No Huddle Radio: Packers Season on the Ropes

Marques, Kris and Cory from convene to hash out what to make of ┬áthe Packers losing their third straight game on Sunday. Tune in as the guys dissect the loss to the Giants and discuss how the Packers can find their way out of their current predicament. Is there hope or are they down […]

Packers vs. Giants – Playoffs Game Day: Unfiltered First Impressions. NYG 37 GB 20

The NY Giants roll into Green Bay today, brimming with confidence they have what it takes to beat the Packers. If you listen to the NY media, Giants fans and even some players, it’s practically a done deal. The Packers, however, have other plans for New York. Still reeling a bit from the tragic death […]

Three Dont’s for a Comfortable Packers Win over the Giants

The Green Bay Packers could have had an easy game against the New York Giants when they played in week 13. But their own mishaps turned what should have been a comfy win in enemy territory into a nail-biter requiring Aaron Rodgers to come to their rescue. I happened to be at that game in […]

Packers Film Study: Fearing for Aaron Rodgers’ Well Being vs. the NY Giants

While doing some film study of the Packers – Patriots game, one thing became painfully clear. The Green Bay Packers offensive line has a devil of a time picking up blitzes. Even simple, straight on, undisguised blitzes seem to confuse them and result in missed assignments.