• Chad Lundberg

    Does this mean they’ll finally bring Jolly back?

  • Since ’61

    Just proves that the draft is just one big crap shoot. The Pats must need DL help pretty bad if they are willing to trade for Worthy who may not be able to pas the physical. Go Pack! Thanks, Since ’61

  • Sven

    Worthy had moments when he should,some promise, and then he was injured. We didn’t cut him, the Patriots are compensating the Packers to get Worthy with a yet to be determined draft pick. If that pick is a fourth round or higher, I would not put Worthy in the category of Lee or Brohm.

    Worthy shows promise and potential, but the Packers are so deep at his position there is no reason invest in developing him further when the Patriots are willing to pay.

    I am pumped that the Packers got value for him.

    • Charlie

      Come on, they’re MAYBE getting a 7th for a trade-up 2nd. “Pumped” is way overdoing it.

  • Big T

    Worthy is not worthy of a Green Bay Packer jersey…

  • Al Dante

    Lets start looking at the late round and undrafteds Ted picked up who got injured early and or often. Remember Zombo. How about Aberderus, Lyerla, Barclay.
    The reason the Packers have way more serious injuries than any other team: Ted is drafting guys who played in second rank teams or were not considered tough enough for the NFL.

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