Why the Fall of Brett Favre Started Much Sooner Than You Think

It’s time once again to look at the disgraceful downfall of one Brett Lorenzo Favre. Yes, everyone has beaten the topic to death the past few years but one thing that has not truly been discussed was the exact moment when Favre’s downfall began. Some say it was in 2005 with the hiring of Ted Thompson. Others argue it happened with the firing of Mike Sherman in 2006. I’d have to partially agree with those who mention Sherman, except they have it backwards. I’d argue Favre’s meltdown began when Sherman was HIRED in 2000.

Packers Crush the Vikings and the Top 5 Most Satisfying Packers Wins Of The Last Decade

Green Bay Packers 31, Minnesota Vikings 3. AT the Metrodome. Brett Favre considering early retirement (even if it was in a joking manner). Brad Childress pushed to the brink of unemployment. Vikings fighting amongst themselves and totally humiliated. For Packers fans, does it get any sweeter than this?

Packers-Vikings Preview: NFL Week 11: A Nordic Burial Awaits?

After a restful bye week to lick their wounds and run out of saliva in the process, the Green Bay Packers head to Minneapolis on Sunday for their second meeting with the Minnesota Vikings in four weeks.