Packers 2010 Yearbook Awards: Player Most Likely to Spend the Season on IR (excluding Justin Harrell) All Green Bay Packers All the Time

The 2010 Packers yearbook has been printed and it’s time to see who got  voted “Most Likely To…”

Award #2: Green Bay Packer Most Likely to Spend the Season on IR (excluding Justin Harrell)

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Adam: Finley — I hope I’m wrong, but Finley has battled injures most of his professional career. I just have a bad feeling that he’ll end up back on IR in 2011.

Al: Jarret Bush – I don’t have a real good reason for this pick, other than the fact I’ve been trying to get rid of Bush for two seasons now. Each time, injury circumstances and his good special teams play have been enough to keep him on the team. I think of Bush as a cockroach – unless you 100% squash him for sure, he’ll stick around to continue flailing helplessly at balls over his head in the secondary.

Chad: Unfortunately, I have to give this one to Chad Clifton. I know that he has never ended a season on injured reserve since the vicious 2002 hit by Warren Sapp, but the odds are stacking up against him. Clifton is getting older, and he has missed some playing time in each of his past three seasons due to nagging injuries. Though he claims he is in the best shape of his life, I’m concerned that one of those small injuries will become a big problem.

Kris: Clifton. Great dude but the twilight of his career has arrived and that body can’t take much more punishment.

Thomas: Pat Lee – He has a penchant for getting hurt, and its definitely hurt his development.  He’s only been in 16 games over two years, meaning he’s hurt half of the time.  That is of course if he manages to make it onto the 53-man roster.

Zach: Clifton: Clifton’s knees looked healthy during the Packers’ six-game win streak to close the season, but how much longer should we expect them to hold out? Clifton will be 36 later this month, and he’s had chronic problems with his lower half. No one wants to see it happen, but I could envision Clifton’s knees going out on him sometime this season.


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24 thoughts on “Packers 2010 Yearbook Awards: Player Most Likely to Spend the Season on IR (excluding Justin Harrell)

  1. I hate to say it because he is Uber-talented but my vote goes to Jermichael Finley. He’s two for two in years played and injuries and until he proves otherwise . . . he’s brittle.
    The thing about Bush is that love him or hate him, he’s always there to be able to be put into the game. Now if you combined Bush with Finley you could possibly get the greatest Tight End in football history.

  2. I can understand the Finley and Clifton choices due to prior injuries for both and Bush is well,a hope for many whether through injury or not but,I have a bad feeling that makes me lean toward Woodson.
    The collarbone injury and the things he does on defense in Capers scheme may induce a recurrence of that injury.

  3. My vote would go to BJ Raji, as much as it would pain me. Raji seemed immune from the injury epidemic last year. With his high snap count I find it very difficult to believe that he would avoid it for 2 years in a row

  4. Not a good article to talk about….. seriously

    We really need an NFL season to start here…….

    1. Agree..not a good article to talk about. But anyway…

      A player not mentioned where there’s plausible concern is Mike Neal. The team is putting a lot of stock in him stepping in for Cullen Jenkins. Going on IR a third of the way into his rookie season doesn’t quell those that say he’s too muscle bound and is an injury waiting to happen.

  5. So far Finley, Clifton, Woodson and Raji are done for the season. Are we sure we want this lockout to end? 🙂

    1. Thanks for trying to cheer me up Adam. You are obviously of the “glass half full” ilk.

  6. I’m, unfortunately, with Chad, Kris and Zack. Age and overall wear and tear on the body bodes no good. Worse, there will probably be little or no time to prepare a backup for the regular season this year. Which means they probably have to move Bulaga back to LE. Let’s hope TJ is off the shit list this year.

  7. Al I cannot believe the hate you have for Jarrett Bush still. The guy was a demon on special teams in the second half last year and had a pick in the Super Bowl! I used to be in line with most packers fans when Bush was voted Most Hated Packer by the fans in some poll, but he grew on me last year. He should be special teams ONLY. And really, what do you expect out of your 4th safety or 6th CB?

    Raji has to play less snaps this year or I fear he will be on the list. Hopefully Neal is back at full strength and Pickett can rotate at NT more this year.

    1. I have many times pointed out the things Bush does well. Special teams (now that he is avoiding the penalties) and play a ball thrown in front of him (like the pick in the SB). However, to this day, he can not for the life of him track a ball in the air over his head without losing his coverage and hopelessly flailing his arms in the air. This is how you give up big plays and touchdowns, as Bush did in the Super Bowl when Heinz Ward got behind him and Bush had no idea where the ball is – touchdown Pittsburgh.

  8. I think Woodson will have problems. He has had his problems with injuries. I think age is catching up to him.

  9. I”m going with a rookie here. Seems every year we have a rookie going on IR. I call the TE DJ Williams, who I think will make the same impact that Neal did last year, but his season will end on IR.

    Hope I’m wrong, in fact, I hate this thread. Jinx all over.

    /knocks on wood 3 times

  10. Agree with Woodson. It’s possible the collar-bone injury is a sign of things to come.

    1. What was up with the turf at Jerry’s world in that game. Wood broke his collar bone on a routine play, Pittsburgh lost a WR to a knee bruise on a seemingly routine play. Wasn’t shields injury due to something routine when he came in contact with the turf? It was like they were worried about the lack of seats and rolled a piece of shag over the concrete.

      1. I still can’t figure out how Woodson hurt his collarbone on that play. there was nothing unusual about how he hit the ground…

    2. If wood has an issue it will be with his toes. He has had issues with them for a long time. I think the collarbone was a freak thing…i doubt he has osteoporosis or anything.

  11. At first I picked Woodson, but I’ve decided to change my vote to someone else. At 4:05 pm CST, on September 25th at Soldier Field, Jordy Nelson will be running a square-in and as he plants his left leg to cut inside – POP – his knee blows-up leaving him flailing and sprawled out on the ground. As I have mentioned in the past, Jordy’s knee has not been structurally sound since he took a rap to the knee on a kick-off return two years ago. Because James Jones left in free-agency, rookie Randall Cobb is inserted into the lineup. Not wasting any time, A-Rod throws low to Cobb on a check-down play, but Cobb is able to scoop up the ball, juke out a lumbering, noticeably slower Urlacher and scramble for an additional 18 yards before getting pushed out of bounds. The Packers realize a full-Cobb beats a half-Nelson and put Jordy on the IR. With an aging DD combined with a departed Jones and injured Nelson, what was a position of strength is now a weakness. However, a rejuvenated Finley is more than willing to make up the slack.

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