How to Fix Packers Kicker Mason Crosby

Everyone is yelling and screaming about Packers kicker Mason Crosby and it’s making my head hurt. Stop yelling and screaming. Ryan Longwell ain’t walking through that door anytime soon. If a quarterback continually misses passes or a linebacker can’t make a tackle, we can usually point to a reason why these things keep happening. Maybe […]

Packers Midseason Grades: Special Teams

Special teams wraps up our midseason Packers grades report. I feel like parent-teacher conferences are now over and it’s time for the student (the Packers) to try and find a way to get an ‘A’ on the final report card while the parents (Packers fans) keep nagging the kids to get their homework done and turn […]

Packers Stock Report: An Ugly Win Counts the Same as a Pretty Win Edition

As I’m writing this week’s Packers stock report, I’m watching the Cardinals play the 49ers on Monday Night Football. The Cardinals look horrendous. Absolutely atrocious. They can’t do anything right. Does this mean anything for Sunday’s Packers vs. Cardinals matchup? Who knows. So far this season the Packers have been good and bad, lucky and […]