How much Playing Time will Packers CB Micah Hyde get in 2014?

If you can somehow block out his dropped pick-six that would have beaten the 49ers in the playoff, Packers defensive back Micah Hyde exceeded expectations in his rookie season. So we should all prepare for Hyde to take the next step and be even better in 2014, right? Not so fast. I know we’re a […]

Packers Jarrett Bush has Managed to Stick Around

The pitchforks were out and the torches were lit after the 2009 season. Packers fans wanted cornerback Jarrett Bush off the team. I admit that I was one of those Packers fans holding a torch high in one hand and a pitchfork in the other. I was sick of seeing Bush stumbling three yards behind […]

5 Questions About Charles Woodson at Safety (and maybe a few answers)

By now you’ve probably all heard that the Packers plan to have Charles Woodson line up at safety this season. To try and figure out exactly what that means for Woodson, the defense and the Packers, I asked myself five questions. I even tried to answer a few of them. Unfortunately, we won’t know if […]

2012 Packers Position Group Analysis: Defensive Backs

Packers Defensive Backs: We’re back with the third of this series where we examine each Packers position group as it currently exists. Today we finish the defensive side of the ball by examining the Packers’ secondary. As before, this article will examine three main points from the Packers’ perspective: where we are, where we want […]