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As the 2010 NFL Draft approaches, Ted Thompson is quietly huddled down in his basement sharpening his darts and practicing his target throwing. For now, he’s been using photos of punters Derrick Frost and Jeremy Kapinos as targets ( he wore out the Brett Favre target last off-season). But come Thursday night (I still can’t get used to saying that), who will Ted Terrific be aiming for?

Of course no one, not even Teddy, knows for sure what he’ll do until the time comes. With his best player available (BPA) approach, it could be a quarterback or a wide receiver (although in that scenario, I would hope he’d be looking for a trade). But in addition to his BPA leanings, Ted will have a target list of five or so players that will be no-brainer automatic pull-the-trigger choices (on his player board) if they are there at #23.

While only Ted and the Packers’ inner circle know who those players are, I’m going to take a stab at it. Here are my 5 target players for the Packers at pick #23:

(Note: I’ve eliminated players where the overwhelming consensus is that they will be long gone by the time the Packers pick.)


Jerry Hughes – Texas Christian University
6′2, 248 pounds
Outside linebacker/Defensive end

A beast as a speed pass-rusher, Hughes has a lightning-fast first step and never stops until the whistle blow. Has struggled against the run and has little experience in coverage, as he played predominantly defensive end in College. While few could argue with Hughes’ ability to rush the passer, he may never be a 3-down player in the NFL. At best, he will need a few years to develop his skills against the run game and in coverage. For these reasons, I would consider Hughes a bit of a reach in the first round, but his pass-rush ability is so enticing. If my other options are all gone, I might just roll the dice on Hughes and hope his sack total makes up for everything else.



Charles Brown – University of Southern California

Height/Weight: 6′6/298
Offensive tackle

If the Packers were to select an OT with their first pick, this is the guy I would want. A fantastic pass-blocking left tackle, Brown could step in and protect Aaron Rodgers’ blind side with aplomb. Unfortunately, his run blocking is not great and he is just not strong enough yet to be a starting left tackle. While the Packers’ version of the zone blocking system somewhat relaxes his issues with drive blocking, the former tight end needs some time to build up strength and power. Conveniently, Chad Clifton is there to hold down the fort while Brown hits the weigh room.



Kyle Wilson – Boise State

Height/Weight: 5’10/194

Kyle Wilson has everything the Packers look for in a corner with one exception – height. If I’m Ted Thompson, perhaps I make an exception for a playmaker like Kyle Wilson. Fast, quick, fluid, physical, smart; these are all adjectives thrown around when scouts describe Kyle Wilson. Many feel he could step in and start year one for a lot of NFL teams. Throw in his punt return abilities and Kyle Wilson could see a lot of the field for the Green Bay Packers.



Brandon Graham – University of Michigan

Height/Weight: 6’1/263
Outside Linebacker / Defensive end

The most physical of the top outside linebacker prospects, Brandon Graham knows how to bring it. He lives in the offensive backfield, having amassed 45 tackles for loss in his final two years at Michigan. Blocking Graham, whether on pass or run plays will be a difficult assignment for any NFL tackle. He may not record as many sacks in the NFL, as he lacks the overall speed rush abilities of a Jerry Hughes, but he will consistently be making life difficult for NFL quarterbacks. A guy who can bring pressure on every play? Yeah, the Packers could use some more of that…



Sergio Kindle – University of Texas

Height/Weight: 6′4/239
Outside Linebacker

To these amateur NFL scout eyes, Sergio Kindle is the most complete outside linebacker in the draft. With his ability to play the run, pass-rush and cover in space, Kindle will be a three down player in the NFL from day one. A perfect combination of speed and strength for an outside linebacker, Kindle played the Texas “elephant” position, in which he played many roles, moved from side to side, hand down, hand up, etc. Basically, he was the disruptive force on the Texas defense that opposing teams had to plan for. While Kindle has things to work on, like disengaging from blockers more quickly, they are mostly technique related – i.e. things that can be taught. I see Kindle looking to have a similar NFL impact as his former teammate Brian Orakpo did last season (11 sacks and being named a Pro Bowl Starter will be tough to match, but I hope to be able to watch Kindle try).



If none of these players are there, then quite simply, I’m looking to trade down


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25 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers NFL Draft 2010 Preview: Round 1 Primary Targets

  1. To me:

    1) Brown. The perfect fit for us. We need a pass blocking, ZBS LT of the future for next year. He needs one year to develop bulk, but his pass blocking and feet are terrific.
    2a) Huges. He did play standing up a bit in college, though not covering much. The best pass rusher in the draft, with a hustle similar to Graham, and the most fluid DE/OLB in every drill at the combine and pro day. He needs to play the run better, but that’s not what we need. We need a pass rusher that can also cover. It’s him.
    2b) Graham. The best outside rusher in the draft, besides Derrick Morgan. But he’s a little stiff, and didn’t play standing up. But you gotta love his intensity and overall ability to create havoc. More talented than Kampman, but could have similar results as an OLB…
    3) Kindle. Likes him, but he looks slow. GREAT against the run, good in coverage, great results in college, but looks slow. One thing to do it in college, another thing to do it in the pros. Isn’t a great pass rusher, is really strong, but he’s not the most athletic on tape.
    4) Wilson. To me the #2 best corner in the draft, but is small for the Packers, and the dropoff to other CBs isn’t as deep as the dropoff from the pass rushers.

    1. I agree Brown is the perfect fit long term. But being the selfish fan that I am, I’d rather see an OLB or CB that will have an immediate impact on the team in 2010.

      I also think Wilson is the perfect fit, but do you cross him off because he is an inch too short? I wouldn’t.

      Hughes rocked the combine drills, but that’s not what matters. He has too many on-field deficiencies right now to be anything other than a situational player.

      Not sure what you’re seeing on Kindle. Calling Kindle slow is like calling your ‘vette slow because you took a ride in a Dodge Viper. Kindle is fast AND fluid, so maybe he doesn’t appear to you to be going that fast, but scouts love his speed and athletic ability.

      1. Re. Wilson. Not my reason. It could affect him being an inch short, but my reasoning is the depth at later rounds. He’s good, but he’s not that different from the later CBs, IMHO. He’s not a Haden IMHO, a guy that will be a pro bowler for years…

        Re. Huges. Liked him way before the combine. Just the way I see him. Like you said, Dodge Viper. He just looks faster and more fluid than Kindle. The combine thing is to say that he has the hips to cover, contrary to Kampman. As far as too many deficiencies on the field, CM3 had less than one season under his belt, and Jones wasn’t supposed to even see the field…

        Re. Kindle. Again, that’s what I see. Not saying it’s a fact, is what I see. I see a highly intelligent and hard working player, the greatest run stopping OLB in years, but that I don’t remember him taking over a game, like I saw Huges and Graham do. I didn’t see him beating badly a blocker, most of the times he gets hustle and coverage sacks, whereas with Graham and Huges that’s not the case.

        Not saying I don’t like him or Wilson, wouldn’t mind them with the Packers AT ALL. Kindle actually makes more sense as a traditional LOLB than Huges, being the better run defender and all. But I just see Huges as the better pass rusher, and in the end of the day, what separates the elite guys from the good guys is the ability to disrupt the pocket…

        1. “Kindle actually makes more sense as a traditional LOLB than Hughes” – you hit the nail on the head. Kindle will be what Hawk was supposed to be in the 4-3.

          1. But then again, Capers doesn’t use the traditional 3-4. His scheme doesn’t put emphasis on strong and weak side, really…

            Just look at the slimmer Jones playing at LOLB…

  2. Just heard a news release from GB. TT stated that GB’s focus will be OT and DB. No mention of LB’s or DB’s. Of course, he could be foolin with us!

  3. Having a bad day! The LB’s or DB’s in
    the second sentence should have been LB’s or DE’s.

    1. I do think the Packers will draft 2 cornerbacks and 2 Offensive Tackles this year. I’d like to see a bookend for Matthews taken, unless they really believe Jones is the answer.

      1. Al, I think you underestimate Jones…

        I also only see them taking 2 OTs if Lang is made a LG.

        And wouldn’t bet in 2 CBs, as I would in 1 CB and 1 S, or some kind of hybrid, though I can’t remember any in this draft…

        One guy I really like, and don’t mind what his 40-time is, is Donovan Warren. I think, if he falls to the late 3rd, he’s a steal. He had a really good Junior year…

        1. Perhaps I am underestimating Jones, but I just don’t have a strong feel about him either way.

          I like Warren and Jerome Murphy for a 3rd round CB.

      2. Right now Williams and Bigby are in never-never land with Ball and their agents. I’m sure each thinks they have the Packers over a barrel So, who knows when that will be resolved? That forces the Packers to look at both CB and S as RS says. For once, I heard TT give OT a priority and I don’t want to discourage him in any way.

        I too, think Jones was fitting in as OLB on the left side if thye D.

        The only question with a DE is, will Jolly beat the Rap? If he does the Packers can make a deal with him quickly. If not they will need to take a flyer on a miraculous cure for Harrell or or move Raj over to end permanently and get a big fat guy in the later rounds to fill.

        Lang at LG and let Colledge find work elsewhere would not be bad at all.

        1. “For once, I heard TT give OT a priority and I don’t want to discourage him in any way.” LOL

          I agree a safety is needed also, yet I still think TT will take 2 CB. I think it’s a priority position for him.

  4. The more I watch the Brown clip the m ore I think he should be taken if he’s there. Some rough spots in run blocking but pass blocking looks pretty good. But in colledge he’s up against smaller DE’s. That may not translate to the pro style. He’s be one-on-one with some very fast big guys. His body looks like he could easily carry 10 maybe 15 more pounds and not lose too much quickness.

    Al, your writeups and attached videos are really great.

    1. My exactly thoughts on Brown. He can handle all the speed rush they throw at him. The question is about bull rush. But he did move very well in the combine with added weight, and has the frame to put on weight, so the projections are good.

      As far as run blocking, I doubt we can find a complete LT easily, so I’d gladly settle for a very talented pass blocker with adequate run blocking… Kinda like what we have had in the last 10 years…

    2. Thanks Ron. Brown was the first guy I wanted when draft season officially started, I have since wandered over to the OLB and CB side, but if Brown is chosen, I won’t be disappointed.

  5. Found this quote from TT iteresting:

    Q:(The April 15 deadline to sign restricted free agents to offer sheets has passed. How many of your restricted guys have yet to sign their tenders?)
    TT: “I don’t know. How many do you count? I haven’t really been keeping up.”

    If I was any of those four guys, I’d b e selling any property I had in GB. He is expressing quite clearly that he can’t be bothered with any of them.

  6. I’m having such a hard time getting super-interested in our draft this year. The combination of Thompson’s unpredictability and our late draft slot means that I could study for 10 hours a day and still have no clue what he’s going to do. And I’m not thrilled about the Thursday night/three day thing, either. I just want OL and OLB addressed with high picks. That’s all. I can’t even guess which prospect is better than another.

    1. I agree with you on the Thursday Night thing – Really dislike that.

      But I think by Thursday night, we’ll all get sucked in and be sitting on the edge of our seats…

  7. Just would like to comment on the prime time slot; isn,y anything sacred anymore. I used to have the draft weekend slotted in for the do nothing, leave me alone time. now ,just like everything else in america. MONEY TALKS. OH THE HUMANITY! LOL. Anyway, for the long term betterment of our o-line you gotta take Brown if he,s there. who better to learn behind than Clifton.And with his talent and work ethic he,ll fill that spot for the next ten years. next position Ted.

    1. Oh the humanity, indeed. A Saturday draft was always good for getting me out of household chores for the day.

      I wouldn’t mind Brown at all, for the future good of the team and Aaron Rodgers in particular.

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