Packers GM Ted Thompson Did Not Claim Anybody off Waivers All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Packers GM Ted Thompson did not add any players off the waiver wire.

According to Bob McGinn of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, the Green Bay Packers did not claim anybody off waivers after Saturday’s roster cuts.

This means the Packers will enter their final days of preparation before facing the New Orleans Saints with an abnormally high number of TEs (5) and LBs (10), and record lows on the OL (8) and RB (4).

I thought the Packers might put in a claim for an OL or a DL and part ways with TE D.J. Williams or LB Jamari Lattimore, but it didn’t happen. I’m guessing Williams and Lattimore will be inactive for the early-season games, but as with everything else on a team built by Ted Thompson, we shall see.



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4 thoughts on “Packers GM Ted Thompson Did Not Claim Anybody off Waivers

  1. I still think TT will make a trade or something to bolster the o-line. Everyone knows if they protect Aaron the Packers are going back to the SB!

  2. If McGinn is right, and that’s a definete stretch, TT almost has to make some kind of trade to shore up the Oline. He can’t go into the season with only Sherrod (needs work), Newhouse (hopefully all he needs is work), and EDS (already showed he can’t play at the NFL level). The backups, if forced to play are a serious impediment to success.

  3. I’m only guessing, like everyone else, but maybe TT and MM think Dominguez can fill the roll, he was comin’ on pretty well after being injured early. Then, when Zombo returns (in maybe 4 weeks) they drop a linebacker and add Dominguez.
    Just a thought. I would like to see them get a veteran guard and I don’t know who’s out there, so we’ll see. Glad to see we were able to keep both Gurley and West, Borel kinda’ surprised me.

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