Cory’s Corner: Thompson must lock up Jolly from 14

As if Ted Thompson hasn’t been stressing enough about this season. Fourteen Packers’ contracts expire in the offseason and Thompson has to make some important decisions. This season has been one of the worst of recent memory. I’m not saying that purely based on Green Bay’s record but also based on competitiveness of the entire […]

Cory’s Corner: Who’s to blame for Packers’ mess?

The main theme that trickled out of the Packers’ locker room on Thanksgiving was embarrassment. The Packers didn’t just take a loss, they endured the worst loss in the Mike McCarthy era. And with four games left, Green Bay must win out or stay home for the playoffs for the first time since the Packers […]

Cory’s Corner: Biggest wart on Sunday was offense

Everyone is going to want to blame the defense today. And, yeah, it sounds about right. The defense allowed a 2-8 team to waltz into Lambeau Field and get pushed around by Adrian Peterson who hasn’t been 100 percent for quite some time. Most people can swallow giving up 146 yards on the ground to […]

Cory’s Corner: Scott Tolzien is the backup for the future

Scott Tolzien didn’t come to Green Bay with any fanfare. He wears his uniform thanks to injuries that have stung the Packers’ starting quarterbacks in consecutive weeks — both in the first quarter no less. Tolzien was even surprised at the turn of events because after he was brought into action vs. Philadelphia he quickly […]

Cory’s Corner: Adversity makes Rodgers MVP worthy

We all know that Aaron Rodgers is good. But in the last two weeks he’s actually given us a value of how good. With Randall Cobb and James Jones out with injury, he effortlessly beat Cleveland at home with only nine incompletions as he spread the wealth to eight different receivers. And then last week, […]