Packers Jordy Nelson is Already Underpaid

This post is putting the cart waaaaay ahead of the horse, but I think the topic merits discussion. Jordy Nelson had an amazing season in 2011. I mean, really amazing. So far, he’s showing no signs of slowing down in training camp. Most observers say he’s only getting better. Before Nelson truly exploded last season, he […]

Green Bay Packers 2012 Salary Overview

The offseason is starting to heat up. To ensure that the faithful readers are prepared, here is an overview of individual Packers’ player salaries courtesy of the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. Player, pos Salary (M=millions) Contract Information (Click year to review details) Contract Expires Charles Woodson, CB $11.562M 2010 After 2014 Aaron Rodgers, QB 8.5M 2008 […]