Will You Recognize the Packers’ Offense in 2011?

No NFL team is the same from year to year. Players come and go, coaching changes are made, and injuries occur throughout the season. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “We change, whether we like it or not.”

The successful franchises, then, are the ones that can adapt to the changes and work with them rather than against them. They accept that things won’t be the same this year as they were the year before. Ted Thompson knows this. Mike McCarthy knows this. Dom Capers, Joe Philbin, and the rest of the coaching staff know this.

The Good and the Bad of the Packers Blogosphere

I actually had some free time last night, which hasn’t happened for awhile. I decided to do a bit of surfing around the Packers’ blogosphere and soon encountered what you might call the two completely diametric opposite poles of said blogosphere. I’ll start with the good – or more specifically, the excellent.

Green Bay Packers OTAs – Good, Bad or Lombardi?

So are OTAs (Organized Team Activities) really necessary? As we all know, Green Bay Packers bloggers have been known to argue just about any point. I was reminded of this fact today as I briefly checked into my twitter account. (I am trying to avoid twitter during the day so I can make it home and watch my “Tivoed” World Cup games without knowing the scores).