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After re-watching the Packers vs. Eagles game, some interesting things just jumped out at me that were overlooked as I was watching the game live:

I wrote yesterday that I thought people are talking up Brandon Jackson too much based on his performance. I still believe that, but I do want to give Jackson some credit, too. He will never excite me as a ball carrier, but he did the other things expected of him (pass protection and catching the ball) very well. In addition, for perhaps the first time I can remember, Jackson broke numerous tackles on his runs. My  main criticism of Jackson’s running style is that he pussy-foots around too much, loses momentum and then goes down too easily. Well last night, he broke free of some sure tackles to pick up extra yards. If he continues doing that, I won’t be excited by Jackson, but I’ll be able to live with him just fine.

I was again amazed by B.J. Raji’s quickness as he caught LeSean McCoy from behind on a screen pass. Raji came from being on top of the QB to double back and trip up McCoy as he tried to cut to his right.

The curse of Tracy White has been lifted. The Packers cut special teams demon White during the 2008 season, and things have never been the same on special teams since. The Eagles cut White an the end of camp (he was picked up by New England), allowing the curse to be moved to the Eagles. hence, the Packers special teams totally outplay the Eagles. Expect the Eagles’ special teams to suck as long as White remains with New England. Hey, it makes as much sense as any other explanation for the Packers special teams play in this game.

And if you think that’s nutty, here’s another one. The guy who actually deserves a lot of credit for the Packers ST play yesterday is non other than your favorite Packer, Jarrett Bush. As the gunner on punts, and the outside contain on kickoffs, Bush did his job, well, (gulp…) flawlessly. Yes, I said it. He also did very well as a blocker on kickoff and punt returns. No really. I will try to bring you some video evidence later in the week. I know you don’t believe me. In the meantime, read Brian Carriveau’s comments on Bush. Maybe you’ll believe two of us?

John Kuhn made me think of  Larry Csonka as he plowed over Eagles defenders on his 2 carries. I don’t know where this is coming from all of a sudden from Kuhn, but I sure like it.

I’ve been as big a critic of Mason Crosby as anyone, so let me congratulate him on having ONE good game. If he can keep his mistakes to an errant kickoff here and there, I would be ecstatic. What impressed me most about Crosby’s 2 field goals was that they were both straight and right down the middle of the uprights, not bending in one direction or another. The truly successful kickers are able to master that. Let’s hope for the best.

Watching the game live, I was wondering if Clifton and Tauscher were nursing some leg injuries. They seemed to be struggling getting to their spots in pass protection and on running plays. After the game, Mike McCarthy said that Clifton had swelling in his knees, but nothing about Tauscher. However, on one play in the second quarter, I caught Tauscher get off the ground and then do a quick hop and a limp to keep pressure off his left leg. I have a feeling Tauscher may have hurt himself a bit early in the game and just is not telling anyone.

On the Clay Matthews sack and forced fumble that hit the referee’s leg but was called out of bounds: If you watch the video in slow motion, the referee’s feet are 100% in bounds when the ball spurts at him. The referee then jumps and pulls his left leg back in an attempt to avoid the ball. The ball does hit his leg and then bounces to the ground in bounds. The only question is where was the ref’s leg when the ball hit? Had he pulled it back enough so that it was out of bounds? From the angle shown, it’s impossible to tell for sure. I think it was in bounds, but it would be unfair for me to say that definitively.

Sam Shields is going to get exposed by good quarterbacks. It pains me to say that. Nobody has been in his corner as much as I have, but let me tell you, if I was an Eagles fan, I’d be ripping Andy Reid and both quarterbacks for not going after him. Not until the fourth quarter did they even look Shields’ way and get him into positions where he didn’t have safety help. When they finally did,  he could not cover his man on his own. Watching the game again and focusing on the Packers secondary, it was kind of surreal. They threw at Tramon Williams, they threw at Charles Woodson, they threw at Nick Collins. It was comical. The Eagles did the Packers a big favor. I hope to have some video on this later in the week, as well.


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27 thoughts on “Packers 27 Eagles 20 – Second Thoughts on the Rewind

  1. Raji-Smart and Nasty is growing
    Kuhn-taking advantage of opportunity
    Bush-becoming worthy of “one in the hand”?
    Jackson-with Kuhn is OK up to week 7,give Grant the time for the next ShowDown
    Clifton and Tauscher-showed age against Speed D,but OL better than early last year.Ditto the Jackson-Kuhn here,Bulaga and Lang more apt to bolster come week 7
    Shields-give it time and experience comes,should improve well with he schedule next few weeks
    CM3-what can you say that we don’t see already except,is there a CM4 coming really pre-maturely.LOL

  2. I think our consistent pass rush helped ease the target on Shields. Notice they only started going after him when Vick was in because he was able to buy time with his mobility.

    1. Not exactly true, Ryan. Vick was in for quite some time and Shields was still being ignored. Not until the 4th quarter did they even throw in his direction.

  3. Good piece Al, but please, stop the comments on Shields, at least until he gets a few more games under his belt, after all this web page is read by our opponents. lol

  4. Personally, I’ve thought Kuhn’s running style is reminiscent of John Riggins; they both not only have a hard, ripping running style, but also sort of “make themselves small.” Csonka was more an upright bulldozer. Kuhn has had a few runs like that every year; he just has never had many chances.
    It’s similar to Jordy’s returns; this game he did exactly what he’s done in other games. He has great field vision and knows how to run right off a blocker’s side. if the blocker maintains the block, his strength and balance will take him through the defender’s attempt to reach-tackle while engaged (unlike smaller returners). If there are no free runners coming at him, Jordy is going to consistently be a threat to go a long way. I also loved how he went past the kicker like he wasn’t even there, not bothering to try to slow down, fake him, power through him, etc. He has a very deceptive running style.

    1. Well let’s not get carried away with the comparisons. Kuhn is no Csonka or Riggins. Someone else suggested Mike Allstott to me. I think that fits better.

  5. I agree especially on Shields. It’ll be nice when he’s moved to Dime when Al Harris gets back. Coaches need to work to build/maintain Sheilds’ confidence so he can develop.

    Speaking of Williams, he may be playing Nickle if Tramon Williams keeps playing well. He defended Kolb extremely well and I think he would have done the same against Vick if he had been given a week to prepare.

    Burnett’s experience is also being exposed. Think of Celek’s big catch from Vick. It was a great throw and a catch, but Burnett looked a little tentative. I think a more experienced safety prevents the catch.

  6. I’m pretty sure the play where Thor forced the fumble was a tackle and not a sack.

    Otherwise, good write-up!

  7. Jersey Al, I thought a HUGE mistake in the game by McCarthy was wasting 20 seconds at the end of the 1st half before he took a timeout. It was the Eagle’s last possession of the first half and they had not converted a 3rd down….but the clock was running. We should have used our timeout immediately….but waited for close to 20 seconds before calling it. We ended up with a 56 yard FG by Crosby, but it could have been a much easier situation. That’s a middle school coach mistake…not one that a Head Coach in the NFL should EVER make. MM has made mistakes like that before. HOW CAN A PRO COACHING STAFF MISS THAT!! WAKE UP MORONS!! Your Thoughts??

    1. I wouldn’t call it HUGE, but it’s pretty embarrassing, if you ask me. As soon as the play was over, I was yelling “call a time out.” I probably repeated it five times before they actually did. Now if you and I know enough to do it, what is MM thinking there? Well, I guess he wasn’t … thinking.

  8. RB Depth Chart for Sunday:

    #! Jackson
    #2 Kuhn
    #3 Hall
    Inactive: Dimitri Tompkin (Couldn’t help myself, I love the Calssics)

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