Packers Seven Round Mock Draft from Pigskin Paul – 2011 NFL Draft All Green Bay Packers All the Time

From our friend Pigskin Paul, who has been studying the NFL Draft since before you were born (well, most of you, anyway), here is a full seven-round 2011 NFL mock draft for the Green Bay Packers:


Not to bore you with detailed minutia, but here is roughly how it works. I use the PIGSKIN PAUL Regardless List and scan the 10-12 players closest to each PACKERS Pick slot. Then I select the player that seems the best fit for the PACKERS schemes and style of play. And away we go…

PICK 32/R1 MUHAMMED WILKERSON /DE/TEMPLE/6’5/310   Freakishly athletic DL who can play anywhere but the nose, in any scheme. He is a bit raw, but the PACK has a staff that can ‘coach-up’ players. He should be able to contribute right away, and has great upside. He could be the defensive version of JERMICHAEL FINLEY/TE. If he really is available to them then WHITEY might not look to trade out of Round 1.Great value selection, as well as a need with unlikely return of JENKINS or JOLLY.

PICK 64/R2 DANIEL THOMAS /RB/KANSAS STATE/6’0/228      PACKERS Personnel people have been scouting THOMAS hard. He’s a one-cut runner with decent speed for his size and is excellent catching the ball out in space. He’s a bit raw as a RB, having played QB until 3 seasons ago. His style of running fits a zone blocking scheme. He needs to run over and through defenders with more power and will have to step it up in pass pro. But he is a willing learner and works hard. This pick is an insurance policy if GRANT does not return to form, and/or JACKSON goes elsewhere as a VFA.

PICK 96/R3 SHAREECE WRIGHT /CB/SOUTHERN CAL/5’11/185     Comes from a college defensive scheme as close to the PACKERS D scheme as possible. Has the size that fits WHITEY’s CB profile. May be a better long term 3rd CB option than PATRICK LEE. Is a good cover corner and he will support the running game. This selection would also help facilitate the possible move to S of WOODSON.

PICK 129/R4a CECEL SHORTS/WR/MT. UNION/6’0/200       Small school guy who broke most of PIERRE GARCON’s school receiving records. Has good size, decent speed and excellent hands. It broke my heart when he exited SHRINE Week on Tuesday with a hammy pull. May also be able to perform some return duties while he moves up the WR depth chart. This pick makes a lot of sense for the long term, and could be important if the team decides it cannot afford to retain JAMES JONES as their No. 4 WR.

PICK  131/R4b STEVE SCHILLING /OG/MICHIGAN/6’4/300    Fits the PACK’s profile of a medium sized, decent athlete who is fairly cerebral and coachable. Should be a nice fit for zone blocking scheme that the PACK currently runs. SCHILLING showed well as long as he practiced inside during SR BOWL Week. He has also played OT a bit, and THOMPSON just loves versatile OL candidates on his roster. SCHILLING’s presence could help the team decide whether to pay fairly big bucks to COLLEDGE, and/or retain the services of oft injured JASON SPITZ.

PICK 163/R5 JOSH THOMAS /CB/BUFFALO/5’10/195    You can never have enough DBs in the pass-happy NFL these days. THOMAS could be just too promising to pass up at this Pick, if available. He’s a tad short for WHITEY, but not by much. He’s good now, but most scouts feel he has untapped upside right now. Once again, that’s something THOMPSON loves to provide his coaching staff with.He should also make a solid Special Teamer because of his feisty nature.

PICK 197/R6 TOM KEISER /OLB/STANFORD/6’5/245       KEISER is young, and fairly raw, but is very athletic and shows the size and strength that might remind some of a guy named MATTHEWS, who already plays in Green Bay. He’s not likely to contribute much as a Rookie, other than Special Teams play, but he might have more upside/potential than the current trio of WALDEN/ZOMBO/JONES who should be battling to start opposite MATTHEWS in 2011. A potential NFL starter who you’d never get at this slot if he’d returned to school, developed more skills and been around for the 2012 DRAFT.

PICK 204/R7a CORBIN BRYANT /DE/NORTHWESTERN/6’4/302    A late bloomer, who was the Wildcats top DL in 2010. He’s athletic, and is still getting bigger. Stop me if you see the pattern here. Could easily slide into the PACKERS DL rotation with a year or two of pro coaching. A fairly raw player whose upside might be large. Add he and WILKERSON to the current corps of RAJI, NEAL & WILSON, and the team would have a strong group of young, improving DL for DOM CAPERS and his assistants to work with.

PICK 233/R7b GREG McELROY /QB/ALABAMA/6’2/220       I’m going to label this the ‘BART STARR LEGACY PICK’ in honor of the former ‘BAMA QB who was a very late Pick of the PACK half a century ago. And that selection worked out pretty well for the franchise! McELROY isn’t a great athlete, but he excels in the leadership and intelligence aspects of the game. He could develop into an adequate NFL back-up, and might allow THOMPSON to trade MATT FLYNN a year from now, if FLYNN’s value goes up during the 2011 season. His prospect stature has grown with scouts over recent months.

Odds are that one, or none of these guys ends up wearing the green-and-gold in 2011, but they all make good sense to me right now. Now if only TEDDY would agree I might look brilliant.


You can find more NFL Draft and Green Bay Packers writing at Pigskin Paul’s Place. You can also follow Paul on twitter.


7 thoughts on “Packers Seven Round Mock Draft from Pigskin Paul – 2011 NFL Draft

  1. Very intelligent, informed, and entertaining mock draft. There wasn’t a single pick where I thought you were inserting a player that is getting too much buzz in the mock draft world because of their combine stats. So many mock drafts will insert a player based solely on need. It’s nice to see someone come full circle with their explanation.

  2. In no certain order;
    Bryon Stingily
    Lawrence Guy
    Cliff Matthews
    Lester Jean
    Sam Acho
    Ryan Jones
    Zach Hurd
    Stephen Burton
    ricardo Lockette

    1. Allow me to define some;
      I feel TT trades down and gets a 2nd and 3rd where he goes in 2nd for Acho and Stingily(the gasp) and gets Guy and Matthews with the 3rds,Hurd and Jean(gasp) in the 4th and Jones,Burton and Lockette afterwards.

      Just to toss a sleeper but not restricted to the Draft,watch for the invite to camp offered to Devon Wylie of Fresno State.

  3. I have learned long ago, never to try and out-guess the “MASTER”, TT. I’ll just sit back over the 3 day event and enjoy.

    After reading Goodell’s article in the WSJ today, this may be the last draft ever, if the players’ lawyers and Minnesotas’ “Bolshevik” legal system get their way.

  4. #32 Cameron Heyward DT Ohio State, IMO a better prospect then Wilkerson, Wilkerson is a talented athlete, but I don’t see the agression you need for that spot.

    #64 Greg Little WR North Carolina 6-3 230#
    A very good fit for the Packers Offense.

    #96 Marcus Gilbert OT Florida. RT/G The best RT/G Prospect for the Packers.

    #128 Cortez Allen, CB, The Citadel 6-1 197#
    not the fastest at 4.5 40 time but VERY quick with a 1.48 ten yard. 35.5″ vertical and a 4.01 short shuttle and 6.76 3 cone drill.

    #131 Rob Housler, TE, Florida Atlantic

    AMAZING athlete for a 6-5 248# TE 4.46 40 time, 1.49 ten yard, 4.21 short shuttle and 6.90 3 cone with a 37″ vertical.
    A work in progress but one hell of a skill set to develop. No safety is going to cover him and a LB sure as hell isn’t.

    #163 Stephen Schilling, G, Michigan
    A very good fit for the Packers, 6-4 308# 5.18 40 time, 1.80 ten yard, 30 reps at 225#, 4.62 short shuttle and 7.73 3 cone drill.

    #197 Steven Friday, DE/OLB, Virginia Tech

  5. Forgot the last two picks.

    7th Baron Batch, RB Texas Tech, excellent 3rd down back option, good size at 5-10 207#, runs with a bit of power and is an excellent receiver.

    7th Mike Person, OT Montana State.

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