Green Bay Packers Release 11-Year Veteran Mark Tauscher

“@jasonjwilde: Mark Tauscher has been released by the @packers.”

That tweet, instantly relayed by dozens of Jason Wilde’s followers today, was simple, striking, and emotional all in one. News of 11-year veteran Mark Tauscher’s release by the Green Bay Packers was to be expected; however, many had hoped the statement would be about his retirement instead.

Packers Prospect Profile — DE J. J. Watt, University of Wisconsin

On the field, the Packers would love to have Watt’s tenacity, hustle and athleticism at the defensive end spot. Picture Watt, BJ Raji and Mike Neal as the starting DL a few years down the road. I have no problem saying that would probably be the best DL group in the NFL.