Cory’s Corner: This is Andrew Quarless’ year to show he belongs

The Packers’ tight ends are just a bunch of guys.

Nobody really jumps off the page. They’re adequate, but not dynamic.

Which brings me to Andrew Quarless. He will be entering his sixth season this year, but most importantly it’s a contract year for the Penn State standout picked in the fifth round.

He’s only started in 26 of 55 games and has only caught six touchdowns in his mediocre Packers’ career.

So what does Quarless have to do to stay in Green Bay? Simply outplay second-year upstart Richard Rodgers and minimize the myriad of mental mistakes.

Quarless is probably best known for grabbing Aaron Rodgers’ game-winning laser in the waning seconds at Miami last year.

But even a highlight won’t save his job next year. Quarless needs to graduate his game. He has only gotten 30 or more receptions once and his hands also need to get better. He caught 63 percent of the passes thrown his way last season. With the limited opportunities that he gets, that number must go up.

Quarless’ ability as a blocker has risen and he has clearly earned the trust of Aaron Rodgers in crunch time.

But that still doesn’t equate to coming back to Green Bay.

Since the NFL is a what have you done for me lately business, Quarless must have a solid showing this season. And that’s with Richard Rodgers and rookie Kennard Backman breathing down his neck.

The Packers have proven they can win with subpar play from the tight end position. But if Quarless wants to impress and prove that he can still be a factor in this league, then this is the year to do it.




Cory Jennerjohn is from Wisconsin and has been in sports media for over 10 years. To contact Cory e-mail him at jeobs -at- or follow him on Twitter: Cory Jennerjohn


17 thoughts on “Cory’s Corner: This is Andrew Quarless’ year to show he belongs

  1. I thought he was supposed to show that he belonged LAST year….

    Looks like a backup to me. Always has.

    1. “He will be entering his sixth season this year, but most importantly it’s a contract year for the Penn State standout picked in the fifth round.”

      To build on what you say, marpag, I think this statement says it all. A six-year NFL career out of a fifth round pick who destroyed his knee at one point isn’t all that bad, and he’ll probably play longer than that. Hoping a guy like Quarless will blossom into a game-changer is one thing. Expecting it is another.

      1. Exactly. He’s not some rookie who’s still learning the ropes. His ropes are already starting to get frayed.

  2. I know Quarless recently said he wants to be compared to the best tight ends in the league this season. Will he? I tend to doubt it but at least he’s striving to reach the top. I actually think everyone is going to be pleasantly surprised out of our tight ends this coming season. I do expect Richard Rodgers and Quarless to take it up one notch and possibly two. Not expecting much out of Backman because they shouldn’t need him if Rodgers and Quarless do as I think they will. Backman will either play a lot of special teams this year or he’ll be on the inactive list most of the season.

    1. I don’t see it with it Quarless. After 5 years, he is what he is until he shows us otherwise.

      1. I know but he’s definitely capable of stepping it up another notch if he’s 100% healthy this year. He’s capable of better production. He’s the offenses version of Nick Perry.

          1. Quarless has some talent. He’s not Finley but I have an inkling he’ll have his best season this year as will Perry. Perry is in his final year of contract PLUS he’s about to become a father for the first time. His wife was doing sports on some local news channel in Green Bay and they made the announcement. Major incentive for Perry with a baby on the way.

  3. He’s had five years to prove himself. He couldn’t hold a starting job at Penn State when journeyman TE Mickey Shuler Jr. displaced him in 2007.

    Why overpay to keep him? Perhaps he finally realizes his career is on the line, but if you look back at his draft profile from 2010, he still has a lot of improving to do:

    “Has concerns about work ethic and attention to detail. Struggles to diagnose coverage and shed with his hands. Despite size lacks good strength and slips off a lot of blocks. Takes too many plays off. Does not have the moves needed to be elusive in the open field.”

    1. Quarless isn’t overpaid. He might be underpaid. He signed a 2 yr., $3 million contract. That’s decent back-up money, which is what he should be: a #3 TE. Nonetheless, he was the #1 or #2 last yr.

  4. TE is not a great position for us, and we didn’t draft anyone of significance or sign any free agent that wows anyone. Kennard is 6′ 3” and 243 – 4.65 (40) from Conference USA. Maybe UAB was a lousy passing team. They now don’t have a football team anymore so Kennard has the distinction of being last player ever drafted into NFL from UAB. Maybe that is a motivation for him. We can fervently hope so.
    Agree with article totally..

  5. He’s already shown what he can do and the % of passes caught ain’t going to cut it.

  6. Quarless would be a nice #3 TE, providing depth and veteran leadership. I don’t think Quarless is losing any sleep because Backman is allegedly breathing down his neck. Quarless is a lock this season. Quarless probably will be re-signed for $1.5 to $2 million per year – good back up money – in 2016, absent a draft choice. Quarless should only be worried if Perillo and Backman pass him, or GB actually brings in some talent.

  7. sure wished TT would have brought in a FA vet. The TE position provides so many wrinkles and options for creative playcalling, and I don’t understand why GBP commits such low draft rounds to the position (yes I know it was a 3rd round last year). A 2 or 3 round this year would have been about right.
    I also don’t think we’ll see much more output from Q than what we have seen. 5 years shows what we have.

    1. Maybe TT will grab a Vet TE after June 1st when some might be sent packing since the dead money can be spread over this season and next year. Personally I think they really like Richard Rodgers, I do too. Just wish he was a little faster but the blocking was improving week by week last year. He strikes me as a player that worked his butt off this offseason and will make McCarthy’s big jump from year 1 to 2.

    2. Yeah, wrinkles are nice – I definitely miss the old Tom Crabtree trickery. On the other hand, imagine a single back formation with Cobb or Lacy in the backfield; Nelson, Adams, Mongomery, and Abberdaris/Janis/RRodgers or Cobb as receivers. How can anyone match up against that?

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