Packers Periscope: Wild Card vs. San Francisco 49ers

The Past: Do we really need to remind ourselves of the past? ┬áSometimes it seems like certainly match-ups become one sided rivalries; in the 1990’s the Packers seemed never able to beat the Dallas Cowboys and recently it’s seemed like the Packers have always gotten better of the Atlanta Falcons and Chicago Bears but the […]

The BIG 3 are Coming up Huge for the Packers Defensive Line

The big three — and I literally mean the B-I-G three — on the Packers defensive line have come to play through the season’s first two games. Packers = soft? It looks like B.J. Raji, Ryan Pickett and Johnny Jolly have taken it upon themselves to change that equation. The trio, which weighs a combined […]

Packers Coach Mike McCarthy Made Right Decision to Accept Penalty

A lot of bad things happened after Mike McCarthy decided to accept a penalty and eschew a fourth-and-one situation near the goal line during the second quarter of the Packers’ loss to the 49ers on Sunday. The decision gave the 49ers another crack at converting on third down — six yards away from the first […]

Packers Best Chance of Getting Past the 49ers in January? Hope Another Team Beats Them

I’m still trying to figure out how I feel about the Packers loss to the 49ers on Sunday. Yes, it was a nice effort from the Packers. A lot of things didn’t go their way and they hung in until the end. At the same time, I still have no doubt that the 49ers are […]