Agent Says Guard Daryn Colledge Will Leave Packers All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Colledge's days in Green Bay appear to be over.

According to a tweet from Milwaukee Journal Sentinel beat writer Tom Silverstein, the Green Bay Packers are no longer in the running for free agent guard Daryn Colledge.

Silverstein was in contact with Colledge’s agent, who also said the Cardinals are his likely destination.

“G Daryn Colledge’s days with the Packers are over,” Silverstein’s tweet said. “He’s going elsewhere, his agent said. Leader in the clubhouse is Arizona.”

Briefly afterwards, Silverstein gave Colledge’s reason for leaving.

“College gave Packers last two years to re-sign him and decided that was enough. Packers weren’t involved too much in competition.”

If the reports turn out to be true, then the 2011 season will mark a new era for the Packers at left guard. Colledge had been the starter there since being a second round draft pick in 2006. Possibilities to replace him include T.J. Lang, Nick McDonald and potentially either Marshall Newhouse or Caleb Schlauderaff.

Heading into the offseason, the chances of Colledge returning to Green Bay were 50-50 depending on who you spoke to. It’s clear from Silverstein’s tweet that Colledge was displeased with the Packers refusal to approach him about a contract extension. As a guy who has started 76 of the Packers past 80 regular season games and all of their playoff games since ’06, you can see why there would be some tension there.

It will also be interesting to see what the market ultimately values Colledge, even if his price tag doesn’t appear to be the reason why the Packers strayed away from re-signing him. If he is signed to a manageable price and the Packers have struggles at left guard in 2011, their decision will be questioned.

However, the Packers were obviously comfortable letting Colledge go, whether it be because of price or their own self-scouting of both Colledge and their alternate options at guard.


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15 thoughts on “Agent Says Guard Daryn Colledge Will Leave Packers

  1. There are only 32 starting LG’s and I feel he is in the middle (12-18), not good but not bad either. I like College better than a lot of fans, so it’s a tough call. Is the player replacing him better and how long before he builds a cohesion w/ the rest of the O-Line?
    TT has been right more often than not in these decisions, I hope he’s right on this one as well.

  2. Didn’t the Packs try this approach at tackle 2 years ago and with Eagle and Riviera before that. Both times were disasters, College wasn’t great but he’s better than the unknown.

  3. I agree with Bubba, Colledge is a middle of the pack LG. I wouldn’t be surprised if they tried Bulaga at LG and placed Sherrod at RT to start with. Then if Cliffy gets hurt, one of them would swing over to LT. Either that or they give Lang every opportunity to show what he’s got. It’s about time we found out.

    1. I also agree he is middle of the pack, but I don’t see how the Packers offensive line improves with him leaving. It’s a calculated risk in my opinion. Everyone behind him is largely untested…

      1. I would say middle of the pack is pushing it for colledge. he gets consistently over powered at the point of attack. The packers will never have a consistent running game with colledge starting. Sam Shields, Desmond Bishop, Tramon Williams, Charlie Peprah and most notable Aaron Rodgers were all untested before they were given an opportunity. In the NFL if you are not getting better, you are getting worse. Colledge was the weakest link on the o-line. That spot will be just fine this year. Is it a risk? Sure. But a minimal and calculated risk.

  4. I thought I read somewhere the agent said we would be surprised by the amount Arizona offered. If that’s the case, that’s against TT M.O.

  5. Someone is bound to overpay him, just like the vast majority of veteran free agents. Colledge was a ok-ish player but I think Lang is at worse Colledge’s level once he gets settled. I think people fail to recognize that he was probably the Packers’ weakest link on the line other than Bulaga who I think should be commended for stepping in as a rookie in a position he’s never played before.

  6. We’ll be fine,Lang was my choice for breakout player of the year and will,IMO step up at the LG spot.

  7. Colledge had 5 full years to prove he was that take over guy he was promoted to be. He failed! It sure wasn’t because he hadn’t been given a fair shot. If TT didn’t see the need to extend him, I’m confident that he did not earn the $$$ he is demanding.

    I, too, selected TJ for one of my breakout players. That was based on 2010 being an anomoly and he’ll slidee into the LG position quite nicely.

    With the new CBA TT is in a position where he cannot over pay below average players (Colledge). He needs to manage the payroll to keep the key playmakers (CM3) not the guys who get knocked in to the backfield consistently (DC). I, no big surprise, never cared much for DC and will not miss him.

    1. Could not agree more Ron. This team has too much elite talent to overpay role players just because they have starting experience.

  8. Why does Colledge get so much credit? He’s an average at best LG – and that’s without considering his all too frequent mental gaffes.

    I am glad he’s gone. Lang might have some tough spots the first half of the season, but he’s going to be a better player anyway… Jones going the the Queens on the other hand.. that bothers me.

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