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The Packers 2010 season is over, the Yearbook has been printed, and now it’s time to see who got voted “Most likely to…” This is the first in a series of articles where each of the authors will have their say on the topic. Then you, the reader, will get your chance to vote in the poll at the end of the article and we’ll see what the consensus Cheesehead Nation choice is. So here goes…

Award #1: Player Most Likely to be Voted to the Pro Bowl for the First Time (first or second team)

Adam: Sitton — If Grant is healthy and sticks with the team, the Packers should have three decent RBs, which will help Sitton get a trip to Hawaii and the recognition he deserves.

Al: Tramon – This is a no-brainer for me. Williams may very well have been the second-best player on the Packers’ Super Bowl Championship team. NFL players and coaches will remember his performance in big spots in the playoffs. All he has to do is continue to play at a high level, and he’s in.

Chad: This one goes to Tramon Williams, hands down. Not only was he a first alternate for the 2011 Pro Bowl, he has become one of the best cover corners in the NFL. They say that it takes a year for a player to make the Pro Bowl from when he earns it, so next year has to be the one for Tramon, since 2010-11 was undoubtedly his breakout season. Other guys like Josh Sitton and B.J. Raji are equally deserving, but it’s far easier for cornerbacks to earn the notoriety for their abilities than it is for lineman.

Kris:  Tramon–Although he should not be eligible for this list after his 2010 effort.

Thomas: B.J. Raji: He’s progressing to the point where is he one of the rare players who has the size to anchor as a nose tackle but also is disruptive enough to get to the quarterback, and there aren’t many of those players around.  If he played in a 4-3 defense as a 3 technique, he’d would have probably be in the Pro Bowl this year.

Zach: Sitton: The Packers have plenty of solid candidates for this question, but Sitton is the best of the bunch. He was one of the biggest Pro Bowl snubs in 2010, and I wouldn’t hesitate calling Sitton one of the best two or three guards in the NFL. He’s that good. With the Packers winning the Super Bowl and all the extra attention that garnered, he should be a shoe-in if he stays healthy.


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11 thoughts on “Packers 2010 Yearbook Awards: Player Most Likely to be Voted to the Pro Bowl for the First Time

  1. All of the above would be my choice, as I think all of them will have pro bowl seasons (and recognition).

    But if I had to choose, I’d go with Tramon (Al nailed it on the postseason plays and recognition).

    But they all are in the top 5 in their respective positions. If anyone, Sitton is the best at his postion (he’s arguably the best RG in football), but because the line struggles, he doesn’t get recognition.

    Raji is already the best NT in the league, and if he plays like he did later in the season (which I expect) you can count 9 sacks for him, which will put him in the pro bowl. But guys like Suh and Kevin Williams makes it hard for him.

    Finley can be one of the best skill players on the team, but he needs to play a whole season, something he hasn’t done so far. Plus, there’s competition from Gonzales, Witten, Celek, Cooley, Pettitgrew…

    1. Ratliff making the pro bowl last year as an alternate instead of B.J. was a joke. If all of those guys stay healthy they all have a great chance.

      Also, as RS said, if Finley is healthy he will make it in my mind for sure. He was on pace for 80 catches and 1200 yards before he got hurt. The media already loves him and throws him in with the top TEs in the league. If he plays 14 games he will be in.

  2. As we saw in the playoffs, playmakers win championships. So, besides the pro And now we’re discussing 4 legitimate 1st time pro bowlers. God it’s great to be a Packer fan.

    1. Oops, somehow I sent it before finishing.

      As we saw in the playoffs, playmakers win championships. So, besides the pro bowlers/playmakers we already now we’re discussing 4 legitimate 1st time pro bowlers. God it’s great to be a Packer fan.

  3. An arguement can be made for all of the candidates. And thinking about it a bit more, it is possible that they could all reach the level of All-Pro this year. The SB title will bring with it more attention for our play makers. Justifiably, I might add.

    My favorite is Sitton. He is the anchor of the interior line. He plays at a high level every game. He rarely, if ever misses any time. He was the first of TT’s Oline picks who moved into what was an aging and underperforming unit (Yes, I am excluding Colledge deliberatly). Adding Bulaga (I expect him to make great strides this year, as well) to his side will further strengthen his chances for recognition.

    I have to go and say my daily prayer that some brains are deposited in the empty heads of negotiators on both sides. It’s time to start getting excited. NOW!

    1. Ha. I just knew you were going to talk about Sitton! But he is a monster. If only we had 5 guys like him in the OL, we would dominate every single game.

      He is the best Packers olineman I’ve seen (did not see the Lombardi’s teams), and that includes Tauscher and Clifton at their peak, Wahle and Rivera, Frank Winters…

  4. 2011 Pro Bowl Packers:
    P-TM and one guy who will be a snub is MLB-DB!

    Book it!!! haha

    1. Bishop is so underrated. ProFootballFocus had him graded really high among ILBs, and the guy had 3 tackles for loss and a fumble recovery in SB XLV, not to mention some key plays he made throughout the season, none more important than a saving tackle of DeSean Jackson in space.

      Bishop is gonna be a stud.

  5. Gotta go with Tramon or Sitton, in fact I think both will make it but would anybody be truly surprised if all three of our cornerbacks make it into the pro bowl? (keeping in mind that they won’t be available to play in it due to that other game . . . the Superbowl.

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