Cory’s Corner: Jared Abbrederis has his work cut out for him

Jared Abbrederis came to the Packers with plenty of promise last year.

Then July 30 happened.

That’s when he tore his ACL in practice, which caused the Wisconsin standout receiver to miss his first pro season.

“You just have to look to the positives, try to find positives,” Abbrederis said last year after getting informed of the bad news. “I’m just ready to get to work, get surgery, get it fixed it up and get ready for next year.”

Well, next year is here. But now it’s going to be tougher than last year. First, he never played in a game, so technically this is truly his rookie season. Second, he has to get past the injury. Since his game relies on quickness that involves cutting and stopping, the mental hurdle will be a big step.

However, the biggest thing for Abbrederis to overcome is the crowded wide receiver field. Davante Adams is already penciled in as the No. 3 receiver and Jeff Janis has really wowed so far in OTAs. Also, Ty Montgomery was drafted in the third round out of Stanford this past spring as a versatile threat that includes special teams — a role Abbrederis was expected to fill.

Add in starters Jordy Nelson and Randall Cobb and the Packers have the deepest set of receivers in the league.

Unless, the Packers do the unthinkable and trade one of them for, say, an outside linebacker, Abbrederis’ back is to the wall.

Mike McCarthy has said recently that “Jeff Janis has definitely been moving forward. I thought he definitely came on last year.” That has to give Abbrederis pause, because Janis was a seventh round flier that has continually gotten better ever since he came to Green Bay.

Abbrederis had what equates to a medical redshirt last year. He sat out the entire season without a coach being able to see him play in an NFL game. It would’ve been different if he got hurt in Week 2, because at least he would’ve had some film for everyone to see.

This training camp for Abbrederis will be like going back home for Thanksgiving dinner as an adult — but being banished to the children’s table.




Cory Jennerjohn is from Wisconsin and has been in sports media for over 10 years. To contact Cory e-mail him at jeobs -at- or follow him on Twitter: Cory Jennerjohn


41 thoughts on “Cory’s Corner: Jared Abbrederis has his work cut out for him

  1. ” Unless, the Packers do the unthinkable and trade one of them for, say, an outside linebacker, Abbrederis’ back is to the wall.”

    If this unthinkable were to happen,it would seem that Janis would be the likely object being dangled for trade if Abbrederis shows any decent level of health and play since Janis has opened the eyes of many even with the little time given him that many still want to deny in favor of the Badger homer influence.

    Nonetheless a mistake giving away,IMO, the higher ceiling of talent and ability of the two..Janis and Abbrederis,since Montgomery gains a spot via the fault of SPT’s and being the most recent drafted in the glorious rd of number three. 🙂

    1. I think the majority of people prefer Jeff Janis not Abberderis at this point so I don’t believe the fact he’s from WI is still that big a deal with most fans. You are a woman Tearin, from what I hear you women talk when you are together.. size matters right? I think men also prefer size when it comes to receivers. The bigger the better. Janis has the size and speed of a no. 1 receiver. Abberderis is already coming off a major injury having never played a single game. As Cory says, he’s got his work cut out for him. This is without even mentioning another underdog Adrian Coxson who was being compared to Terrel Owens by one of the Ismail brothers.

      1. I was referring to Packers doing the ‘unthinkable’ as Cory mentions and simply gave my view as to who it would be on the trade block.

        “You are a woman Tearin, from what I hear you women talk when you are together.. size matters right?”

        As for ‘size matters’ when women are talking according to you,it isn’t the size of the man in the manner which you speak but how incredible it is that some men who are sizable convince themselves that is all that’s needed.I believe now as I have always,there is no bad sex because of endowment but simply bad partners with self proclaimed worth.

        You having to bring this into the conversation to attempt a point would have many women sensing you fall into that category….perhaps a big stick but still a bad partner and women aren’t shocked to find you sneaked away while sleeping as you picture another notch on your belt,we are closed eyed and praying for you to leave before needing to suffer another bland attempt of an encore performance that wasn’t applauded in the first place. 🙂

          1. Yep, that is it Big T. Maybe I should call myself Big Ted instead. You know… like you do.
            Big Ted

        1. Tearin, you take a small joke that wasn’t even about you and you tear into me accusing me of being bad lover? That hurts me deeply because I never had complaints. What does that have to do with Jeff Janis and Jared Abberderis? Please try to refrain from tearing into people. That’s why I call you Tearin. You have a history of doing this type of thing. I hold no personal grudge against you. I’d ask for an apology from you but I know that will be met with another tearing into by you so I won’t.

          1. You made a point to say women talk about the male size at the beginning of your reply which has no justification since size of either Janis or Abbrederis wasn’t mentioned by me in any manner to open the door for such a joke.

            It did and still comes across as you simply attempting to diminish perhaps what I,a woman, puts in the comments especially since I’m the only woman who comments with any regularity if at all.

            As for calling me Tearin as though I’m attempting to ‘rip you’ verbally,you must be a very thin skinned person to consider my mild mannered reply as ferocious.Please check your nightlights so as not to be afraid.

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            1. Tearin, you are personally attacking me. Get the “I’m the only woman here” chip off your shoulder. You are using it to tear into people that you don’t like. You did it with Dr. Holmes too. He left because of your attacks I believe. I made an innocent joke and you took it as a means to rip into me personally. I would very much like a formal apology from you. Yes, it would help undo some of the emotional trauma caused by your uncalled for vicious replies.

              1. Ted, just stick to football. The humor you were trying to display wasn’t even funny. It’s even lamer when you try to defend it. You initiated the conversation. Be a man. Suck it up. Take your lumps and move on. Claiming that somehow “you” are a victim in this ridiculous exchange is preposterous. Stick to football. It suits you better. GoPack!

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  2. If Abbrederis is one of the best 53 players on the team, he will make the 53-man roster. And Thompson takes future potential into account (Goodson, Bradford, and Janis were kept with the future in mind). If that means keeping 6 receivers then so be it. Thompson has proven he doesn’t select the final roster with preconceived numbers at a position. I can remember 5 tight ends on one roster, 3 fullbacks on another, and there were 7 WRs on the season-ending roster a few years ago. Abbrederis won’t necessarily be competing with the 5 other WRs ahead of him, but rather players on the bubble at other positions.

    Having said that, it’s not a given he is one of the 53 best. It will be a tough training camp for him.

  3. Right now GB does not have 4 or 5 proven WRs, much the 5 or 6 that might arguably be needed in order to have one to spare for a trade. I’d suggest that Nelson, Cobb, Adams are locks with Montgomery as close to a sure thing. Montgomery is a lock not as a capable receiver but as a returner. If Janis shows that he is a dynamic KR and a capable WR (or vice versa), I suppose that Montgomery might have some trade value if he also is dynamic as a KR. In any event, I’m not sure what any of these guys could pry loose in a trade. The trade scenario is one that we might keep in the back of our minds while we await developments on the field and assess the entire roster. Abby certainly has his work cut out for himself since he is not really as splashy as some of the other WRs.

  4. It’s not a big deal either way; we are talking about the last 5-7 spots on the 53. Keep the guys who can best contribute to special teams. If many of these guys are playing anything other than special teams during the season, the Packers are going to be in trouble.

    1. Agreed (at least in general). If you are seriously worried that a guy will get cut, it’s almost guaranteed that you won’t miss him after he’s gone. Does anybody miss – or even remember – such former luminaries as Jarrett Boykin, Chris Harper, Brett Swain, Patrick Williams or Ruvell Martin? They were all 5th (or 6th) WRs. Jeremy Ross was in there too, but he was primarily a return man.

      There are exceptions to the rule, of course, but very, very rarely.

  5. Have a hard time seeing Abby make the team at all unless they keep 6 WRs. Maybe not even then.

  6. I believe a player on IR does not “accrue” a season, so if nothing else, Abby can be put on the PS if he doesn’t crack the 53.

    So they would have a reasonable chance to retain his services, until Minnesota comes sniffing around.

    As far as whether I think he’ll make the 53 – I’d put it at around 25%. I think four guys are locks (including Montgomery) and Janis a pretty good bet. The only question is if they keep six WR’s. So in a sense, he’s not only competing with the other WR prospects, but the bubble guys from other position groups. That’s where it really gets tough.

  7. There will be no trading if they want to keep all six receivers they will just move Montgomery to the RB position and keep 5 receivers that way and Montgomery will do his special teams magic and fill in as a third RB. This way they can keep 3 Te’s and 2 FB’s on the roster as well..Most likely Perillo and the new guy will fight it out for the 3rd TE spot. But I will not be surprised if they go this route with Monty 🙂

  8. I do not see as many of you. I think Brett Hundley will be placed on PS for this, first year. Also, I think that player can say “NO” to team who wants to sign him from someone’s another PS. As Jarred was primary drafted as PR, while Ty Montgomery is drafted primary as KR, preseason will decide who will be on PS and who will be on 53 roster… Not to mention injuries, that might influence some of the coaching decisions. I hope that injuries will be minimal, by number and by severity, but we can not exclude them from equation. I will agree that Ty has better chances because Packers has Micah who can do PR very well. Also, I think that GB will not keep 2 FB on the roster. As I think this will be the last year for John Kuhn as Packers player, I think Aaron will be placed on PS with clear task to pick up John’s brain… That will be 2 more spots for the 53 roster (1 QB & 1 FB). I do not see Ty as 3rd RB. I think 3rd RB will be John Crockett. Thank you!

    1. Croat, you are on fire. I agree with what you said on Hundley and great point about him having the option of turning down another team wanting to sign him which he’ll probably do. That’s all the more reason I feel he’ll be safe on the practice squad and the Packers won’t keep three active with no worries of him leaving.

      1. There’s no chance that Hundley would turn down such an offer.

        First, he would probably be turning down a legitimate chance to actually play. Athletes just don’t do that. If some other team signs your practice squad guy, by rule they MUST put that guy on their active roster. And few teams can afford to commit a roster spot to someone unless they actually need him on game day.

        Second, Hundley would be turning down a ton of money. The minimum PS salary is $107,100. The minimum salary for players on the active roster is $435,000. So in return for the privilege of NOT playing, he’d pretty much be throwing $312,000 out the window.

        If the Packers were to match the other team’s offer, then GB would have to put Hundley on their active roster.

        1. I said he probably would. It all depends on the team but if Hundley is smart and I believe he is, his best chance at success as a 5th round qb is to stay put and learn from Rodgers and Tolzien. If he wants to leave he could end up like Brian Brohm. Out of the league a half a year later.

          I think the Packers are committed to investing in Hundley long term, I really do. If he wants to take the money and run he’s welcome to do so but chances are he’ll fail quicker on another team than in Green Bay getting better and better year after year like Mr. Tolzien.

          Tolzien is now a bona fide legit starting qb in the NFL. He’s ready. His road to get where he’s at now is the same road Hundley needs to take. Hundley is so green he probably can’t even find the lockerroom without getting lost. Baby steps.

        2. Marpag, I agree w your points (it’s $328K difference in pay BTW). It would be a risk to put Hundley on the PS, one that might be even greater if he shows something in TC or preseason games. It is a risk even if Hundley looks bad, But FWIW…

          Hundley could turn down an offer from another team and ask GB for a big raise to stay. There is no limit on how much GB can pay a player who is on the PS (other than that it counts against the cap). Hundley might just think GB knows how to develop QBs and is willing to invest a yr or two in his development, allowing him to sit and learn while not being thrown into the fire before he is ready, especially since I read that MM wants to tweak his throwing motion and footwork: that takes time and reps that don’t count.

          But you’re right: a few players do stay w their original teams and take a pay raise, but most bolt if their current team won’t match by putting them on the 53.

    2. I don’t really have much of an opinion on the idea of keeping 2 FBs. I know what GB has in Kuhn, but I don’t know enough about Ripkowski. I’ll have to wait and watch Rip play. Still, if I had to guess right now, they keep Kuhn and put Rip on PS, or they cut Kuhn and keep Rip. It depends a lot on whether Rip shows during the preseason that he can pass block and receive. I don’t think money will have much to do with it since both are cheap. [Kuhn signed a “qualified contract for veterans” and only counts for $635K against the cap. Rip would count $435K.]

      I replied to Marpag below regarding Hundley. Thanks for the link to the ESPN article. If I were TT, I would email that article to Hundley so that he would understand the pitfalls to being pressed into service/play too early in his career. As a note, a lot of other teams have 6 or 8 players who are deadwood at the end of their rosters, and have space to put Hundley on their 53 man roster. GB’s roster spots are all valuable. I don’t think GB will have more than 2 or 3 guys on the roster who are not expected to be able to contribute this year.

      1. Thanks for the article. I would bet on Abby over Monty at this point if he has gotten stronger and can beat press coverage (4 reps on the bench at the combine a year ago). Abby runs great routes (which Aaron Rodgers covets), plays faster than he times – i.e. gets separation (which was the chink in Adams’ game last year), and has good hands. I view Montgomery as a 6th or 7th rd pick as a WR because his hands are terrible and he needs a ton of work on route running. Aaron Rodgers isn’t going to like bad route running and bad hands. He’ll have to carve out a career as a KR/PR who can fill in at WR, unless he shows more at WR. He looks like a slot guy to me, but he has the size to play outside.

  9. It’s crazy isn’t Dr. Holmes. I used a little segway joke to work my way into the Abberderis and Janis size comparison and I get sexually assaulted/attacked verbally below the waist line by Taryn the Terrible.

    P.S. Welcome back by the way.

  10. The only way Abbrederis was going to make the team was as a return man. His knee injury and the drafting of a more dynamic Ty Montgomery to return kicks has pretty much put an end to that possibility…and he won’t beat out any of the WR’s above him on the depth chart. At this point the best he can hope for is a spot on the practice team.

    1. This is the story of Abby’s career at each level. Runs great routes, good hands, gets separation. Lots to like, but 4 reps on the bench is pitiful. If he hasn’t lost any quickness or speed due to the ACL, my guess is he’ll play 10 years in the NFL. Time will tell.

  11. Trade a wr for a olb? How many olb’ do u think we are gonna carry on the roster this year? 8? If we were ever going to trade player for player, we would trade for a TE, one of the few positions after the draft that has a open roster spot and not much competition, depending on our 6th rounder.

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