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In the third of this multi-part series, I will examine the  Green Bay Packers 2010 undrafted free agent offensive linemen (Nick McDonald and Chris Campbell) and their chances of making the 53-man roster or practice squad.

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Will one of these offensive linemen spin the wheel of fortune and land a big jackpot or will they hit bankrupt and go away empty-handed?

In each of the last five  years, at least one UDFA has made the Packers’ 53-man roster. In 2009, it was offensive lineman Evan Dietrich-Smith. Lets look at the 2010 UDFA OL candidates and evaluate their chances…

Part Three – OFFENSE – Offensive Linemen

Nick McDonald: Grand Valley State, 6’4”, 316lbs,  5.21 40yd time, 1.85 10yd time, 27” vertical, 27 reps@225lbs, and a 8’6” broad jump. He pulled a hamstring during his 40, so he could not participate in the short shuttle or cone drills.


Scouting Report: Quick and strong – often leads ‘around the corner’ on sweeps. 300+ pounds but still agile and able to get position on LB/DBs. Makes solid contact and destroys his opponent. Great footwork and mechanics in pass protection against some of D-II’s best pass rushers.
McDonald played special teams and multiple positions along the line during his career, making him a versatile player that should make a roster because of his versatility and ability to help in multiple positions.

Signed by Green Bay as a non-drafted free agent on April 30, 2010… A four-year letterman, he played in 44 games with 29 starts during his career at Grand Valley State (Allendale, Mich.)… Started all 15 games at LT for the Lakers as a senior, and was named the Great Lakes Intercollegiate Athletic Conference Offensive Lineman of the Year… Was named Division 2 first team All-American, Helped the Lakers rush for 227.5 yards per game (11th in the country) and have two RBs eclipse the 1,000-yard rushing mark on the season… Anchored a line that allowed only 0.6 sacks per game, which ranked No. 3 in the nation… Earned second-team All-GLIAC honors as a junior in 2008 when he started all 12 games at RG… McDonald had a better 40 time then top guard prospects, Iupati, Petrus, Johnson, Beadles.  Only Iupati had a better 10 yard time at 1.84 seconds.

McDonald’s mother died when he was 14, and father abandoned him and three siblings, who were forced to split up. Much like Michael Oher, he was taken in by a family who treated him like a son and still does to this day.  He had trouble handling independence and nearly drank himself off the team as a freshman.  The coaches had an “intervention”. set him on the right path. He says he has matured and that he’ll join the Marines if an NFL career doesn’t work out.

Chris Campbell
, Eastern Illinois, 6’5”, 328lbs. 5.28 40yd time, 1.78 10yd time, 4,14 20yd shuttle, 8.08 3-cone, 26.5” vertical, 14 reps@225lbs, and a 8’0” broad jump.

Scouting Report:  Campbell has the talent to become a good starting left tackle, but he has a lot of work to do first. He is a tall, well-built prospect with the long arms, quickness and athleticism to slide out and block edge pass rushers. He also has the agility to move outside and block effectively in space. Despite these positives, Campbell won’t be a high pick because his technique is very raw and he gets beaten too often. He won’t be able to contribute any time soon, which is why he’ll most likely be a seventh-round pick or a free agent.

Signed by Green Bay as a non-drafted free agent on April 30, 2010… Came to Eastern Illinois as a walk-on and finished his career as the starting LT… Played in 30 games with 12 starts during his senior year.  Earned second-team All-Ohio Valley Conference honors as a senior… Played in the Texas vs. The Nation all-star game following his senior season… As a junior in 2008, played in all 12 games on special teams while also serving as a backup LT… nickname is ‘Big Baby’… Born in Chicago.

High school and college coaches have always talked about Campbell’s “potential”, but not until senior year in college did the player nicknamed “Big Baby” start to realize his potential. Even then, his college coach was unsure if he could play at the next level. in stepped agent Joe Linta.

Linta’s reputation in 20 years as an agent has been made by identifying unknowns and turning them into knowns. He’s located the likes of Pro Bowl center Matt Birk from Harvard, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco from Delaware, Steelers starting offensive tackle Willie Colon from Hofstra and Chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher from Maine.

Linta was convinced Campbell had the needed talent and worked hard to get him into the Texas vs. the Nation All-Star game. Campbell did well there, opened some eyes and quickly rose up NFL draft boards.  (Read the full story from Scott Powers, ESPN Chicago.)

Campbell is a definite project, a kid with all the physical tools that has to prove he really wants to work hard to earn an NFL career. An underachiever until senior year in college, you have to wonder about a huge guy nicknamed “Big Baby” that could only bench press 225lbs 14 times. Heck, there were 25 wide receiver prospects this Spring that performed at least that many reps.

Despite the doubts, many NFL teams were enamored with his potential and he was a hot commodity after the draft ended. The Packers outbid six other teams for Campbell, with the Jets being the primary competition.


Packers coach Mike McCarthy has been hinting this off-season that he is finally looking to designate a primary position for all his OL, where they would take the majority of their practice reps. This also includes backups, so if a starter goes down, there will be a ready substitute who has practiced mostly at that position.

This would be as opposed to what the Packers did last season, when they chose to disrupt multiple OL positions by moving starters around when injuries hit. The end result should be a player that is more assignment sure, which can often more than compensate for a slightly lower talent level.

The Packers kept 10 offensive lineman (including snapper Bret Goode) coming out of training camp last season, along with an eleventh, Jamon Meredith, being signed to the practice squad. I would look for the Packers to try to hold onto 12 linemen this year, assuming McDonald, Campbell and draft choice Marshall Newhouse, all show evidence of the “potential” they’ve been tagged with.

Lets look at the Packers 15 OL candidates currently on the roster…

Sure Things: Clifton, Wells, Sitton, Tauscher, Bulaga, Lang, Spitz, Colledge, Goode

Maybes: Barbre, Giacomini, Dietrich-Smith, Newhouse, McDonald, Campbell

Looking at the  tackle position, It’s Clifton and Tauscher as starters with Bulaga and Lang, respectively, as their backups. I don’t believe Barbe  will ever line up as  a tackle again, so he’s out of the picture at that position.  So that leaves Giacomini and Campbell as other competitors at the tackle position.

Giacomini is the big mystery at that spot. The question being, why did  he occupy a roster spot for the entire season, but never saw the field,  even when Clifton and Tauscher were out and Barbre and Colledge struggled as fill-in replacements. On the one hand, the Packers obviously wanted to keep him on the team, yet they wouldn’t use him, even in a time of dire need.

Packers OL coach James Campen recently commented that Giacomini had a chance to beat out Tauscher for the starting job. From what we’ve seen of Giacomini, that pretty hard to believe. Is he looking to motivate Giacomini, or maybe Tauscher? And what would that mean for Lang? If Giacomini plays well enough to be #1 or #2 at RT, is Lang  then allowed to compete for the left guard position?

Campbell has the physical measurables, but is too much of a project to take a roster spot. If he shows enough in camp, perhaps the Packers stash him on the practice squad, but more likely, he’s a camp cut.

Looking at the guard position, only one spot is set. Josh Sitton is the starting right guard.His backup will probably come form either Marshall Newhouse, Evan Dietrich-Smith or Nick McDonald. Newhouse is a very smart player, but will have a tough time making this roster unless a guard is moved or Spitz’ back is still a problem. Newhouse would be an excellent practice squad addition (unless Buffalo needs a guard, in which case, never mind…).

Last summer, I predicted that an UDFA OL would make the Packers roster (I picked Andrew Hartline over Dietrich-Smith, but the ability to play center was the deciding factor). The need was there and Dietrich-Smith took advantage of the opportunity.

Unfortunately, I think Dietrich-Smith is beaten out this year by a better version of himself, Nick McDonald. The Packers were seen giving McDonald some reps at center during OTAs, so I believe this is already on the Packers coaches’ radar. On the other hand, Dietrich-Smith is not practice squad eligible, which works in his favor. If the Packers think McDonald would be safe on the practice squad, perhaps they go that route as a way to keep both players.

As for left guard, there are many options. Colledge, Spitz and Newhouse will be the initial combatants there, but Alan Barbre and TJ Lang have also been mentioned as possibly getting looks there. Barbre is always talked about as the most athletic lineman on the Packers (special teams value), but I feel Lang would be the ideal choice, if he isn’t needed at T.

Colledge comes in as the returning starter and someone will have to take his job. His argument is, if you stop moving me around and just let me play left guard, I’ll be fine. I tend to agree with him. He has played well at guard for the Packers in previous years, so there’s no reason to think he can’t do it again. On the other hand, if the Packers are happy with their overall OL depth and Jason Spitz’s back is not an issue, Colledge would certainly bring the most value in a trade.

At center, Scott Wells solidified his hold on the job last season. While he’s not going to make any Pro Bowl teams, he took charge when he played, something the more talented Spitz did not do. When wells comes up to the line, you can see him pointing things out and giving directions to his teammate. Spitz would just come up to the ball, bend down over it and snap. You just can’t underestimate the importance of a center being the QB of the offensive line.

Spitz would act as the backup to Wells, unless he wins the left guard spot or his back is still an issue. In either of those cases, Dietrich-Smith or McDonald becomes the primary backup at center.


While Mike McCarthy would like to have a set starter and backup at each position, I don’t think that will be 100% possible. For one thing, that would mean carrying one more OL than last year. But even with that scenario, it’s very likely there will be at least two backups that will have more than one position responsibility.

Attempting to predict the OL unit that breaks camp, with all the possibilities discussed above and more, is fairly futile. But that won’t stop me from trying.

First, I will give you the OL unit results I think would be best for the Packers. (similar to  Brian Carriveau’s Best Case / Worst Case series he’s been doing over at CheeseheadTV, except there’s no worst case.) Then I’ll give you my prediction for what will actually happen.


Giacomini rewards the coaches’ faith in keeping him around for 2 years by showing he can be a capable backup to Tauscher. That allows TJ Lang to compete at left guard and win the starting job. Jason Spitz’s back is healthy and becomes the primary backup at C, while also covering the guard spot.. That allows for Daryn Colledge, to be traded for a need, as Tony Moll was (hopefully the player obtained is not cut, though). Now let’s be clear, I have nothing against Daryn Colledge. In fact, I think he has the most value in a trade, which is why I’ve gone in this direction. For this scenario, I am taking one more OL than last season, so sorry 3rd fullback, you’re out of here…

LT: Clifton, Bulaga
LG: Lang, Barbre
C: Wells, Spitz
RG: Sitton, McDonald
RT: Tauscher, Giacomini
LS: Goode

Practice Squad: Newhouse and/or Campbell


Lang is needed at RT, as Giacomini does not step up and is finally let go. Colledge easily holds onto his starting LG spot, as the Packers are still  concerned about the ability of Jason Spitz’s back to hold up under a heavy load. They keep Spitz as a primary backup at C with ability to fill in at either guard spot. McDonald take Dietrich-Smith’s all-purpose spot. As in my previous scenario, the Packers keep one more OL than last season.

LT: Clifton, Bulaga
LG: Colledge, Barbre
C: Wells, Spitz
RG: Sitton, McDonald
RT: Tauscher, Lang
LS: Goode

Practice Squad: Newhouse and/or Campbell


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25 thoughts on “Packers Undrafted Free Agent OL Nick McDonald & Chris Campbell Vying for a Roster Spot

  1. D-Smith can play Guard also, the battle for the back ups is going to be nasty. I really like McDonald I think he is ahead of Newhouse in technique, but Newhouse is a very good athlete so he has a lot of upside.
    For me Barbre has been hurt by being moved around.
    Many question Giocomini and should to some extent, but this was his first full off season of training, injured his first season, and missed the entire off season last year with Surgery he should make that step up this year.
    I think Lang will need another year to compete for a starting job, missing the off season work will have set him back.
    Colledge should win and start easily at LG, Spitz you have to wonder about with his injury.
    As for Clifton and Tuascher, this is the first year Clifton did not have off season surgery is 3 years.
    That in itself is a huge difference.
    Tauscher is further away from his knee surgery also.
    I think TT has brought the team what it needs to the most competition for these spots. And that will make this team better.

    1. D-Smith is a guard that can also play center. I was hopeful for Giacomini last camp, but I suppose he just wasn’t ready. The Packers don’t keep him on the roster for the whole season unless they see something good.

      Cliffy and Tausch will start, with better backup situation if something happens to them.

      1. What interested me about DSmith is that he was the starting LT for Idaho State. So it shows what kind of athlete he is. Doesn’t look the part but is quite strong.
        I can’t wait to see them all with pads on.

          1. And McDonald Played in the zone scheme. I like him more than I like Newhouse. Experience as a guard and a Tackle.
            Newhouse will have to move to Guard and possibly RT.
            McDonald is VERY sound in technique. I think he has the best chance of making the 53 man roster out of the UDFA’s.

  2. I covered Chris Campbell in college at EIU and he was always off the radar. EIU’s center, Chaz Millard, received all the hype as one of the best OL in the league, but wasn’t an NFL prospect.

    After the season ended when our paper began it’s coverage of potential NFL Draft picks, Campbell’s name kept popping up and to be honest, I was surprised because he went practically unnoticed during the season.

    But everyone I’ve talked to from coaches to scouts believe he’s the kind of guy who will learn and learn and learn and eventually become a great OL. He’s definitely a project, but I hope he catches on in Green Bay because if he’s cut, he’ll definitely be given an opportunity elsewhere.

    1. Hey Collin,

      I appreciate the insights. He has the physical measurables that make scouts drool, so that’s enough for him to get a shot.

      Do you know anything about the story behind his nickname or only doing 14 reps in the bench press?


  3. Now I’m really pulling for McDonald. Though I like EDS a lot. To me, the lines are the most interesting camp battles, both D and O.

    One thing that would be interesting is if Lang showed to be already ahead of Tauscher. If somehow he’s able to beat him, do we cut Tauscher? He has no ST value, and only plays RT. Do we really keep a veteran RT as a backup?

    1. They didn’t sign Tausch to sit on the bench. What Yoop says also factors in. Lang injury hurts his chances to win any starting spot…

  4. IF Lang was not hurt over the off season maybe that would be true, but I really doubt it. He was lacking in strength and didn’t get to do much with wrist surgery.
    Someone is going to have to really play good to beat out Tauscher.

  5. Having lived near Detroit for a nine years, I pull for any Michigan guys. It’s easy, because the Packers seem to like the small school Michigan guys. One of the things I’ll be hoping for on cut-down day is that McDonald sticks and Breno goes away.

  6. Good logic, Al. If Breno comes out smokin’ in camp, and plays great in the preseason games, I’d love to see him stick around. I’m all for guys playing well.

    But up to this point, as we all know, Breno hasn’t shown squat. And if he continues to show squat, he needs to be replaced…replaced by a younger guy, presumably with more potential, even if the younger guy also shows squat. If Breno does nothing again this camp and STILL sticks around, I might freak out.

  7. Agree 100% with your “what I hope happens” because Lang is a starter. Best 5 linemen out on the field at any time. Not sure I agree with Barbre making the team, but we’ll see.

    Unfortunately, the “what will happen” is more likely, with Colledge starting at LG, backed up by Barbre. That is a scary possibility on both parts.

    1. Barbre has experience and is always spoken of as the “most athletic” lineman, so he has special teams value. There are a lot of your OLs here, so you know MM will want to keep some experienced guys in a backup role.

  8. The OL-men that will be on the roster,Clifton,Tauscher,Lang,Sitton,Wells,Bulaga,D-Smith and that totals seven.Unless Newhouse,MacDonald or Campbell really bring it on in camp,the remaining spots are…we all know the answer.

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