Surviving Sunday: Packers News, Notes and Links for the Football Deprived

Packers couch Surviving Sunday without Packers Football

As a Packers fan, do you want to see this Adrian Peterson drama carry over into training camp and the regular season? Or would you rather see the Vikings cut or trade Peterson?

We’ve seen firsthand in Green Bay how a superstar player going off the rails can cause a distraction and impact the entire team. It’d be nice to see Peterson do that in Minnesota, but as a Packers fan I’d much rather see the Vikings get rid of him.

Peterson is the sole reason that the Packers don’t beat the Vikings by four touchdowns every time they play. Peterson is successful against every team he plays, but against the Packers he rushes for 118 yards per game and has scored 11 touchdowns. Peterson on a different team or Peterson sitting at home on his couch in early retirement is much more preferable to watching Peterson plow through the Packers’ defense, no matter how angry Peterson might be at his own team or the state of NFL contracts.

As much as I’d like to see Peterson not wearing a purple jersey this season, it won’t happen. As asinine as it might seem in Peterson’s case, this is what NFL players do when they’re trying to gain some financial leverage. Peterson knows he’s a 30-year-old running back coming off a child abuse charge. He wants more of his salary in future years guaranteed.

I don’t think Peterson is going to win this battle, but apparently he thinks it’s one worth fighting.

When the dust settles and the tweets become slightly less insane, Peterson will remain a Viking and will probably add to his gaudy numbers against the Packers.

Packers News, Notes and Links

  • Good on the Packers for continuing to use Clay Matthews at inside linebacker and good on Matthews for embracing the role. At least that’s my take after a week of OTAs. Matthews has the versatility to be a bigger, whiter, longer-haired Charles Woodson type of player along the front seven. He good enough to do more than just crash into tackles over and over again from the outside. I’m looking forward to seeing what Matthews does from different positions all over the field.
  • Jordy Nelson says he feels fine after offseason hip surgery. Jordy seems like an honest guy, so I believe him. But hip injuries are always worrisome. In Nelson’s case, his production tailed off down the stretch last season. Hopefully the surgery corrected whatever was ailing him.
  • Jared Abbrederis and Don Barclay returned to the field during OTAs, less than a year after each suffered ACL injuries. I’ll be pulling hard for Abbrederis, but if the receiving corp remains healthy, I think it might be tough for him to make the team.
  • Eddie Lacy is ESPN’s top fantasy football running back. As long as I don’t draft him, expect Lacy to have another big year.
  • Friend of Brian Carriveau is absolutely killing it with his Packers coverage at If you haven’t read Brian at his new gig yet, check it out.

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17 thoughts on “Surviving Sunday: Packers News, Notes and Links for the Football Deprived

  1. Dear Adam,

    Please don’t draft Eddie Lacy for your FF Team, we need him to have a big year.

    Thank you,
    Concerned Packers Fan

    1. I think he’s okay but I’m a little more concerned now once OTA’s started and he’s not participating. Montgomery was a great pick in my mind because of the versatility he’ll bring to the offense and the return game. Desmond Howard was huge weapon in 1996 and who knows if the SB without him. Maybe Montgomery was drafted as insurance for Abby, though it’s great he was participating even if it wasn’t in all the drills.

      1. I don’t worry about Nelson. At this point, there’s really nothing to be gained from him pushing it at this stage. If it’s the start of camp and he’s still sitting out, then I’ll be concerned.

        1. The only reason I mentioned it was he didn’t seem to be the same Jordy towards the end of the season. I know he was getting doubled much more but still…

  2. “Peterson is the sole reason that the Packers don’t beat the Vikings by four touchdowns every time they play.”

    Then why would the Packers or the fans care whether he stays or leaves Minnesota? To win by four TD’s? Isn’t a win a win no matter the score?Are some Packer fans afraid of the Vikings improvements and fear even more their coming challenge to the Division throne and sense a trip to the SB will now be more a possible coming as a wild card with no home games to offer aid?

    Peterson playing in Minnesota this season at age 30 will,at least offer a wide eyed look at where our defense really is going forward and offer two tests for those FA’s on defense coming at the end of this season attempting to remain in Green Bay.

    Bring on all challenges and all players and lets not begin to hide under the sheets while hoping any of them play elsewhere for sake of fear.

  3. Adam, does Brian’s change of scenery mean he will no longer be doing daily Railbird Central broadcasts during training camp over at CHTV??

    1. He’s still doing them. Must be hurting for guests, though, because he had me on the other week.

  4. I feel your pain Adam. I took Eddie in the first round last year when Lynch was still available.

  5. Much rather Peterson stay with the Vikings than wind up in Dallas who may be a handful in the playoffs.

    However, at his age the twitch in the leg muscles start to lag, so he may need the offensive lineman to hold those blocks a little bit longer.

  6. So glad to hear Carriveau is doing great. Loved his articles on Cheeseheadtv. Without a doubt the hardest working man at that place. Why Nagler doesn’t just bite the bullet and admit getting rid of Stroh aka DannyDS was a mistake and hire him to replace Carriveau already is a mystery. Stroh was the only guy superior to Carriveau and the sooner Nagler realizes this the better in my opinion. From what I understand Stroh shockingly is still a free agent. Nobody has signed him yet.

    1. I think it had to do with all the insults Ted. It’s one thing to disagree, it’s quite another to insult someone because he doesn’t agree with you. I had even begun to appreciate DannyDS, and thought he had calmed quite a bit since his ‘Stroh” days. For whatever reason it didn’t last. I think Aaron had one to many complaints. BTW, Brain’s new site 24/7 Sports is pretty good. I’ve added it to my favorites bar, right there with Cheesehead TV and others! : )

  7. Peterson only averages 118 yds. against the Packers? The run defense may be better than I thought !

  8. … “As long as I don’t draft him, expect Lacy to have another big year.” Adam, please, draft Adrian Peterson… Thank you!

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