Don’t Give up on Packers’ Andrew Datko Quite Yet

Early reports on Packers’ seventh-round draft choice Andrew Datko were not good. Comparisons were made to Ricky Elmore. We got our first glimpse of Datko against the Chargers, and it wasn’t pretty, at least initially. He got whipped a few times and didn’t do much to disspell those early reports. Then he settled down and […]

Green Bay Packers 2012 NFL Draft: The Reasons Behind the Picks Part II

So here is part II of the reasons behind the draft picks (see part I here) ¬†Again, I’m not assigning grades to the draft or to the players because I don’t believe you can tell whether or not a player will pan out within the first 30 something days. ¬†What I am interested in is […]