Packers 48 Falcons 21 : Packers Destroy the Falcons in Their Nest All Green Bay Packers All the Time

In triumphant fashion, the Green Bay Packers did the Dirty Bird revenge dance all over the broken-winged Atlanta Falcons today. Yes, there are 52 angry birds in Atlanta tonight.

Tramon Williams started the dance with two interceptions late in the first half, the second being a game changing pick six on an ill-advised play by the Falcons.

Things just got worse for the Falcons in the second half, as the Packers took the opening kickoff and drove down the field for another touchdown.

After that, it was just piling on for more points by the Green Bay offense, which was downright unstoppable today. the Falcons had no answer for the Packers’ passing attack, other than to try to blitz Aaron Rodgers.

That backfired big time, when Aaron Rodgers showed off some ballet-like spin moves to avoid quite a few potential sacks and complete passes on the run for first downs. Dagger after dagger. I think it frustrated the Falcon defense and broke their spirit. The rest is history.

My game day impressions:


Falcons Fact: On 4th down and less than 3 yds in opponents’ territory: Falcons have gone for the 1st down 13 times and made it 11 times.

Was shocked to not see more down field attempts against the Falcons last game. Speed of the safeties and zero running game were the major reasons. If the Packers can make the safeties have to play the run, watch out.

My feeling is that the Packers are the better team and will win the game. Unless they kill themselves with mistakes.

MY KEY TO THE GAME: If I had to pick JUST ONE thing, it would be this: Tackle. Plain and simple. The Packers let the Falcons gain extra yards on many occasions in their first meeting, especially on some 3rd and long plays that kept their two scoring drives alive.

My 1A key to the game: Last week my 1A key was “unleash James Starks.” This week I’ll just say; Use the running game again. They probably won’t have the same success as they did against the Eagles’ undersized defense, but if it helps sell the Falcons safeties on play action, that will be plenty.

Inactive for Green Bay on Sunday:

Green Bay inactives: Harrell (3rd QB), Bigby, Nance, Hall, Gordy, Zombo, Dietrich-Smith, McDonald.

As expected, Howard Green is back on the active list today. The Packers want as many big bodies as possible to stop that Atlanta running game.

DiMitri Nance (the human decoy)  takes a seat to make room for the extra DL – Green.

MM Comments on WTMJ Pregame show:

Definitely a different atmosphere today than our first visit here.

We backed off on the physical part of practice this week. Needed to get our bodies back, especially with the short week.

Close, hard fought football game. We had opportunities to score touchdowns and didn’t. We needed to tackle better. Special teams played well, but the last kickoff cover was not what it needed to be.

Difference in the Packers since last game: Our production is better. Biggest improvement has been on special teams. Defensively, we’re playing with a large amount of confidence. Finding a running game has been huge.

We’re going to have to move the football. They do an excellent job on the backend not giving up big plays.

Blitzing: We anticipate potentially even more pressure from them. Don’t expect to see much 3-man rush from them.

Keys to the game: Take the ball the distance of the field and put the ball in the end zone. Defense has to stop the run.

Crowd Noise: Best way to deal with that is get the lead early. We’re going to try to accomplish that tonight.


Zac Brown band? Is that the best you can do, Atlanta?

Packers win the toss and defer.

Packers show a 4-man front on a first and 10.  Five yard gain for Turner.

Concerned that Roddy White was completely uncovered twice already.

James Starks split out wide on a botched middle screen. Interesting…

Greg Jennings takes us on the roller coaster – elation at the catch and run – depression as he fumbles…

Atlanta holds true to their stats – they go for it on 4th and inches and make it. Next play is a touchdown…

Was interesting to see Jennings, Driver and Jones all out on a 1st and 5 after a penalty. Handoff to Starks.

Score: Packers 0, Falcons 7

2nd Quarter:

Smart play by Jordy Nelson protecting the ball on the hit and only after the hit, extending it out for the TD.

Packers give up a KR for a touchdown. That is a KILLER in a playoff game.

If the OL can give Rodgers time, we can pass on the Atlanta secondary all day.

Let’s say it. Any type of short, soft toss is not Rodger’s strength.

The Packers have a “Fridge.” BJ Raji leads the way out of the backfield on a John Kuhn TD run. Awesome.

This only solidifies my pre-game thoughts. Packers can with this game easily if they just don’t beat themselves.

Michael Vick is playing? Huh? Matty Ice tries to beat Tramon deep like Michael Vick Did. Same result…

That was a case of the end zone limiting the throw. In the middle of the field, he can lead the receiver, who WAS open. Instead, he has to drop it in and he was just late on the throw.

Atlanta secondary unable to cover Packers receivers. So they’re trying to strip the ball after the catch every time.

Understatement of the year. “A bit of a risk” TRAMON!!!!

When was the last pick six? It’s been a while…

Score: Packers 28 Falcons 14

2nd Half:

Atlanta Safety now out of the game. KEEP. PASSING. THE. BALL.

Rodgers just incredible in the pocket today. Spin move after spin move to avoid the sack.

Love the way Starks puts 2 hands on the ball when he gets hit.

Please Green Bay, just this once… Put a game away.

Touchdown Aaron Rodgers. Thank You.

McCarthy challenges and wins. Holy cow. Everything going the Packers way now…

Has Tony Gonzalez even played in this game? Haven’t heard his name called once.

Imagine if the Packers had a great offensive line that gave Rodgers time on every play?

Score: Packers 42 Falcons 14

4th Quarter:

Yes, that score IS correct. Who’d a thunk it?

Onsides kick by Atlanta: Shouldn’t our best leapers (like Tramon) be up there? And maybe more than 3 guys? Just askin’.

Seriously, have you ever seen a kicker hit more goal posts than Mason Crosby? Just askin’.

When Raji hit the ground after that sack, I could feel the earth shake in NJ.

Mason Crosby almost hit the post again. But he makes the field goal…

5 minutes left… God I wish this game was over. Don’t want anyone getting hurt now…

Yet another helmet to helmet on the Packers that isn’t called. First Kuhn, now Starks. Starks pops up, but I have a feeling Kuhn has a concussion…

Another loud “Go Pack Go” chant in an opponent’s stadium… Gotta love it.

Final Score: Packers 48 Falcons 21


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17 thoughts on “Packers 48 Falcons 21 : Packers Destroy the Falcons in Their Nest

  1. What. A. Game.

    Let’s hope the bring this same level of play to the NFC Championship next weekend.

    Also, I’m spreading the word in hopes that people finally start to understand:

    The three-man rush was used on BOTH of Tramon William’s interceptions last night. I get the concern when Capers uses it, but he’s proven how effective it can be with the right personnel.

  2. Yes. yes, yes! Finally the full Offensvie performance I’ve been hoping for. Great job by AR. MM kept the Offense in high gear. The Williams pick 6 and the first drive of the second half was the “dagger.”

    I must admit my confidence took a serious set back with the KO TD by Atl. AR took the ball back and rammed it down their throats.

    This was the best offensive performance of the year. It also proves that the passing offense is an effective ball control strategy. How many third down 1st down last night? Maybe 8? You don’t need to score on every third, just keeep the ball.

    I’m so happy! Next week the Bears? I hope so. I hate the damn Bears. It goes back to a Bear game at Wriggley Field in 63′ when that dirty SOB Bill George ran Tom Moore into the right field wall after a TD.

    1. Ron, let me poke you in the ribs. As a close watcher of the OL, how did you feel about their pass protection for Rodgers? Not their best game, in my opinion. Rodgers had to improvise a lot back there. OL is still my primary need area for next year.

      1. Yeah, that’s why “Pooch” over at CHTV got me thinking of a way TT could use trades to move up in round 1 and Round 2 and get a shot at Carimi and Moffet. The Oline is not up to snuff and needs improvement. There will be no consistent running game until they upgrade the talent and change the blocking scheme. AR is able to escape unblocked rushers and that helped keep drives going four different times as I count them.

        No question MM was forced to use the three man backfield quite a bit to help out the Clifton/College side of the ball. Bulaga is learning but he can still loose his shorts trying to cover a speed rusher. I think Wells is pretty good as a play caller on the line, but he can’t stand up to the physical Dlinemen (No way he’s 300 pounds either).

        Overall, it was an OK effort by the Oline. I’d sure like to see more physical and less finesse.

        I think trading for Draft position is the best way to address the situation. There is at least one ILB probably two that could be packaged with the current 1 and 2 and the 3 and 4 for a move up. I’m starting to have dreams of Carimi and Moffet pulling for Starks on the old Packer sweep. I know, I know, but I’m old.

  3. Absolutely a wonderful game. Early on every time I would get nervous our offensive would come through until our defense solved the Falcons. What I loved the most about the game is McCarthy never let off the gas and created such separation that by the time the Falcons went into their hurry up offense they were down by four scores.
    Well done Pack!

    1. Actually, he start to get a bit conservative in the 4th quarter, but then he realized his error and started throwing again, even on first down. That’s the type of in-game adjustment we haven’t seen too often. Kudos to MM.

  4. The head to head hits against the Packers this year have just been awful. Rodgers has been abused with not a penalty flag to be seen. It is just ridiculous. If the league is going to make up new rules to protect players from getting concussed, then they should enforce those rules on all teams, not just their pet favorites.

  5. You disappoint me, Al.

    Should’ve ended with TRAMON. He sure ended it.

    Well, he and that guy #12. That guy that has Steve Young’s mobility and improvisational skills, Joe Montana coolness, poise and leadership, and Dan Marino’s precision and mechanics…

  6. Being from California, I have been an Rodgers fan since he was at Cal. Even back then I felt this guy possessed some of the best QB skills that I had ever seen. So when he “fell” in the draft to the Packers I was like a kid on Christmas morning. I am so happy that he has blossomed into in my opinion the best QB in football. Yes I said it! AR does not have the O line that Brady has, but has the mobility to put up great throwing numbers. If the Pack continues to play at this level(except for Sp.Teams), we may be looking at a Championship team.

    1. I admit to knowing little about Rodgers when he was drafted, and not being too sure about him those first few years when seeing him in preseason. But after he played his first regular season game as a starter post-Favre, I said to myself, “We’re going to be just fine at QB for a long time.”

  7. If the Packers can draft two OLine men that can run block two smidgens better than we do now,this team is the team the SUPER BOWL goes through for a few years.
    Earlier in the year we asked “if” CM3 was human,Rodgers is showing us “he isn’t”

  8. 3 things…
    1. The line IS the biggest need for next year.
    2. Zac Brown Band is awesome.
    3. Bring on the Bears!


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