D.J. Williams: 2012 Green Bay Packers Evaluation and Report Card

1) Introduction:  If the Packers do decide to part ways with Jermichael Finley (a “50/50” proposition at this point according to the tight end himself), his replacement as the starter could already be on the roster.  2011 fifth round draft pick D.J. Williams may very well find himself as Finley’s successor.  Despite being such a […]

Packers Film Study: Expanding the Running Game

While reviewing the game book and watching the film of the Green Bay Packers’ 24-15 victory over the Jacksonville Jaguars, I noticed something strange. Well, it’s not strange from a football standpoint, but it is very much out of the ordinary for Mike McCarthy’s offenses. He added backup C/G Evan Dietrich-Smith as a sixth offensive lineman on four running plays.

Little Mistakes Add Up to Big Loss for Packers

And what did I find? While I agree with “Jersey” Al that the offense deserves a lot of the heat, I don’t think I can point my finger directly at the play calling. And though Adam Czech is correct in pointing out the missed scoring opportunity at the end of the first half, I think there’s more to it than that. In fact, what I discovered was a lot of little things that added up to big problems. There was no one consistent failure, but multiple mistakes and drive-killers that allowed the Colts to make an historic comeback.

3 Players Raising Eyebrows at Packers Training Camp

The Packers have been practicing since Thursday of last week, and while it’s far too early to start shaping the final roster, a handful of players have people raising their eyebrows. Can these three guys keep it going? Or will they wash out like so many other players who were superstars in late July, but […]

D.J. Williams: 2011 Green Bay Packers Evaluation and Report Card

1) Introduction: When the Packers selected D.J. Williams in the fifth round last April, most were quick to say that “the rich were getting richer,” with the assumption that Williams—the Mackey Award winner in 2010—would step right into a role in the Packers already deep and talented offense. That may still happen in time, but […]