Aaron Rodgers – Throws Like Dan Marino and Runs Llike Steve Young

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As I’ve watched Aaron Rodgers progress over the last few years, there have been things that have amazed me and things that have given me concern. Gradually, he has eliminated the concerns and has reached a point where it’s just incredible fun to watch him play.

The statistics bear out his fine play. Rodgers is already #1 on the all-time NFL passer rating list. His performance yesterday was most likely the second best for a QB  in playoff history, behind only Kurt Warner‘s unconscious performance against the Packers last season.

Mike Ditka called Rodgers’ game the finest QB playoff performance he’s seen in 50 years.

Rodgers’ own teammates were in awe of his performance.

Rodgers has now sent home two quarterbacks that made the Pro Bowl ahead of him.

The superlatives are flying.

But how would you describe Aaron Rodgers?

Well, ESPN’s Ross Tucker came up with the winner, in my opinion: “He throws like Dan Marino and runs like Steve Young.”


Just like Aaron Rodgers.

We Packers fans are a lucky group.

Go Pack!


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15 thoughts on “Aaron Rodgers – Throws Like Dan Marino and Runs Llike Steve Young

  1. It’s not too soon.
    Packers fans need to take a moment to absorb what is happening right here. We may be seeing the best QB of all time operate before our eyes.

    I have absolutely no doubt that Rodgers already is a better QB than Favre has ever been.

    The combination of skills, of precision, arm strenght, leadership, demeanor, mobility, intelligence, decision making. I’ve never seen such a complete package as Rodgers.

    He’s not flawless, he needs to learn how to throw those soft, short throws better. But he’s damn near perfect in every other aspect of his game.

    Also, reading other blogs, 49ers, Seahawks, etc… Packers fans are incredibly spoiled and fortunate to have this guy at the most important position in all sports.

    1. Euphoria rules! Seriously, we are very fortunate. Few teams, with the exception of the 49ers with Montana/Young, get to have two outstanding quarterbacks back to back.

    2. Absolutely correct, RS! And on top of everything else he is as though as a rabid badger in rutting season. Don’t ask where that came from. It just appeared to me in a halucination.

  2. Perhaps the most athletic skill is his ability to throw those precise lasers while scrambling to the right and left.We are truly fortunate.However,they are all judged by the number of Super Bowl championships.So we have some unfinished business.

    1. Pete, he showed me something else last night. Those spin moves to avoid the blitzers were daggers to the Falcons. Sustained drives. I’m planning a film study of this…

      And BTW Pete, I’m a firm believer in being fair. Mike McCarthy may have called his best game as a head coach. For once, I was often wrong when trying to predict what kind of play was coming. He had me fooled. That’s all I ask for. Still has an issue with time management, but it never came into play in this game.

      1. I know there is a variety of opinion on how good a coach McCarthy is, but last night, he and Capers called a phenomenal game. Its not every day that you say that the Packers really out-coached the other team. All cylinders were firing last night (except for that pesky Special Team cylinder, its a little defective).

        1. He called a phenomenal game in the same situation against Seattle to get us into the championship game.

  3. Adequate analogy for now. I think we, Packer Fans, are watching something very special developing. Give him an Oline commensurate with his skills and a running game to go with it and there’s no telling just how great he will be.

  4. I’m still in awe of the position Rodgers and this team have put themselves in. He’s being talked about like a superstar on a national stage. I knew it was possible and eventually probable, but now that it’s here I couldn’t be more happy. Same thing with this team reaching the NFC championship and being superbowl favorites. McCarthy was pretty confident in his presser. I like our chances Sunday and beyond. Go Pack Go!

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