Green Bay Packers 2010 Player Evaluations — Offense — Scott Wells

Those of us in the community consider ourselves smart football fans. Based on Al’s history of quality content, the recent addition of some new writers and the intelligent discussion in the comments section, I’d say say our assessment of ourselves is accurate. We are smart football fans! But as much as we like to pat ourselves on the back for our football knowledge, we shouldn’t kid ourselves and pretend that we have the ability to fully evaluate how a center played throughout the course of an entire season.

Super Bowl XLV Preview Part One: Green Bay Packers Offense vs Pittsburgh Steelers Defense

Today will be the Packers offense versus the Steelers defense. Tomorrow will be the Steelers offense vs. the Packers defense. Thursday will be the special teams comparison, Friday the coaching and then Saturday the keys to the game and my pick to win Super Bowl XLV.