Can the Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers Still Improve From Within?

Improving from within was the mantra for the Green Bay Packers last offseason and I don’t expect it to be any different whenever free agency begins this year. Coming off a Super Bowl win, you might be asking yourself how much improving from within is possible. After all, it’s difficult to get much better when you’re already the No. 1 team, right?

Green Bay Packers Draft Strategy Part 2: Where Have All the 1st Rounders Gone?

One of the best questions that I received from one of my previous articles (which can be found here) comparing the Green Bay Packers’ opening day roster to that of the San Francisco 49ers was, “where have all our 1st round draft picks gone?”.

Green Bay Packers Draft Strategy: Taking A Closer Look

Green Bay Packers Draft Strategy: The NFL draft is predicated on a pretty simple premise; players with more talent or potential will be drafted earlier in the draft as opposed to less talented players. From that you can expound the idea that teams with many high draft picks should be in theory be better than teams that don’t. With that in mind, ponder for a moment: who would you choose?