Cory’s Corner: Ted Thompson picks smart and clean guys

For all the hand-wringing over Ted Thompson’s draft picks this past weekend — and believe me there were plenty — there’s a lot to be thankful for.

The thing that Packers fans can rely on with Thompson is that he’s consistent. He has a plan to pick intelligent players that keep their nose clean while understanding how important team ball is.

This was one of the trickiest drafts of recent memory. Everywhere you looked, there were off-field issues ranging from domestic violence, marijuana use and even a player being questioned in a murder investigation.

But Thompson stays in his own lane, which I admire.

You have to know who you are first. Then, you can start assembling your team.

I realize that many Packers fans woke up on Sunday and grumbled about not getting a guy like tight end Maxx Williams or refusing to pull the trigger on a guy like inside linebacker Paul Dawson.

But that’s completely fine.

Why you may ask? Well, first of all, Thompson understands that Green Bay is the smallest media market by far in the NFL. It’s hard for clean-cut guys to swim in this tiny fishbowl and thrive. Imagine a guy with several off-field warts?

Just imagine the Dallas Cowboys. Those guys already had Dez Bryant and then they added Greg Hardy in free agency. After Dallas was blindsided by the NFL for handing out a 10-game suspension to Hardy, they drafted Nebraska defensive end Randy Gregory. This is the same Gregory who failed a drug test at the NFL Combine — a test all prospects knew was coming — and has had drug problems dating all the way back to high school.

There were Packers fans pleading for Thompson to bring Gregory to Green Bay throughout the Twitterverse on Saturday. The only thing Gregory would’ve added would’ve been more blotter material for Doug Schneider, and that’s not what Thompson wants.

He doesn’t need any more headaches. Especially when he knows this team is a calf injury and a bounce of the ball away from advancing to another Super Bowl. Risking a deep postseason run on a guy or two that make awful decisions isn’t worth it.

I still question Thompson’s pick of Brett Hundley — mainly because he’s a dual-threat quarterback that may not transition fully as a pocket passer. But, I don’t question his character or smarts — two things that Thompson hangs his hat on.




Cory Jennerjohn is from Wisconsin and has been in sports media for over 10 years. To contact Cory e-mail him at jeobs -at- or follow him on Twitter: Cory Jennerjohn


66 thoughts on “Cory’s Corner: Ted Thompson picks smart and clean guys

  1. ” I still question Thompson’s pick of Brett Hundley — mainly because he’s a dual-threat quarterback that may not transition fully as a pocket passer. But, I don’t question his character or smarts — two things that Thompson hangs his hat on.”

    I agree with your questioning of this pick and moving up 19 spots to do so.Surely a QB could have been found or had in the 7th rd or even the UDFA market that meets the criteria that TT hangs his hat on.Since the odds of him ever touching the ball,extremely hopeful this will never happen during his rookie contract or beyond for the Packers,even if he was thought a 1st rd talent in a draft class that struggled to be considered a draft class at all.

    Unless a scenario like that that happened in NE when Bledsoe’s injury opened the door for a 6th rd pick,A.K.A. Tom Brady, took over and soared himself and the team to a new dimension,this pick will need to have a huge redeeming factor whether by his ‘mop up’ duty if awarded such or via another avenue of compensation.I find it hard that another with more a contribute talent was not available at the spot in which the trade up took us to.

    MM may get another accolade for his QB school with Hundley but at the expense of a more possible game time player was a price to high to let pass.

    Many may state that TT does well enough in the UDFA market that allows for this type of move in the draft.But since this will be the defense to a high level,than all the more reason this draft was exactly the year for TT to find that clip board holder in the UDFA market and get yet again another SPT player if must…Hundley will do nothing that benefits this team unless the horror that has been very close to reality the last two seasons becomes a more permanent reality. 🙂

    1. I agree, Taryn. The Redskins signed both Washington State’s Connor Halliday and Chris Bonner, CSU-Pueblo, as UDFAs. Bonner, especially, would have been a better fit for the Pack than Hundley.

    2. Hundley will serve as the scout team mobile QB who will mimic Wilson, Kaepernick, Netwon, et al., which cannot be underrated because QBs with legs have been their kryptonite over the last few seasons. For some reason, Ted and Mike want some legs on the bench, which was evidenced by the whole Vince Young and Seneca Wallace experiments.

      Also, the Packers didn’t lose much by moving up. The rumor is NE called GB with the offer–not the other way around. I think Belichick wanted the Packers to take Hundley in front of the Bills just to keep him out of the division, and there was a good chance the Bills would have taken him to compete for the starting gig.

      1. Excellent point on the mobile qb scout team. I agree, it’s huge to have a guy like that they can line up during the week and mimic those qb’s you mentioned.

      2. Brilliant observation, Jay. Hundley was the 3rd highest rated quarterback, and we got him for a pittance, and kept him away from other teams. I just hope he’ll be worth a roster spot.

    3. Perhaps the fact McCarthy has stepped down from play calling means he’ll have more time for teaching especially a qb they actually think has a good chance to possibly be a starter down the road not just a backup qb like Harrel or some other schmuck. They can groom him for top backup or they can develop him and trade him to a desperate team for a first or 2nd rounder in a few years. You have to remember, Ted has the unique ability to think two to three years ahead of time on a lot of these picks. It’s never just short term with Ted but it is with most of the fans.

      1. “You have to remember, Ted has the unique ability to think two to three years ahead of time on a lot of these picks.”

        This isn’t the time for the 2-3 years ahead thinking with the QB position or placing higher the odds against the Packers getting another SB under the leadership of Rodgers.
        If our defense was a true legitimate defense over all and not one that allows the blame of a collapse to be placed upon SPT’s mistake at games end,then the selection of a QB would be more acceptable.
        The stepping down by MM as to play calling will help the defense vs teams that have questionable offenses themselves allowing a more point divided game but the stronger offenses will still yet force ours to play to levels as yet not achieved as a whole.
        It doesn’t matter if Hundley can mimic Wilson,Kaep etc as mentioned by another as to Hundley,as stopping them in live mode is still a challenge when you don’t have the players with the ability needed to do so regardless how well they portray the scheme in premeditated practice.

        1. I think you’re confusing draft rounds here. Selecting a QB in the 5th is a lot different from the 2nd or 3rd. There were a lot of D players TT passed on, I assume there are reasons for that which we may not know. I fully expected Kendricks to be the 1st round pick, but wasn’t shocked when it didn’t happen.

          In addition, Hundley is an outstanding talent. Great size, speed, throws the ball well. Tolzien has very limited upside. GB needs a good, young QB in the wings.

  2. Screw this “nice guy” crap.

    Hardy/Gregory screaming around the edge sure would be an upgrade over Peppers/Perry (assuming Clay has to play inside).

    Meanwhile – GB’s offseason acquisitions will be taking care of special teams… whoopie.

    1. lol.. it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no it’s COW!!!!!
      Welcome back Cow!! I was just about at the point of accusing Archie of being you.

    2. Cow, in all seriousness, Green Bay lost that Seattle game in my opinion because Slocum and Bostick were not on the same page which is unacceptable for what was on the line. Sure there was other reasons but tell me how is improving a horrible special teams units not going to help the Packers win.

      Maybe the picks weren’t sexy enough for you but maybe if the Packers were 10% better on special teams last year (remember all the blocked punts and field goals?) the NFC championship game is played in Green Bay and not in Seattle.

      The Bears got to a super bowl by having one of the best young returners (Hester) and special teams units constantly scoring and making up for a bad offense. Just close your eyes and think for a second how good this team would be if Montgomery turns out to be a Devin Hester? I’m excited about these picks and I expect the special teams to be better not only because MM said they would be but the guy even grew a beard. He’s effin pissed!!

      1. blaming the special team is too easy.
        don’t forget that rodgers played like crap and the defense imploded at the end.

        1. No it’s not too easy. They had the easiest job of all. Catch/recover the effin onside kick and the game is over. One play and they all knew in advance what was coming so it wasn’t as if there was some trickery involved. The special teams under Slocum was a disaster and to even put in Bostick, who I said a month before that game was dumber than a rock proved correct.
          I heard the guy on a radio show (his radio show to be exact) and was absolutely amazed at how stupid he was. Slocum should not of even had him out there as he didn’t play all season because he didn’t know what the hell was going on with the playbook. (Think of Pyle from Full Metal Jacket) Well, it bit them in the ass when they needed everyone to do their assignment correctly on that most important play in the game. I blame Slocum(Dumb) and Bostick(Dumber) more than anything else that happened. If you don’t agree with me I know someone that does. The Packers do. Why? They got rid of the two shortly after.

          1. they also of rid of tramon williams.
            mccarthy also got rid of himself as a play caller.

            they’re not in that situation if…
            1 – they score more than 3 points off 5 turnovers.
            2 – rodgers doesn’t play like ryan fitzpatrick.

    3. I’m curious of something Cow, if Greg Hardy beats the crap out of his new girlfriend or if Randy Gregory becomes the next Josh Gordon, are you still saying that? Is it worth the risk then? Hardy was guilty as guilty can be, who wants a 275 pound man that beats women in their locker room? Chances are pretty high that Gregory has a dirty test in the NFL, I mean the dude was puffing like a train heading into the combine based on the high levels. Either he’s got a hell of a problem or he’s just plain dumb. Being a member of a 12 step program my money goes on having a problem. If that’s the case the man needs to admit there’s a problem to begin with, and that doesn’t happen very often with 21 year old millionaires.

      1. don’t kid yourself… 90% of the nfl smokes dope.
        as for criminal stuff – we don’t know any of theses guys. see darren sharper.

        of course an awesomely talented nice guy would be ideal. but if the choice is super talented turd or averagely talented nice guy… give me the turd.

        1. I think it;s the other way around, I think 10% maybe smoke dope. As far as your talented turd observation, give me the average turd every time, as long as he’s NOT beating the hell out of women!

        2. “super talented turd or averagely talented nice guy … give me the turd.”

          This from the guy who went ballistic when GB brought in Lyerla last year.

          1. Didn’t scroll down far enough to see your excellent post Mojo before posting the same point above. I guess it’s cool with cow to beat women, but don’t dare question the government about the “official” account of any tragedy.

    4. Coming from the same guy that went ballistic over Lyerla; not because of any legal or drug issues, but because Colt dared to question the government line on the school shooting! As if he had some relatives or friends involved. I always knew that was all fake outrage, and this post proves it!

  3. We can nitpick and criticize TT’s drafts as much as we like, but in reality there are about 28-29 NFL teams that would be happy to trade rosters with the Packers, even after this latest draft. I agree with Cory, as Packers fans we have a lot to be thankful for. Thanks, Since ’61

    1. ” as Packers fans we have a lot to be thankful for….”

      With respect Since ’61 but this sounds more of the Thanks reserved for a Thanksgiving meal especially when dessert is becoming more easily accepted as not having any….Super Bowl! 🙂

      1. So, Taryn, I’m now confused. Big T was using same argument and demands that it is worthy only if Packers win SB every year. I suppose, both him and you, telling us that after you apply same requests and demands to yourselves. So, one of you two is the wealthiest person in entire world, has the most love in your life and is surrounded with largest number of the true friends every moment of your lives… Now, the question is who is better of you two. The one who is not the best person on this world is lair and requests from others what he is not able to accomplish…

        1. I’m not implying that winning a SB every year is the only acceptable measure for success.Simply that since 2010 we have allowed/squandered great opportunity to have more than the one we do have with Rodgers.

          I sense the Packers tend to go out of their way to ‘not’ confront the needs that IMO are quite visible and have aided severely in the lost SB appearances at least because of it more often than not.

          Sure,we yet again hope that certain players step up and yet ignore how big a step those same need to take to erase not all but a huge amount of what has failed us by again resting on the laurels of he who is compared to a hat rack.

          I love the Draft and Develop philosophy but you also need to draft players you need to an extent and Hundley is far from that description.

          We could have addressed the LB issue with much more vigor than the passive approach of picking a QB in the 5th rd and moving up 18 spots to boot.
          Perhaps I may be wrong and hope that many will be able to say ‘I/We told you so” but unless a certain group of guys achieve high level come camp and preseason,my ears will likely not be ringing endlessly.

          Lastly,I’m not wealthy but I’m not close to needing,I have many loved ones and some who do not and my friends are the kind that never have to tell or ask me if they are…they just are.I don’t care about Twitter followers,Facebook likes etc,I simply speak my opinion,respect as best I can those of others and never turn or run away.I accept when wrong and do not expect congrats when right but will accept them with humble acknowledgement when offered. 🙂

          1. Taryn, sometimes I really enjoy your posts. I think you have specific view on Packers problems which, sometimes sounds very logical. But claim that this draft class does not have value(s) because it will not bring Packers to the ring is something like fortunetelling… Nobody knows that for sure.

   listed Rollins as 6-1 CB, not, what we thought another 5-11 CB. We have slot guy, Randall with 5-11, so we got instinctive athlete who become noticed after only one year of playing football… Lot of excellent football players was basketball players in the beginning (J. Graham e. g.), and every other sport brings some specific qualities to player who played that sports and which can be implemented in football to make player better… With Sam Shields under contract, Casey, Mycah, Goodson and Randall & Rollins Packers will have deep secondary for years and some players who will be able to add some depth to safety positions in case of need…

            Also, it was more rhetorical when I was mentioning wealth, love and friendship… I used that to make success complete – something like SB win. Asking from someone to accomplish top achievement while you are not prepared to request that from yourself is hypocritical. I think we will agree on that…

            And, like you say once, I think, that argument “we trust in Ted Thompson” is not argument, I think you will agree that “we will not win SB again” is the same level argument as previously mentioned. First, we do not know that, and second, to be able to win SB there is lot of things that must come to place, not just players…

            I respect you more than it looks like, maybe, but I will tell you that journey to the success is much underrated and very often larger success than win all by itself.

            I will never forget wild card game 2013 at Lambeau field. That team lost the game, but in my eyes they were larger than Super Bowl… They actually finish the game with less than 11 healthy players. Last 5 minutes they were playing with 4 seriously injured players and almost won… I will never forget Andy Mulumba jumping on one leg, trying to catch Kaepernick to prevent 1st down. He is my hero because of that. And, that is the moment from when Kaepernick will stay in my eyes as little little man. He was so full of self as he beat the best defensive player on the world…

            So, when you take in consideration that only Packers and Patriots has so many consecutive post season appearances and only Packers & Patriots win that much division titles in row I think we can not call Packers unsuccessful. More to say that Packers have much harder division to win than Patriots…

          2. Again alot of talk saying ILB is our great “weak” spot and TT should have “addressed” it more in this latest draft. Though admittedly I am NOT a huge TT fan, I do believe that ILB is NOT a huge pro lem because the Packers DID in fact address it by the moving of CMIII there last season. The reality is that at this point in CMIII’s career and for the large salary he is getting paid by the Pack, allowing the def. to use ALL of CMIII’s skills by moving him both inside (on rushing downs) and outside (on passing downs) is for the overall best and most bang for the Packer’s dollar! This move has freed the Packers up to address other area’s of need (I.e. the secondary). My only gripe was TT passed on Landen Collins (Safety from Bama) who I liked as a real “enforcer” type (I.e. Chancellor Seattle). I think Packers could use a few more “hiitters” and that Burnnette is NOT a real strong SS. would have been cool to pair up the two Bama BOYS (Dix & Collins). Go Pack!

      2. Big Ted’s got us to one Super Bowl with a QB like Rodgers i would think a couple more would of been more like it…how many does Brady have?? Very soon we will be saying what a great QB the Packers had in Rodgers, too bad they only won one Super Bowl…

  4. One thing you can usually count on and that is Ted Thompson drafting smart and clean guys as you say Cory. He might take a chance on a troubled child like Colt Lyerla every now and then but it will never cost him much if any when he does.

    I think back to the horrible 80’s especially when Forrest Gregg was in charge. He literally had a team of thugs whose only mission was not to win games but to beat the Bears up physically which he did accomplish one game sending McMahon to the IR care of the late Charles Martin. Jerry Jones is pretty much following in the same lines as Gregg and it will never work as the inmates will rule the roost. Look what is going on in Baltimore. Same thing. Chaos and thugs. Not a good mix.

    1. Ted, finally something we agree on – the Forrest Gregg period (coach not player) was a low point in Packers’ history. Lindy Infante was a class act. Holmgren was good till he won his SB. All downhill after that. I liked Mike Sherman at first but quickly grew to dislike him. MM w/o #12 would be coaching TEs for somebody.

  5. “Ted Thompson picks smart and clean guys.” Well, I suppose, technically, TT didn’t “pick” Letroy Guion, but he did extend the contract of a guy who is neither smart nor clean.

    1. Evading a pothole is a smart move and everyone does it as we all know potholes can cause serious damage to your vehicle. The money he had in the car was clean as it was a game check. Nothing there Nemo. Guion is smart and clean. Next.

      1. ROTFL. You are so funny, Ted. Everything you write cracks me up! Yes, I suppose the MJ in his truck was pure and “clean.” Guion is so smart he wouldn’t smoke tainted pot.

        1. I brought it up a month or so ago that the pot Guion had was more than likely medicinal and purchased in Colorado, where it is legal so yes, even the pot was pure and clean and not some street shit. Guion is not an idiot. Pretty sure he was using it for recovery.
          I use to be against pot Nemo but the older I get and listening to the guru of pot Rick Simpson, I am in favor of legalizing it as it can help out so many people who are suffering from various ailments. Hemp has amazing powers after I researched it. By hemp I am mostly referring to hemp oil but I do understand people smoke it especially for glaucoma. Larry David’s father uses it from what I understand.

          1. Poor Letroy! I didn’t know he was so ill that he required “medicinal” Mary Jane. You know, he should apply for Social Security Disability Benefits! Yea, and he got his MJ in Colorado, where it’s legal and it was just pure coincidence that he was stopped along a known drug corridor in his hometown of Starke, FL. Yea, “Ted the Gullible,” you crack me up!
            Look, I personally don’t care if Letroy uses any sort of recreational drug. And I really don’t care if the Packers are all druggies or convicted felons. I just want them to get a few more SBs before A-Rod retires but I don’t believe that will happen while TT is GM. What I find amusing is the hypocrisy of Cory JimmieJohn’s article that TT “picks clean and smart” guys. Anything to praise TT even if it is only partially true. TT himself probably laughed at this article.

            1. Based on player arrests and criminal charges, TT’s draft picks are a bit “cleaner” than average, but they certainly aren’t the choirboys of the NFL. See my post below.

              As for Letroy, yeah you’re right… the “medicinal use” argument doesn’t hold water. Hmm… maybe the 9mm semi-automatic was for “medicinal use” as well? Or the $190,000 in medicinal cash?

              1. Brett Favre was addicted for years to Vicodin, a pain killer that allowed him to play thru the pain. Today, a lot of players I am sure are using medicinal marijuana to help with pain and recovery. Not only is it becoming legal in more and more states but I predict soon that the NFL will allow it to be a suitable substitute for pills/painkillers.
                Letroy is just ahead of the curve which means he’s a thinking man and he’s smart and cares about what he puts in his body. The fact he swerved to miss a pothole that triggered a cop to investigate why he weaved so suddenly was simply bad luck.

              2. C’mon, Ted, seriously?? What Guion did resulted in multiple felony charges in the state of Florida, both for the weed and for the gun (to say nothing about the stupidity of carrying around 200 grand in cash). Are you REALLY meaning to say that this shows he is a smart, thinking man?

              3. marpag, we agree most of the time and I agree with your main point now. However, the fact that Guion’s stop lead to multiple felony charges means nothing. His gun was registered, and he has the right (at least we all used to have the right) to carry around as much cash as he likes. Everyone now knows that Starks is notorious for these activities. Instead of questioning Guion’s activities, we should be outraged that places like Starks, FL are allowed to exist.

              4. You’re right on two counts, PackFan: 1) we do normally agree, and 2) we DON’T agree on this one.

                So tonight I’ma gonna load up the car with a handgun, 200 grand in cash and dang near a POUND of dope and drive on down to Starke FL. And then I’m going to blame my arrest on Starke Florida. Everyone OK with that?

                No matter how people want to spin it, WHAT HE DID WAS A FELONY. And yes, that certainly does “mean something.” Any sane minded person should have known better. Starke FL didn’t commit a felony. Letroy Guion did. And if I’m a general manager, I expect my players to show a little bit more brains than that.

  6. My God… Do any of you have any clue what players will be available next draft? Maybe those average or little better than average ILB and DE from this year will be strength of the next year draft. Maybe not. I do not know. But I can bet that Packers scouts and all Players Personnel department knows what prospects they can draft 3, 4 years from now. So, this: we know that AB player is better than CD player is childish bickering whose father has bigger dick… I will take any day each and every player chosen by Ted Thompson in my team than any player you may chose… It is nothing personal, it is pure business…

  7. Who want to know, here is Packers schedule for pre season:

    Packers at Patriots
    Friday, August 13th, 7:30 PM ET (6:30 PM CT)
    Gillette Stadium, Foxboro, MA

    Packers at Steelers
    Sunday, August 23, 8:00 PM ET (7:00 PM CT)
    Heinz Field, Pittsburgh, PA

    Packers vs. Eagles
    Saturday, August 29th, 7:00 PM CT
    Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI

    Packers vs. Saints
    Thursday, September 3rd, 6:00 PM CT
    Lambeau Field, Green Bay, WI

  8. Smart and clean have a tendency to give up late in games. You have to have a mix of nasty as well. Nothing wrong with smart and clean. At some point this team needs a killer instinct. We lost many games that should’ve been put away but instead went to “prevent” offense and “prevent” defense. Like the Seattle game, someone should’ve been on the sidelines smacking the shit out of the players to wake them up. Reggie White wouldn’t have allowed that. Vince wouldn’t have allowed that…

  9. Everyone thinks Aaron has 8 good years left in him including myself but in reality most QB’s in the NFL don’t make it past their mid 30’s and Aaron is already 31 so do the math. If they hit on this kid and train him as Aarons replacement in 4 year or 5 if they pick up his option Aaron will be 36 so who knows if he will play or retire? Aaron is set for life with money and now has a new lady in his life so whose to say he wont want to get out of football at a reasonable age to enjoy other things in life? So bottom line this kid could be his replacement but if not they need to keep bringing in QB’s each year to find that next star… I personally would rather they did it this way instead of waiting then not have our next Favre, Rodgers already prepared to take over the helm to keep the Packers on top of the NFL

  10. Ted show how smart you are and go get Wilkerson from the Jets if it costs next years first round pick so what, yours aren’t always that great anyway, this guys one of the best in the NFL….it may be the piece that puts us in the SuperBowl, isn’t that what you want?? None of this years projects are going to do that.

    1. OK, I will say again. You would like to give up 1st round pick for the player from some other teams roster. If we will be as good as last season we will again draft at #30 or lower. What do you think, that Jets are that stupid? And that any player you want to get in trade business will cost you only one pick? Go, dream…

      1. Ted was too dumb to trade up 2 places to draft MW in the first place. Ditto D Revis. Heck he could have had Dez Bryant but he didn’t want him.

        1. All three of those guys are the exact type of players the Packers don’t need or want. Lot’s of trouble outweighing any benefit.

  11. I really like the Hundley pick. I am excited to see how he develops. I expect that over the next 3-4 years he will get some opportunities to take the field, and I hope he impresses.

    I have watched some of his film and it was easy to see his talent as a passer. I know this years QB draft class was ranked low, but media evaluators so often get these things wrong, that I won’t accept any of their evaluations as gospel. The examples are too numerous to count, one prime one is Manziel from last year.

    I think PFF has some good evaluations, and a lot of effort goes into making non biased, but I think a little still creeps in. But in my opinion to judge the value of a player or a pick you need to review their film and their stats, then find out about their character. I like what the Packers got in Hundley.

    Sure a pick was given up to move up, but just look at the players TT got as UDFAs. The real issue is how the Packers will make room for all of the talent they have on the roster.

  12. I will criticize any of TT’s decisions, except when it comes to assessing the character of prospects. TT interviewed them and investigated them, not me, so one has to defer to TT’s judgment on guys like Gregory and Dawson. I really didn’t like reading that Dawson doesn’t like to study film for example.

  13. There are all kinds of misconceptions on this topic. Packer fans like to think that their favorite franchise is a squeeky clean model of nobility that other organizations ought to imitate. In reality, however, GB is pretty ordinary in this regard.

    Most of it is based on fan perception rather than hard evidence. If N. Suh had played for the Packers, most fans would have invited him to their kids’ birthday parties and Bar Mitzvahs. On the other hand, TT is hailed as a great humanitarian when he decides to give some dude named Colt Lyerla a shot, or takes back Johnny Jolly after he has been incarcerated.

    Obviously, it’s difficult to measure “character.” But if you simply google “NFL arrests” you will find dozens of databases that track this information. Green Bay shows pretty well, but they certainly are not extraordinary.

    In the past 15 years, Packer players have been arrested 19 times: Jarrett Bush, Guion, Erik Walden, Johnny Jolly (X 3), Brandon Underwood (x 2), Spencer Havner, Nick Barnett, Cory Rodgers, Ahmad Carroll, Ahman Green, Joe Johnson (x 2), Marco Rivera, Najeh Davenport, Mark Chmura and De’Mond Parker.

    And we can’t say that Packer players were arrested only for small and insignificant crimes. The offenses include sexual assault, prostitution, drugs, domestic violence, and breaking into your ex’s dorm room to take a crap in her laundry basket.

    If we look only at the TT years, this is how NFL arrests have shaped up, from least to most (# of arrest – team). Some of these will surprise.

    7 – ARI
    8 – HOU
    9 – NE, DAL, CAR
    10 – PHI
    11 – STL, OAK, NYJ, NYG, GB
    13 – NO, BUF
    14 – SF, BAL
    15 – WAS, DET
    16 – ATL
    18 – PIT, KC
    19 – SEA, SD, IND, CLE
    20 – MIA, CHI
    25 – JAC
    26 – TB
    30 – TEN
    31 – CIN
    32 – MIN, DEN

    1. I’d say no. 11 is pretty darn good. Only 4 of those guys listed were TT guys he drafted so that’s only 4 incidents in 10 years. Pretty good. Except for Chmura (who was innocent of all charges) and Havner, all the players are black and come from troubled backgrounds. Of course some of these guys are bound to act out like they are still in the hood. Overall TT is one of the best at bringing in high quality mostly black kids who don’t cause trouble. I give him an A- when it comes to player behavior. If there’s a problem, Ted usually deals with it swiftly and with force just like Obama .

      1. If you want to view TT’s record a bit more favorably than I do, that’s fine. I’ve said the Packers are a bit above average but not extraordinary. I believe the numbers bear that out, and I’m not sure you’re really saying much different.

        But the fact remains that TT has shown (and shown quite often) that he is willing to take a chance on players that have character red flags. And I don’t really see that any of your arguments above carry any weight.

        It makes absolutely no difference if TT actually drafted the player or not. TT didn’t draft Colt Lyerla – nobody did – but he did bring Lyerla in even though he was busted and pleaded guilty to cocaine possession.

        TT may have drafted Johnny Jolly, but he did bring him back in a Packer helmet AFTER Jolly had been arrested three times, convicted on felony charges and jailed for six months.

        There are also many other instances of players who are not on my list, but only because their arrests happened BEFORE Thompson brought them in. Lyerla is one. Sam Barrington was arrested FOUR TIMES in college, and was even jailed briefly in 2010. Admittedly, the four arrests were for driving with a revoked license, but doing the exact same thing FOUR TIMES most certainly does show a red flag in the character department, does it not? But that didn’t stop TT from drafting him.

        I could go on indefinitely…

        I’m not going to reply the totally specious “some of these guys are black” nonsense … except to say that I’m pretty sure there are the same number of black guys in the world for Ted Thompson as there are for other general managers, right? Or is Ted at some sort of a disadvantage here relative to other teams?

  14. I think it was Max McGee (or one of the Packers greats) who said something to the effect of: “when it’s the 4th qquarter and the game is on the line, give me the whiskey drinkers, not the milk drinkers”! Smart and Clean only go so far in a rugged game such as football.

    1. I don’t know GBPDan, Aaron Rodgers is “smart and clean” guy and I remember that Chicago game with the entire season on the line. Boy, what a throw to Cobb!! Epic!! Not bad for a smart and clean guy. By the way, Cobb? Another smart and clean guy.

    2. Today’s NFL is a lot different from Max McGee’s. Obviously Max was actually a very smart guy, his business success is proof. However, his and Paul’s antics would not be tolerated in the modern era. Guys like Lynch and Bryant get away with being knuckleheads because Carroll and JJ allow it. Otherwise, you need clean and smart guys to play the modern game.

  15. The NFL has become strictly “Big Business” raking in around 10 billion dollars per year and the pressure to win is enormous; just ask any of the recent head coaches who were fired in the past couple of years.

    Even Green Bay has changed with the retirement of Bob Harlan (who I believe should have a statue in front of Lambeau Field) and the incoming of Mark Murphy who tries to squeeze every nickle out of the fans and anyone else available.

    I feel Murphy has sunk to a new low recently when I read he was charging hundreds of thousands of dollars to honor and recognize the soldiers during the games; the very heroes we have in this society who perform the invaluable function of keeping us safe and free for a paltry amount of money on which to live. I am ever so grateful to those soldiers and feel badly for all the physical and mental injuries they endure to keep me and you safe. Murphy and the other 13 teams who took millions of dollars to “honor” the soldiers should be ashamed of themselves!

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