Ditching the Dink and Dunk Approach Paid Off for Packers vs. Bears

I have been thinking about the Packers approach on offense in Sunday’s win over the Bears. It initially bugged me that the Packers did not stick with the short passes that moved the chains so effectively in the first Bears game, and appeared to be working fairly well early on Sunday.

Packers Film Study: Bulaga’s Miscues Overshadow an Otherwise Solid Game (Packers – Bears)

Bryan Bulaga is 6 feet, 5 inches tall and weights almost 320 pounds. But the Green Bay Packers right tackle probably felt like the smallest person in Lambeau Field after each of his four penalties in Sunday’s must-win game against the Chicago Bears.

On Tilt: The Psychology of Lovie Smith’s Texas Hold ’em Showdown Against the Packers

Lovie Smith went on tilt with the Chicago Bears against the Green Bay Packers and lost, and it might cost them more than just this game. (If you know nothing about Texas Hold’em I recommend checking out this wiki article or none of this allegory is going to make sense)