For the Green Bay Packers BPA is the New MVP

With a larger and larger frequency each year in the NFL Draft you hear teams talk about taking the “best player available.” Ted Thompson and the Green Bay Packers play a big role in the reason for that. Under Thompson the Packers have been known for the importance they put on the draft, their methodologies towards the draft, and building the […]

Ted Thompson Just Wrote The Textbook on Best Player Available Drafting

  “He’s clearly not the best player available”   This is the comment that stuck out for me most during the draft.  I think if anything, the 2015 NFL could be considered the textbook example of just how much Ted Thompson believes in the best player available philosophy.  In a nutshell, its widely assumed that teams […]

Ted Thompson’s NFL Draft Strategy: Best Value Available

As the 2012 NFL Draft season gets into swing, you are going to hear a lot about Ted Thompson and his draft strategy. One of the primary acronyms you’ll run across in these articles and discussions is “BPA,” short for “Best Player Available.” It’s an approach to draft selections that is not specific to the […]