Packers 2015 Season Draws Nearer

Packers OTA's

The Green Bay Packers begin spring organized team activities (OTA’s) tomorrow and in just a few days, it will be June which means training camp will then be “next month”, in July.  While this isn’t the official training camp, these practices are vital for teams as they carry on through the offseason and into preseason.  This is where the installation of the offensive and defensive schemes takes place.

For veterans, it’s a chance to knock off the rust and for rookies, it’s the beginning of the daunting task of learning the pro game and what role they’ll play.  Often times, this is where we get our first glimpse at how successful some of those younger players will be.

Most eyes are on the top draft picks, as they come in with expectations of playing and contributing right away.  Defensive backs Damarious Randall and Quinten Rollins both have a good chance to play early on and will have many eyes cast on them.  Fourth-round linebacker Jake Ryan is also being hyped as one that could emerge as a regular player in 2015, given the Packers’ vacancies at inside linebacker heading into the season.  And who isn’t looking forward to the battle of backup quarterbacks Scott Tolzien and Brett Hundley?  OK, that was a stretch, I’ll admit.

And let’s not forget the undrafted free agents.  Nearly 20 of them will take the field for the Packers and begin their quest to crack the roster.  Based on history, chances are pretty good that at least one of them will.  There aren’t many other NFL teams where this talent pool seems to create the discussions and hype as it does in Green Bay.

Tomorrow’s practice is open to the public, as are two additional sessions on June 2nd and June 10th.  All begin at 11:30am, Lombardi Time!


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9 thoughts on “Packers 2015 Season Draws Nearer

  1. Yep, I’m starting to get the fever. The reality of it all though is there’s really maybe 2 starting positions up for grabs at middle linebacker and dime cornerback. That’s a credit to you know who. I won’t say Ted’s name otherwise people will start to get annoyed.

    1. I have had the fever since the Seattle game! The theme this season should be “unfinished business”

    2. Outside CB is up for grabs, dime, ILB, and we will see if Datone can be a 3-down LDE. Some say Boyd’s job is in jeopardy (but I think he’s close to being a lock). Thornton, Ringo and Pennel will battle. I still think there’s a chance of Guion, and less likely, Raji, getting cut. Lot of back up and ST jobs open. On offense, it’s all depth that is up in the air. #4, #5, #6 WR, #3 TE, back up OT and OG, #2?, #3 RB, and Kuhn and/or Rip? Yes, sir, there will be plenty to watch, and I’m ready for even preseason games!

      1. Totally disagree on Boyd. Boyd is not close to being a lock. He’s a guy that’s going to struggle to survive just like Jarrett Bush. He’s got a ton of competition. If Thornton, Ringo and Pennel step up he’s a goner and probably wearing purple. Boyd has mostly been a voyd so far in his career.

        As I said, there will be very few starting positions up for grabs but the great news is our depth is so damn good due to you know who, that they could be starters on the majority of other teams. This year will probably be the Packers most talented team top to bottom since the glory years of the 60’s or possibly in it’s history. Actually I will say in it’s history. What’s his name has done a tremendous job acquiring talent.

        1. I’m really interested in seeing how the DL shakes out. Very tough cuts to make there and we can’t keep more than 7, prob only 6. Boyd has to bring it every year, if he shows up overweight or gets hurt he is out the door just like Luther Robinson (the feel good story of last year)

        2. You’re right that lock is too strong of a word to describe Boyd’s chances of making the roster. I thought of Boyd as a lock in part because he played the 3rd most defensive snaps. [Daniels played 683 snaps (62%), Guion 548 (50%), Boyd 386 (35%), Jones 314 (28%) and Pennel 171 snaps (16%).]

          However, any one-dimensional player like Boyd probably should be looking over his shoulder at his competition. IMO Boyd is actually just acceptable as a run defender, and is not a good pass rusher. Datone is not a bust. Right now he is a good pass rusher, but he needs to improve his run defense so he can earn more snaps and improve his health so he can play more than 314 snaps. With the return of Raji, I suspect that Guion could rotate at DE with Daniels and Jones, and rotate with Raji if Pennel doesn’t make a jump, though I have the highest hopes for Pennel. I suspect that Guion will be a better DE than NT. As you pointed out, I am now downgrading Boyd to “in the mix” for a roster spot, a guy who has a decent shot at the making the roster.

          1. Ya, Boyd is deff serviceable but unable to do anything special, therefore he is easily replaceable. I like the guy tho, gives great effort, is a young player, and can still improve. Would be surprised if he loses his spot but unless he improves, he won’t get as many snaps.
            We’re in the same boat with Pennel. I know it’s unrealistic to expect much more than a role player this year, but with his size and ability, he seriously reminds me of Shawn Rogers and Albert Haynesworth. I know those are ridiculous comparisons for a 2nd year UFA, but even if he is half of what those players were in their prime, we found a great contributor to the line!

  2. At this stage, all you want to hear is that so and so look good in shorts and no one gets hurt.

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