictly a wild roll of the dice. Having kept Gurley and West, they could afford to take a flyer on Borel. He’s probably the first to go if they need to reshape the PS.

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